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Muggabears Live at Less Artists More Condos in New York City on February 20th, 2009

Live at Less Artists More Condos in New York City on February 20th, 2009
February 27, 2009

Muggabears (Photo by Angela Hodgkinson)

It’s venues like Less Artists More Condos that keep the New York City music scene grimy and honest. It’s nice to see bands play bars with eight-dollar cocktails, but that can be found anywhere. Give me something half-way from house party to legal and legitimate. Last Friday the Muggabears took their dark raw and atonal music to this upstairs apartment in the West Village to promote their upcoming LP, Rejoicer, and to show once again why placing them anywhere below top billing is an unfortunate mistake for everyone involved.

Skinny Claire, a group from the Bronx, began the night with odd time signatures and a horn section. While the initial announcement for the beginning of the night brought most of the crowd into the performance space, the awkward sounds of almost-jazz improvisation from Skinny Claire made quick work of it, as most patrons trickled slowly but surely back into the main area for drinks and conversation. Thankfully it wasn’t long before Travis, Gabby and Emily took the stage to remind people of what Brooklyn is beginning to sound like.

The Muggabears have been around for quite some time, though Rejoicer will be the first full album with new drummer Gabby Wurzel. Luckily they decided to play unreleased tracks like “Guitar Feelings,” which can be found on their website, and the consistently crowd-pleasing “Dead Kid Kicks” from the Night Choreography EP. The trio stays close to the album when performing, taking only their last moments to release the type of tension only they can build through bent strings and ambient vocals sung through a microphone deep and heavy with guitar-pedal effects. While their music seems unbridled, it is never out of their control. In this, and mostly all of their shows, mistakes are rare if not completely absent. There is something inspiring about a group of artists who clearly put so much care and professionalism into what they create and how they choose to present it.


Finishing up the show were the Skeleton$, another homegrown oddity much like the Muggabears in their abrasive way. These four transplanted musicians (coming from Illinois, Colorado and Hawaii), put on an eclectic show, though whether through the quality of their sound or the late hour of the show, fans began once again trickling outside. By the time West 3rd street was filled with Brooklyn indie kids and the village was filled with foreigners, it was time to retire. Luckily there will almost always be more to come from the Muggabears and Less Artists more Condos.

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– Ike Stonberg


Ms Drama Hip-Hop Digest with Aaron LaCrate

Aaron LaCrate




(New York, NY) – KOCH Records is happy to announce the release of DJ Aaron LaCrate and production partner Debonair Samir’s new compilation, B-More Club Crack, on March 10th, 2009.  Aaron LaCrate, Milkcrate Athletics head honcho, designer, music producer, and DJ, is one of the most popular remix DJs in the world today, having remixed songs for chart topping artists like Madonna, Lily Allen, E-40, Souljah Boy, Young Mc and more.  Now the Baltimore native is ready to showcase the next major hip-hop/club movement, B-More Club Crack. This release showcases a slew of bubbling talent backed by LaCrate and Samir’s cutting edge production.  Armed with the infectious lead single “Oh My Gosh” ft/ Mr. Vegas & Verb, and “Everybody On It”, the highly anticipated club  banger by Baltimore’s princess 17-year-old, Mz Streamz, B-More Club Crack shines a huge spotlight on Baltimore, MD and the rising movement of hip-hop/club fusion that will surely sweep the nation.

From touring the world with Gutter Music, to remixing artists, to holding down the turntables as the official DJ alongside pals Mark Ronson, Dizzee Rascal, Lily Allen and Rakim, to Aaron’s collaborations with Vans, Paris style emporium colette, Ed Banger Records + Busy P + So-Me, and designing custom cashmere for Lucien Pellat-finet, Aaron LaCrate has constantly set trends and raised the bar for everything he touches, especially DJ culture.

Milkcrate Records’ now classic B-More Gutter Music mix CD introduced Baltimore Club music to the world gaining critical acclaim and major media attention from MTV, NME, BBC, Dazed and Confused, New York Times, Village Voice, and GQ , making Gutter Music the future sound of Baltimore, and a permanent fixture on the music scene.

Aaron LaCrate has stood uniquely ahead of the music and streetwear trends for the past 10 years. Milkcrate Athletics is the first brand to elevate music and DJ culture to a highbrow, fashionable boutique level – creating a market that dozens of new indie street brands copy and study.

Aaron LaCrate has truly created a lifestyle brand leaving the rest of the industry constantly trying to catch up. His brand represents youth culture here and now. Aaron LaCrate and Samir have written the next chapter in the Baltimore Club history books.

Be ready for the next DJ / Producers to break from the pack…Be ready for B-More Club Crack!

Jeneeba                                  B-more Club Crack Intro

Verb ft Eliza Doolittle                 Rockin With The Best

D.O.G.                                      Talkin Ish

King Slixta                                 Hit The Road

Mz Streamz                               Everybody On It

Mullyman                                   The Real Is Back

Verb                                          Post Up

Mz Streamz                               Tear It Up

U.G.z                                        Came 2 Party

B-Rich                                       Trigger Play

Mr Vegas ft Verb                      Oh My Gosh

Tim Trees                                  F.I.R.E.

J Wildz                                      Put Them Drinks Up

Keesh                                        Name Ya Hood

Tru Bill                                      Bodymore

For More Information please go to or

00:00 Intro
00:42 Oh My Gosh – Mr Vegas feat Verb
03:22 Everybody on It – Mz Streamz
06:53 Hip Hop Digest with Aaron LaCrate
23:18 U and dat – Verb feat. Tpain and E40
26:44 Stay on my mind – Verb
31:52 Hip Hop Digest with Aaron LaCrate
42:00 E-pill – Verb feat. King Silxta
45:50 1980 Gutter – Verb feat. Dirt Nasty
48:57 Hip Hop Digest with Aaron LaCrate

Outasight on BTR Live Studio

Today we’re in the studio with rising hip hop artist Outasight. He has quickly made a name for himself through his determination and unique approach to music – combining singing and rapping with distinctive soul and pop undertones. You can download a copy of last year’s promo CD “Radio New York” free online, to keep you content while you await the release of the brand new album “From Here To Eternity” due out later this spring.

00:00 Outasight on BTR Live Studio
01:24 Talking with Outasight
05:11 Love or Confusion
08:47 Another Late Night
12:14 Talking with Outasight
16:25 Good Evening
19:50 Fame & Fortune (album track from Radio New York)

Outasight ON TOUR

18 Mar 2009     SXSW     Austin, TX
19 Mar 2009     SXSW     Austin, TX
20 Mar 2009     SXSW     Austin, TX
21 Mar 2009     SXSW     Austin, TX

Hello, My Name Is…This week featuring The Hot Puppies, Joy of Sex and Me and the Major!

Hello, My Name Is…
This week featuring The Hot Puppies, Joy of Sex and Me and the Major!
February 26, 2009

On the latest installment of HMNI, we will find out how three bands from Cardiff, Wales came up with their band names.

The Hot Puppies formed in 2000 in Aberystwyth, Wales. The five piece outfit consists of Becky Woods on vocals, Beth Gibson on vocals, keyboards, theremin and cello, Luke Taylor on guitar and vocals, Ben Faircloth on bass and Bert Wood on drums. They are signed to Fierce Panda Records and have supported  Art Brut, The Crimea, The Pipettes and British Sea Power on tour.

Their manager, Robert Davage, explains the name:

“The title, originally suggested by Luke’s mum, is taken from the poem ‘College Boys: A Hymn of Hate,’ by Dorothy Parker:”

“There are the Hot Puppies;
The High-Place Hitters.
They may be young as years go,
But they are old in night life.
You would never dream of the wicked things that go on
If they didn’t take pity
And clear it all up for you.
They have piled up a nasty record for themselves;
Try and hear it without blushing.
They tear the town wide open
Until nearly eleven o’clock at night,
They talk right back to policemen.
And when it comes to alcohol,
They imply that they can take it or let it alone—
Reading from left to right.
They concede that they are just about as scarlet as they come,
And they perform a mean laugh,
And say that terrible isn’t the word for them—
I heard different. “

Luke has joked about how he relishes the idea of still using the name – so apt for the bunch of early twenty-somethings they were when they formed – when they’re out on their 25th aniversary reunion tour!

Joy of Sex consists of two men and one woman. The three piece outfit uses a drum machine, stand-up drums and three vocalists.

Matt tells us about the Joy of Sex:

“Rosie, our drummer/percussionist/singer came up with the name. We almost called ourselves ‘Legionnaires’ and ‘Birds Birds Birds’ before Rosie suggested ‘Joy Of Sex,’ which she’d found after looking through lists of film titles released in 1984. She swears there were other bands who had taken their names from films released in 1984, though she couldn’t remember any when asked, which is why she chose that year in particular. She also stated that if she saw a gig poster with ‘Joy of Sex’ on it, she’d have to go and see that band, which is an angle me and Matt liked. So in a small way it’s a cheap shot shocker to get some attention, but it’s always amusing for us hearing how various DJ’s announce it. Sometimes the embarrassment is almost audible. Something about the word ‘sex,’ it seems to have more potency than swearing. Plus, we like to enact various poses from the book at live shows.”


Feb 26 2009 at Artrocker @ The Latest Music Bar in London, UK

Me and the Major are a rad quartet consisting of Adam Robbins and Sam King on vocals and guitar, Jamie Keir on bass and Matt Goolding on drums.

Sam tells us about the the name:

“The name behind our band is pretty simple really – it’s the name of a Belle and Sebastian song, from the album If You’re Feeling Sinister. Our bassist is a big fan, and although they’re not really a direct influence on our sound, we thought it was relevant! It was either that or The Russian Front, and ‘The Russian Front’ sounded a bit too political for our liking! So we stuck with Me and the Major, and ‘The Russian Front’ ended up as a song.”


Mar 5 2009 at CF10 – LMS Battle of the Bands Semi-Final in Cardiff, Wales

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– Lottie Leymarie

Drunken Politics: Interview with Johann Hari

Allison and Jamie talk with journalist Johann Hari, their very first guest with a fatwa on his head! Check out the show here!

Johann Hari

Allison and Jamie return from their trip to the UK!  First up is the Unfunny But Totally Real Headlines: learn about the world, while sitting on your ass, and feel like you’re actually doing something. It’s only two minutes, so hang in there, and you can sound smart to your apathetic, hipster, douche bag friends.

Jamie barely represses his rage at the state of the American comedy industry, and Allison and Jamie discuss Obama’s sketchy policy decisions.

Join Drunken Politics for part one of their interview with journalist Johann Hari, their very first guest with a fatwa on his head. Visit to read Johann’s amazing articles.

Johann Hari is an award-winning journalist who writes twice-weekly for the Independent, one of Britain’s leading newspapers, and the Huffington Post.

In 2008 he became the youngest person ever to be awarded the George Orwell Prize, which the Observer newspaper calls “Britain’s pre-eminent award for political writing”. In 2007 he was named Newspaper Journalist of the Year by Amnesty International for his reporting on the war in Congo. The judges called his reports ‘outstanding’, ‘beautifully written’ and ‘brave’.

‘Prince’ Turki Al-Faisal, the Saudi Ambassador to Britain, has accused Johann of “waging a private jihad against the House of Saud”. (He’s right). Johann has been called ‘Maoist’ by Nick Cohen, “Stalinist” by Noam Chomsky, ‘Horrible Hari’ by Niall Ferguson, “an uppity little queer” by Bruce Anderson, ‘a drug addict’ by George Galloway and “fat” by the Dalai Lama

Part two of the interview next Wednesday here on BTR!

The Nights of Our Lives: On The Road

Some of the funniest writers in New York are getting together to let you know about the nights of their lives – those nights that stand out a cut above the rest, that left behind stories so full of hilarity and wonder that they’re worth sharing. This month’s episode features performances by Jon Gabrus, Jesse Falcon, John Flynn and Anthony Atamanuik. Check out the show here!

This performance was recorded on January 28, 2009 at the UCB Theater in NYC.
Hosted by David Martin
Theme: “On The Road”

Lemonade Got Into The Van

Jezz is talking with Ben from Lemonade on Get Into The Van. About to start a tour, Ben discusses the band’s move from San Francisco to New York, favorite venues, and the BTR SXSW day party. Check out the show here!

Feb 25 @ Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
Mar 06 @ Danger Danger Gallery – Philadelphia, PA
Mar 07 @ Floristree – Baltimore, MD
Mar 08 @ Comet Ping Pong – Washington, DC
Mar 09 @ The Triple – Richmond, VA
Mar 10 @ Secret Squirrel – Athens, GA
Mar 11 @ 529 Club – Atlanta, GA
Mar 12 @ Hands Up – Orlando, FL
Mar 13 @ Fridays – Miami, FL
Mar 14 @ New World Brewery – Tampa, FL
Mar 15 @ Sluggos – Pensacola, FL
Mar 16 @ Dragons Den – New Orleans, LA
Mar 18 @ Beauty Bar (BreakThru Radio SXSW Show) – Austin, TX
Mar 19 @ The Music Gym – Austin, TX
Mar 21 @ The Mohawk – Austin, TX