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BTR Live Studio: Kuroma

We’re live in the studio with Kuroma, a project that originally began as the solo effort of founding Whigs member and former MGMT guitarist, Hank Sullivant. Kuroma is making wonderful, unapologetic, real music, and we’re big fans! The band stopped by the studio over the weekend while they were in New York City playing shows at Webster Hall and The Music Hall of Williamsburg. Unfortunately for us, they’ve left New York for greener pastures – be sure to check the band out on tour this spring:

4/9 @ Media Club w/ Starfucker – Vancouver, BC

4/10 @ Vera Project w/ Starfucker – Seattle, WA

4/13 @ Aquarium w/ Starfucker – Fargo, ND


Artist of the Week: Project Jenny, Project Jan

We all know how hip it is to be depressed. French conceptual artist Amelia Gentleman believes her best art comes during her lowest moments, particularly amidst a break-up. Van Gogh painted The Starry Night shortly after slicing his own ear off and being committed to a mental hospital. Hell, two of my favorite artists are Tori Amos and Bright Eyes, and their music isn’t really known for its cheery disposition. Dressing all in black and popping Prozac will always be cool, but sometimes you just wanna  dance (damn you Dane Cook) without any worries.

That’s where Project Jenny, Project Jan comes into play.

Neither a Jenny or a Jan, this smooth duo has stamped their Casio signature on the Brooklyn scene with their sly debut,  XOXOXOXOXO. PJPJ consists of Jeremy Haines (hypeman, vocalist, and album artist) and Sammy Rubin (beat maker and sound synthesizer), two fellas who have embraced the feel good nature of music. Their  single “320” has a sleek bass pattern seemingly pulled from a Spy vs. Spy comic and the lyrics playfully delve into paranoia, but you never get flung into North by Northwest territory.

Their laid back anthem “Summertime” hearkens back to Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff days, containing vibes that make you feel like you’re having you’re third burger at a BBQ and you can’t decide if it’s a good idea to jump in the pool. But that’s you’re biggest concern. You should automatically treasure “Games” just for uttering the lyrics “Sink my battleship or sink my destroyer…”, but throwing in Gran Turismo & Princess Peach references will always win over nerds in the crowd (myself included).

Recently, PJ2 whirled dervishes for BTR’s SXSW day party, which you can relive by clicking these glowing letters. In April, the duo will release The Colors EP, which features collaborations with Fujiya & Miyagi (if you haven’t heard the fabulous “Pins & Needles” yet, click here), Mixel Pixel, So Percussion, and Adam Matta.


Tour Dates

Apr 17   Culture Shock Festival (SUNY Purchase Campus) – Westchester, NY
May 18  Webster Hall (Creative Block) – New York, NY

BTR@SXSW: An Horse

An Horse LIVE

The Pirate! SXSW Showcase – Room 710, Austin TX

Recorded march 19 2009

00:00 DJ Emily Intros An Horse
00:50 Postcards – An Horse
03:17 Company – An Horse
07:02 Scared As Fuck – An Horse
10:12 Rearrange Beds – An Horse
14:08 Little Little Little – An Horse
16:41 Little Lungs – An Horse
22:16 Camp Out – An Horse
25:46 Shoes Watch – An Horse

An Horse LIVE
27 Mar 2009 @ The Vera Project w/ Wintersleep – Seattle, WA
28 Mar 2009 @ Sugar w/ Wintersleep – Victoria, Canada
30 Mar 2009 @ MacEwan Ballroom w/ Wintersleep – Calgary, Canada
31 Mar 2009 @ Starlite Room w/ Wintersleep – Edmonton, Canada
2 Apr 2009 @ Commodore Ballroom w/ Wintersleep – Vancouver, Canada
3 Apr 2009 @ Commodore Ballroom w/ Wintersleep – Vancouver, Canada
8 Apr 2009 @ Jake’s Nightclub w/ Appleseed Cast – Bloomington, IN
9 Apr 2009 @ The End w/ Appleseed Cast – Nashville, TN
10 Apr 2009 @ Masqerade w/ Appleseed Cast – Atlanta, GA
11 Apr 2009 @ Back Booth w/ Appleseed Cast – Orlando, FL
12 Apr 2009 @ Jack Rabbits w/ Appleseed Cast – Jacksonville, FL
13 Apr 2009 @ Local 506 w/ Appleseed Cast – Chapel Hill, NC
14 Apr 2009 @ DC9 w/ Appleseed Cast – Washington, DC
15 Apr 2009 @ Sonar w/ Appleseed Cast – Baltimore, MD
16 Apr 2009 @ M Room w/ Appleseed Cast – Philadelphia, PA
17 Apr 2009 @ The Space w/ Appleseed Cast – Hamden, CT
18 Apr 2009 @ The Mercury Lounge w/ Appleseed Cast – New York, NY
18 Apr 2009 @ The Mercury Lounge w/ Appleseed Cast (late) – New York, NY
19 Apr 2009 @ The Polish Club w/ Appleseed Cast – Poughkeepsie, NY
20 Apr 2009 @ Middle East w/ Appleseed Cast – Boston, MA
21 Apr 2009 @ The Horseshoe w/ Appleseed Cast – Toronto, Canada
22 Apr 2009 @ Rubbles w/ Appleseed Cast – Mt Pleasant, MI
23 Apr 2009 @ The Canopy, Void Room w/ Appleseed Cast – Urbana, IL
24 Apr 2009 @ Mojos w/ Appleseed Cast – Columbia, MO
25 Apr 2009 @ Record Bar w/ Appleseed Cast – Kansas City, MO

An Horse info

BTR@SXSW: Jessica Lee Mayfield

BTR was thrilled to record a few sets from the Pirate! party in addition to the BTR showcase. Jessica Lee Mayfield put on an amazing show- check out the session here!

Jessica Lea Mayfield LIVE
The Pirate! SXSW Showcase – Room 710, Austin TX
Recorded March 19 2009

00:00 DJ Emily Intros Jessica Lea Mayfield
00:49 Kiss Me Again – Jessica Lea Mayfield
04:21 Bible Days – Jessica Lea Mayfield
07:48 I’m Not Lonely Anymore – Jessica Lea Mayfield
12:28 The One I Love Best – Jessica Lea Mayfield
16:20 Grown Man – Jessica Lea Mayfield
19:15 For Today – Jessica Lea Mayfield

Jessica Lea Mayfield LIVE
26 Mar 2009 @ BODEGA SOCIAL CLUB – Nottingham, England
27 Mar 2009 @ BARFLY CAMDEN – London, England
30 Mar 2009 @ TIVOLI DE HELLING – Utrecht, The Netherlands
31 Mar 2009 @ PARADISO – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1 Apr 2009 @ ROTOWN – Rotterdam, The Netherlands
3 Apr 2009 @ MOD – Hasselt, Belgium
4 Apr 2009 @ ANCIENNE BELGIQUE – Brussels, Belgium
17 Apr 2009 @ STATE THEATRE w/ Ray LaMontagne – Cleveland, OH
18 Apr 2009 @ TAFT THEATRE w/ Ray LaMontagne – Cincinnati, OH
19 Apr 2009 @ MICHIGAN THEATER w/ Ray LaMontagne – Ann Arbor, MI
21 Apr 2009 @ THE RIVERSIDE w/ Ray LaMontagne – Milwaukee, WI
22 Apr 2009 @ THE PAGEANT w/ Ray LaMontagne – St. Louis, MI
24 Apr 2009 @ THOMAS WOLFE AUDITORIUM – Asheville, NC
25 Apr 2009 @ BROWN THEATRE w/ Ray LaMontagne – Louisville, KY
27 Apr 2009 @ ALABAMA THEATRE w/ Ray LaMontagne – Birmingham, AL
28 Apr 2009 @ FLORIDA THEATRE w/ Ray LaMontagne – Jacksonville, FL
29 Apr 2009 @ TAMPA THEATRE w/ Ray LaMontagne – Tampa, FL
30 Apr 2009 @ THE FILLMORE – Miami Beach, FL

Jessica Lea Mayfield info

BTR@SXSW: Lemonade

BTR’s SXSW Showcase at Beauty Bar – Austin, TX
Recorded Mar 18, 2009

Check out the set here!

More info on Lemonade

Lemonade LIVE
1 Apr 2009 @ Le Poisson Rouge w/ Sebastien Tellier – New York, NY
3 Apr 2009 @ 9:30 Club w/ Sebastien Tellier – Washington, DC
5 Apr 2009 @ Paradise w/ Sebastien Tellier – Boston, MA
7 Apr 2009 @ Cabaret Music Hall w/ Sebastien Tellier – Montreal, Canada
8 Apr 2009 @ The Mod Club w/ Sebastien Tellier – Toronto, Canada
9 Apr 2009 @ The Empty Bottle w/ Sebastien Tellier – Chicago, IL
10 Apr 2009 @ Grinnell College Harris Center Concert Hall – Grinnell, IN

BTR@SXSW: Project Jenny, Project Jan

Project Jenny, Project Jan
Live @ BTR’s SXSW Showcase – Beauty Bar, Austin TX

00:00 DJ Madalyn Intros Project Jenny, Project Jan
00:19 Train Track – Project Jenny, Project Jan
04:08 320 – Project Jenny, Project Jan
07:41 Personal – Project Jenny, Project Jan
10:19 Games – Project Jenny, Project Jan
13:34 Junk – Project Jenny, Project Jan
17:12 Summertime – Project Jenny, Project Jan
20:25 The Dialogue – Project Jenny, Project Jan
24:03 Pins And Needles – Project Jenny, Project Jan
27:58 Baby’s – Project Jenny, Project Jan
30:57 Marsupial – Project Jenny, Project Jan
33:12 Negative – Project Jenny, Project Jan

Project Jenny, Project Jan LIVE
28 Mar 2009 @ Crooked Disco Party, Public Assembly – Brooklyn, NY

Project Jenny, Project Jan website

BTR Artist of the Week: Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scenes are a four piece from Washington D.C.. The group is keeping it real with the fans by touring and making face-to face connections. Indeed they are  a pleasantry in the era of the Internet. The band is also working on what they do best, writing songs. Dan Scheuerman, the guitarist and lead vocalist from Deleted Scenes, took a minute out of his busy SXSW schedule to chat with BreakThru Radio via telephone about the latest happening with his band.

BTR: What’s going on at SXSW this year? Is this your first time?

Dan: Yeah, this is our first time. We didn’t get into the main festival so we just had to go behind the scenes and get any parties we could get on during the day. We are playing several day shows and they are unofficial and not high profile but we’re trying to get setup for next year.

BTR: Is SXSW worth it? Do you think you are getting a lot of exposure?

Dan: To be honest, we’re getting a lot of local (Austin) exposure. Not as much national attention. But there are a lot of people coming in off of the streets.

BTR: Give me a bit of background about Deleted Scenes. How did you first come together as a band?

Dan: We knew each other since high school. In high school we had a funk rock band that a few of us played in. We continued playing through college and we all ended up back in D.C. and started playing together again.

BTR: The band has some great gigs coming up including Black Cat in D.C. and Webster Hall here in New York. Plus, you will be touring with The Life and Times. What does this all feel like?

Dan: It’s going to be really great. We are really excited to go on tour with The Life and Times. We played with them in Baltimore and they invited us to go on tour with them. The Black Cat show is our first main stage headlining show. It’s kind of scary and kind of sweet. Things have definitely picked up locally. We are going to release a cassette single. The song will be dubbed over old cassette singles from artists like Gloria Estefan and Tag Team. We got 200 cassettes singles from Ebay and we’re having a cassette tape label from Omaha called I’m Drinking This, their taping over the singles for us. It should be fun, the packaging is amazing. We are not going to alter it at all, we are just going to sell it like that.

BTR: In the age of the mp3s, you are bringing back the cassettes.

Dan: MP3s are of ethereal and easily duplicable. It’s more of an object. Tapes are sort of like ‘deleted scenes’ so maybe there is some sort subliminal tie in there…

BTR: What’s going on in the D.C. music scene? What is it like?

Dan: A lot of the bands hang out together and they do D.I.Y. shows and they are all mutually supportive. I wouldn’t say there is a particular D.C. sound, it’s sort of all over the map.

BTR: How did you get the name Deleted Scenes?

Dan: It means a lot of things to us. The more meaningful one is the things that you leave out of the official account of your life, things you don’t want to tell people. Those are the most real things and those are the things we try to plumb for our songs. The other thing is that when we started out we didn’t really know what we were doing and Deleted Scenes is sort of an inside joke, meaning we were writing b-sides for other bands because we didn’t have to write our own songs.

BTR: How did Birdseed Shirt (the latest album) happen? How was it written and conceptualized? What led to the creation of the album?

Dan: It happened over about three years. It’s a very personal album. There are songs about things that are very autobiographical. There is a song about going home for Christmas when I was in college and being in a bad place and trying to sort of fake it when I saw my family. Writing the songs were a way of parsing these experiences. There are some really intense songs, the song “Mortal Sin” is a song about the end of the world. It always felt like America was headed for a serious disaster. I wrote that song because things seemed placid. There was a sense of over-consumption and dread. The song is about a CEO flying off on vacation as Manhattan submerges. I didn’t really know that the song would be prophetic, but it has. The mood in America is definitely a mortal sin vibe.

BTR: Tell us about your label, What Delicate Recordings

Dan: The guy who produced the album is sort of a mad genius. He put out a record in 2006, with his band (that only played 6 shows) The Rude Staircase. It’s totally Beetlejuice music, it’s psychedelically disturbing. We heard it and we contacted him on Myspace and he agreed to work with us. We gave him a very small amount of money because our budget was very small. He stuck with the project for a year spending every spare second obsessively recording and mixing the album. We spent all-nighters for a year working on the album. We finished it up and we thought about getting a label but he has his own label called What Delicate. They have only released  four albums, he is very picky, he considers himself more of a curator rather than a label guy.

BTR: Do you think the Internet has helped the band?

Dans: I wouldn’t  say it has helped us tremendously, there are a zillion bands on the internet. I think anything that we have gotten that has been positive has been from touring and from all of the relationships we made. We have gone on three month long national tours since 2007.

BTR: What are we going to see from Deleted Scenes in the future?

Dan: We would really like to tour a lot more. We want to take it on the road and make more connections.

BTR: We can’t wait to see more!!!

Listen to BreakThru Radio for music from Deleted Scenes and  be sure to catch them on tour!!

Mar 28 2009 at Black Cat (w/The Drones, Pretty & Nice!) – Washington, DC
Apr 4 2009 at Duke Coffeehouse – Durham, NC
Apr 17 2009 at Kung Fu Necktie (w/The Life and Times) – Philadelphia, PA
Apr 18 2009 at The Studio/Webster Hall (w/The Life and Times) – New York, NY
Apr 19 2009 at Great Scott (w/the Life and Times) – Boston, MA