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New Show: Via Berlin

DJ Katia is hosting a brand new show featuring the best from the German music scene- it’s called Via Berlin, and on her first edition she’s spinning tracks from The TWJ, Warren Suicide, Sir Simon, T.Raumschmiere, and a ton more. This is definitely something new for BTR and we hope you love this music as much as we do.

As far as our fabulous new DJ: Katia Berg is a dj who lives and works in Berlin. There she is currently doing an ungodly early morning show at an otherwise nice radio station. Her interests vary from the study of abandoned stuffed animals, to the mating habits of wombats and sugar-squirrels. Not content with this, she is engaged in armature entomology: particularly she has recently become obsessed with the north American cicada killer wasp and of course its hapless noisy prey – the cicada (who spend over a decade under the ground before emerging).

At this point in her life Katia is a transatlantic nomad of sorts going from New York to Berlin. While on bike, jet, subway or foot she enjoys observing people and wonders “What is their story? ,,,and Why the heck are they behaving that way?”

Oh and… she happens to like music, too. A lot.

Check out some of her favorites on her first show!


Video of the Week: KaiserCartel’s “Okay”

You’ve rarely heard sweeter voices or a softer rhythm than that of Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel. Only four years in the making and these two have formed a musical understanding so strong it’s almost tangible between the endeering verses of their weary folk songs. Check out the video here!

Live from Pianos NYC: Band Marino

We’re airing a show recorded LIVE at Pianos in New York City. Band Marino, a great Florida band, played Pianos last night and we were there to record the amazing set and air it for you today! Check it out!

Upcoming Live Performances:
Sep 26 – Rinker Field @ Stetson University – Deland, FL
Sep 27 – Platform Art Party 12, Florida Air Museum, Sun ‘n’ Fun – Lakeland, FL

BTR Live Studio: Jesse Dee

Today we’re in the studio for a live performance and interview with Boston’s newest soul star Jesse Dee!

We caught up with Jesse while he was in New York touring in support for his brand new album “Bittersweet Batch” released Sept 9, 2008. Jesse played an awesome solo acoustic set that echoed of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding.

Jesse first caught our attention when our Boston Scene host DJ Laura fell in love with his music. Lucky for us, Jesse stopped by our studios, played today’s wonderful live set and spoke to me about his new album and where to find the best burritos in the greater Boston area!

10/3 @ Funk N Waffles – Syrcause, NY

10/4 @ Hi Fidelity – Rochester, NY

10/10 @ The Press Room – Portsmouth, NH

Artist of the Week: Jumbling Towers

The game known as Jenga in America is not known as Jenga in other countries. In Israel, it’s known as Mapolet. In Brazil, it’s called Torremoto. If you’re shopping at a toy store in Denmark, it will be Klodsmajor that you are looking for. And, in the United Kingdom the game is known as Jumbling Towers, which sounds like an excellent name for an up-and-coming rock band. However, the name is already taken by a quartet of gents from St. Louis, Missouri, and if their musical prowess were a game of Jenga, the tower would be stacked sky high with no sign of tumbling down.

Jumbling Towers initially formed in 2005, though its band members had previously collaborated together in a high school band known as Dorian Gray.  Their self-titled debut album was released in 2007, and they released an EP in June of this year entitled Classy Entertainment. What’s rather fantastic is that  the 6-song EP is  currently available to download totally free of charge from the band’s sleek website, at

On both their debut release and latest effort, the band’s sound seems centered around the theatric and expressive vocals of  charismatic frontman Joe DeBoer. His  sneering vocal delivery and lyrical performance pairs perfectly with the eerie instrumentals, which are domianted by archaic sounding synthesizers.  Combined with sharply cracking drums and lo-fi production, the overall effect is that of an old-school parlor piano vibe.

Each track on Classy Entertainment is more than just a song; the band makes sure of that. The tunes seem to coalesce into something of a sarcastic commentary on American culture, with the ever-condescending style of DeBoer  hanging over everything like the lights above a dramatic stage production. One wonders just what DeBoer is like in a live setting, and it’s hard not to imagine the band  putting on a thrilling live performance, especially for songs such as “Classy Entertainment” and “Apartments;” songs that  have already become classics at BTR.

The band recently announced via their myspace that they are working on new material, and being that the bulk of the BTR airstaff is hooked on their tunes we’ll be chomping at the bit for anything we can get our mitts on, so of course we’ll pass it along to you. Keep listening to BTR!

BTR Live Studio: Bellevue’s Finest

Today we’re live in the studio with All Access alums Bellevue’s Finest!
They released their first single “Hey! Take These Pills” in early August and have just released their first EP “10010”. This band is amazingly danceable and we predict great things for this talented bunch. You’ll love them – we promise.

Bellevue’s Finest plays The National Underground on Saturday October 4th.

Hello My Name Is…with Blitzen Trapper, The Defenders, and Ducky

This week’s “Hello My Name Is” features indie rockers Blitzen Trapper, as well as two favorite BTR All Access bands, The Defenders and Ducky.

Blitzen Trapper, an alt-country indie band, hails from Portland, Oregon.  The sextet’s 2007 release and BTR favorite, Wild Mountain Nation propelled them into the spotlight as it garnered acclaim from many major music blogs and publications.  It even earned them the number 98 spot on Rolling Stone’s “Best 100 Songs of 2007.”  Wild Mountain Nation’s genre-crossing song-writing makes the band truly stand out.  On September 23rd the band will release a new album, Furr, on Sub Pop records.  Make sure to keep your ears open for the new tracks on BTR.

While Blitzen Trapper’s eccentric band name might recall memories of a Ramones song or a quintessential grade-school organizer, its origins are actually a lot more simple.  Eric Earley, singer and guitarist, explains the real story behind the name.  While he says that, “I’ve read that I’ve said in interviews that I took the name from my grandfather who was a junk dealer in East LA.  He possessed an extensive collection of hanging fur garnered from various junkyards,” the name actually came from less obscure origins.  Earley explains, “I think I saw it on the side of a Winnebago, or actually I think it was graffitied on an old refrigerator by the river in Salem.”

The Defenders, an All Access favorite here on BTR, formed when they were in only 7th and 8th grade and played mostly in basements.  Since then, they’ve gone through many permutations (and even a band name), but have perfected their sound in the four years they’ve been playing together.  The New York band, who plays well-crafted pop-punk tunes, actually started out with a different band name altogether, but with a shuffle of members and style this spring, they chose The Defenders.

Bassist Ben Chrobot explains, “Back when it was started, people were kicking around ideas, and the verb defenestrate came up. it sounded cool, and what’s not to like about a word that means to throw out of a window?”  Unfortunately, The Defenestrators proved too unwieldy.  “Our singer would stumble over it at shows, and people could never get the spelling right. So last spring when the band was making some major changes, a name change seemed fitting as well. The Defenders was similar and somewhat indie, which was the direction it looked like the band would be taking.”

Ducky, another All Access regular, hails from San Francisco.  Only fifteen years old, Morgan Neiman is a solo artist who’s enchanting electronic tunes definitely take a page out of the Postal Service’s book.  When it comes to her moniker, Neiman didn’t choose it so much as it chose her.  In fact, Ducky is more of a nickname than a band name.  “I actually got the name Ducky while taking my 8th grade yearbook photo. All of my friends and I had decided to put silly things in our pictures just for the hell of it and mine ended up being a little stuffed duck. Everybody called me ducky that day, and it just stuck.”  Make sure to check out The Defenders and Ducky on All Access every Tuesday and Friday.