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BOTW: Brad From Radio Free Chicago

What’s up guy?  Hope all of our American friends had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend and all of our worldwide friends had a a fantastic regular weekend!  Just wanted to let you know about this week’s Blogger of the Week.  We’ve got Brad from Radio Free Chicago joining us, so you should all check him out!

Yesterday’s post was all about Von Südenfed‘s new album, Tromatic Reflexxions.  Find it here.

Today’s post is a concert review of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s gig in Chicago on Friday night (May 25).  Check it out here.


BTR’s Day at the Beach!

So this past Monday, we here at BTR took a little field trip to the Coney Island to record our latest specialty show for you – “BTR Beach Party.”  It was a blast to hang out down there and the show came out really awesome.  Make sure you check it out.  Here’s a little synopsis of our own office Beach Games for your reading pleasure:

(Pictures start after the jump.)

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BOTW: Great, but Not the Best

Hey guys, Colleen here with an update from today’s Blogger of the Week post.  Ekko from Berkeley Place is still with us and today, he’s got another list for you!  This time it’s “5 Great Things of ’07 That Just Weren’t the Best Things of ’07

Check it out!

BOTW: 5 Best & Worst Covers, Remixes & Reissues

Helllloooo all,

So today’s post by our guest Blogger of the Week (Ekko from Berkeley Place) is my favorite one so far.  It’s a list of the 5 best & worst covers, remixes & reissues of 2007 to date.  Definitely, definitely check it out:  “The 5 Best Covers, Remixes or Reissues of ’07 (So Far)“.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!


BOTW: Lots of Lists!

Hey guys,

This week’s Blogger of the Week is Ekko from Berkeley Place.  He’s got a series of lists for your pleasure, starting with yesterday’s “The Best Indie EP’s“.   Today, Ekko’s presenting his picks for the top indie singles of 2007 (so far).  Check it out and see if your favorite songs made it onto his list by clicking here.

Also, a bit of exciting news!  This week’s BTR blog show from Rachel and the City, “Bloggeratti” features special guest Alex Blagg from VH1’s Best Week Ever.  BTR scored a pretty sick nasty shoutout on the Best Week Ever blog last week.  Check it out here: LISTEN UP: Blagg Thru Radio. Thanks, Alex!


Time Flies

Well, it looks like we all made it through another week. I’m picking out some new music for the Folk Wave (check it out tomorrow) and wanted to let you know we’ve got two brand new shows premiering on BreakThru Radio this Sunday May 20th – an Alt-Country hour from your favorite Tuesday DJ Emily, and an all new Latin Worldwide Hour. Head on over to BTR this Sunday to check those out and more.

Today on BreakThru Radio: (click to listen to each show)

The Synapse with DJ Latola – tracks include “All Around” by Bebel Gilberto (Telefon Tel Aviv remix) , “Shook” (I Went White) – Another Cynthia, Hate – Cat Power, Surfin’ – Ernest Ranglin, “You Can Call Me By Name” – Shearwater, “Magnetic Baby” – Semi Precious Weapons

BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle – The legendary BP Fallon plays Black Daniel, Modrocket, Wild Things, Jason Collett, The Widow, The Crown Jewels, Bluskreen.

The Farm League on BTR Live Studio -The Farm League came to our studios to record this exclusive live session. Check them out on BreakThru Radio today and see them perform Saturday May 19th at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ.

Revolver, your Friday night indie rock Dance party from DJ Wynn

oh rock me to my soul…

How is Taj Mahal so good? Seriously this blues man is all kinds of incredible. If you’re in Washington DC he’s playing solo this Saturday May 19th at Music Makers. Lottie is playing my favorite TM song, the classic “Queen Bee” on her show today. Some other tracks on today’s show include “Pink Cloud Tracing Paper” by Asobi Seksu, “Janine” by Birdmonster, “Don’t Leave” by Tyler James, “Sea Level” by The Noises 10. Listen to Lottie’s show today on BreakThru Radio


Lyrics for “Queen Bee” – Taj Mahal

Sweeter than a honey bee, yeah, baby been sweet on me
Sweeter than a honey bee, yeah, my queen bee
Oh she rock to my soul, mama love me to my soul
Love me to my soul, oh she rock me to my soul
She’s a
, she can shake it some yeah, oh watch her now look at her run
A strutter, she can shake it some, oh dancing having fun
She love me to my soul, oh she love me to my soul
Oh love me to my soul oh rock me to my soul
Honey in the honey pot and, your pot is hot
Honey in the honey pot and the pot is what you got
To lova rocka rocka me to my soul
Oh love me to my soul, rock me to my soul
Oh love me to my soul, rock me to my soul
Baby won’t you come by me yeah, spare me this misery
Sugar won’t you come by me, oh I know you’ll agree, ‘gree, ‘gree, ‘gree
To love me to my soul, oh to rock me to my soul
Ooh rock me to my soul, oh rock me to my soul
Sweeter than a honey bee oh, baby been sweet on me
Sweeter than a honey bee oh, my queen bee
Oh she rock me to my soul, oh rock me to my soul
Oh she rock me to my soul, oh rock me to my soul
These songs were made for lovers
Lovers and lovers and lovers and lovers and lovers
And lovers and lovers and lovers, And lovers and lovers
My soul, my soul
Queen bee

Sweet syrup, as they say.