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Featured Video: Born Ruffians’ “I need a Life”

By now you should know that we love Born Ruffians. In addition to their current “artist of the week” status, we’ve also got this slammin’ video on the site. Check it out, it’s super.

Upcoming Shows:
May 8, 2008    Amersham Arms   London, UK
May 12, 2008   Arts Center    Norwich, UK
May 13, 2008   Barfly     Cambridge, UK
May 14, 2008   Roadhouse    Manchester, UK
May 15, 2008   Scala    London, UK
May 16, 2008   The Beach   Brighton, UK


Yep Roc on BTR

We’re so very excited to bring you the latest installment in our series of label showcases- Yep Roc Records! Based in North Carolina, Yep Roc is truly one of the most diverse labels currently in rotation on BTR- with everything from indie rock to country gracing their roster.  You can visit the label online for more information!

00:00- DJ Annie
00:45- Rocky Took a Lover- Bell X1
04:08- Stephen Stephen- The Apples in Stereo
05:56- I Love My Label- Nick Lowe
08:53- Second Chance- Liam Finn
13:42- The Twentysomething- Simple Kid
17:25- Where I’m Calling From- American Princes
21:44- Shop It Around- Jason Ringenberg
24:13- The Golden State- John Doe
27:08- Run Outta Luck- The Golden Dogs
29:58- DJ Annie
30:30- The Trial- The Sadies
34:00- Monkey Tongue- The Moaners
38:37- Friends Like You- You Am I
41:00- Angels Of Destruction- Marah
44:13- Outside Chance- Heavy Trash
47:13- Who Taught You To Live Like That?- Sloan
50:16- Black Winged Bird- Nina Persson
54:18- DJ Annie
54:51- Hang ‘Em High- Reverend Organdrum
57:57- I Wanna Go Backwards-Robyn Hitchcock
61:30- Lost in the Congo-Doyle Bramhall
66:00- In Shock- Kristin Hersh
70:10- Outta Gear- Los Straitjackets
72:41- The Club- Nick Lowe
75:13- How Will You Shine?- The Gourds
80:20- Honey Suckle Honey Pie- Jim Lauderdale
82:55- Million Dollars Bail-Peter Case
86:33- DJ Annie
87:26- Can You Feel It?- The Apples in Stereo

Artist of the Week: Born Ruffians

(photo by Tim Saccenti )

This week’s BTR Artist of the Week is none other than our long time favorite three piece, the Toronto-based Born Ruffians. The Canadian outfit consists of Luke Lalonde on guitar and vocals, Mitch Derosier on bass and Steven Hamelin on drums. 2006 was an important year for the Ruffians, as they made their debut with a self titled, six song EP, that was released on Warp Record.  The band then toured through Canada and the United States three times, and then made three trips to Europe, in between their debut and the recording of their latest album. They also shared bills with the likes of Peter Bjorn and John, Hot Chip, and The HIdden Cameras.  The new album, entitled Red, Yellow, and Blue, was released on March 4, 2007 in North America, once more via Warp. The English label is home of other BTR favorites such as Battles, Grizzly Bear, Autchere and !!! (chk,chk,chk). Red, Yellow and Blue is the band’s first proper full length, coated with eleven insanely terrific tunes including titles such as “Badonkadonkey”, “Foxes Mate For Life”, and “Barnacle Goose”. At the beginning of April, the group cancelled a number of their dates after their singer, Luke, lost his voice. His doctor recommended he take some time off from singing, but the band rescheduled their shows to the delight of their adoring fans. Born Ruffians just finished their North American tour this past Saturday, on April 26, where they had shared the stage with Cadence Weapon. They celebrated with an album release of Red, Yellow and Blue at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. The band is scheduled to hit the road again with a European tour in May. The tour will feature the Ruffians, of course, along with fellow Canadians Caribou (another BTR favorite), whom the band previously toured with in 2007.
Listen up for music from Born Ruffians all week here on BreakThru Radio and if you get a chance be sure to catch their live set, you will not be disappointed!

Catch Born Ruffinas LIVE:

May 08  –  Amersham Arms –  London, England

May 10  –  All Tomorrow’s Parties! –  Camber Sands, England

May 12  –  Arts Center  –  Norwich, England

May 13  –  Barfly  –  Cambridge, England

May 14  –  Roadhouse –  Manchester, England

May 15  –  Scala  –  London, England

May 16  –  The Beach  –  Brighton, England

May 17  –  Taylor John’s House  –  Coventry, England

BTR Live Studio: Tyler James

Tyler James performed an amazing set for BTR Live Studio. He is a Nashville based singer/songwriter who has successfully released two E.P’s, both of which have garnered the attention of the acoustic/pop community.  Find out more about this up-and-coming artist in a featured interview with DJ Jeff K. Tune in and turn it up!

0:01  DJ Intro
0:39  Come Off Cold
4:21  Constants of Becoming
6:40  Like a Brother
10:34  Interview pt. 1
14:41  Down in the Garden
18:27  Don’t Leave
22:34  Stay Humble
26:15  Interview pt. 2
30:59  Coattails of Tennessee
34:43  Sweet Relief
38:09  DJ Outro

Hello My Name Is…with Mouserocket, Bella Koshka, and Canasta!

This week featuring  Mouserocket, Bella Koshka, and Canasta, amongst others!

It’s time again for another edition of, “Hello, My Name Is…” This week we kick things off with one of Memphis’ most prolific songwriter’s, Alicja Trout. Her band Mouserocket is set to release their new album Pretty Loud on April 29th, and will celebrate the release with a CD release show at The Hitone in Memphis, Tennessee on April 25th.

So where did the name Mouserocket come from?

“I love Rocket from the Crypt and Rocket from the Tombs, and space-aged retro looking toys, but it was supposed to be a lighthearted name for my musical outlet for kid’s songs,” says Trout.

Well, coincidentally Trout did make a kid last year while she was finishing up the latest Mouserocket album. And if you think pregnancy would have slowed Trout down, that doesn’t seem to be her style.

“I never took a break during my pregnancy, touring up through the 7th month, and still playing in the 8th. Plus I made two albums, recorded two other bands albums, recorded several 7″s for other bands, and released a 7″ on my label. Mainly my pregnancy was when we did all the MR recordings from 2007, and finished the old ones and compiled the album. I even impressed myself with my diligence and commitment to finishing stuff before the baby,” explains Trout.

And now, as a bonus, Trout explains the names of two of her other bands:

River City Tanlines – “It’s like the bad tans, as we don’t have a beach but we have a lot of sun.”

Black Sunday – “This came from Mario Bava, an Italian horror film maker, and because I love Black Sabbath.”

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Loud Fast Rules Presents: LA Punk History Part III

Once again, BTR is ready to school you on the history of Punk music on the West Coast with our final installment of this three part series.


L to R: David Brown, KK Barrett, Tomata DuPlenty, and Tommy Gear

There is no discussion about Los Angeles punk without including The Screamers in it. Period. End of story. Whereas The Weirdos, The Germs, X and The Bags were all immortalized by their recorded output, The Screamers were rarified simply due to the fact that they never produced any physical evidence in all the time they were a band. Up until recently, all we had was one VHS tape released on Target Video. Screamers gigs were insanely chaotic and fun, and the effects of their dada power are finally coming to fore via the likes of the bands signed to the Goner and Criminal IQ labels. KK Barrett is now a Hollywood treatment designer for films as important as Being John Malcovich and Lost in Translation.


In no particular order: Ygarr, Zany, Zory and Eon

Holdovers from the early 70’s glitter era, Zolar X were infamous for looking and living like aliens 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ace Frehley of Kiss was a major supporter and probably still is. So is Jello Biafra whose Alternative Tentacles Records just issued their new record called, X Marks the Spot. There is a documentary in the works as well so keep your eyes peeled.


Geza X Gedeon was one of the crucial personalities in the LA scene. He produced records for a number of early and influential punk bands including The Dead Kennedys, The Germs, Black Flag and The Avengers. He also played guitar, sang, and dealt with most studio issues in his band Geza X and The Mommymen. They released one official single and a full-length album on minor label, Final Gear in 1982. Geza X dated Josie “Johnny Are you Queer” Cotton for many years; they currently co-own Satellite Park Recording in Malibu. Since 2006, Geza has been engaged to fashion model Larva, who poses for Annie Liebovitz, Lucien Clerge, and other fine artists and does runway for fashion innovators such as Jared Gold.

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BTR Live Studio: Ann Courtney and the Late Bloomers

Check out this exclusive live performance from: Ann Courtney & The Late Bloomers. These fine folks will be performing this Saturday night, April 26th at Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan. It is bound to be an raucous display of musicianship and wit, so do not miss it!

00:00 BTR Live Studio with DJ Maia
00:41 Strong Arm
03:33 Interview
06:17 Chicken Scratch
08:52 Down For the Winter
12:08 Nothing On Me
15:02 Interview
17:37 Pacemaker to Your Health!
21:57 Merteiil
25:21 Don’t Be a Fading Bruise
28:17 Perfect Medicine
30:41 Interview
32:23 I Keep a Pilot Light
35:03 Nice & Quiet

Upcoming Shows:

April 26 @ Rockwood Music Hall – NY, NY