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Dubway Days is back with Ollabelle!

It seems like only yesterday Vienna Teng graced the Dubway Studios to create a song in only one day with Ben Arthur (By the way, if you missed it, check out all the chapters with Vienna over here).

This month, Ben Arthur and the folks over at Dubway are back at it, with special guest Ollabelle. Tune in each day this week to see how their song unfolds during the course of a day! Pretty wild huh?

Below are the first two chapters of the Ollabelle episode. The last part will air this Friday (2/25).


Some may know him as “Van the Man”

For many, it’s almost impossible to think of Van Morrison without conjuring up the lyrics to “Brown Eyed Girl.” The two have almost become synonymous, much to the artist’s dismay.

Although Van may seem like “an Irish prick” sometimes, it may actually be warranted. Discover some more about the legendary musician, as Kory French defends and honors one of his favorite singer/songwriters of all time.

A very Irish episode of Sew & Tell

In honor of Irish Week, and of course St. Patrick’s day, today’s episode of Sew & Tell remains true to the green spirit! Annmarie O’Connor, a Dublin-based writer and stylist who has done a lot of freelance fashion editorial work for major Irish publications, joins DJ Marie to discuss the fashion life. She also has her own blog, I Blog Fashion, and she recently styled the London fashion week premier of a collaborative F/W 2011 collection from designer Joanna Hynes and artist Helen Steele. Once you’re done with this one you may be running out of your place looking for some designer goods to dawn for next week’s installment!

Check out a snippet from today’s show here:

Want more? Get the unedited version right here:

Another Lady Lamb the Beekeeper video for you!

I must admit, there’s something irresistible about Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. All in all, it looks like I’m not alone on this. Lady Lamb performed at Brooklyn Vegan’s showcase at SXSW this past Wednesday, and I’m sure it did not disappoint. Although I wasn’t one of the fortunate one’s to be graced with Lady Lamb’s voice via live performance, I can always dream about it while watching some Live Studio sessions. So take your pick, or pop on both for your listening pleasure.

DJ Rekha hits up NPR for a little chat session

She’s the host of Bhangra and Beyond, and she’s hittin’ up NPR for a fireside chat. DJ Rekha breaks down the world of “bhangra,” including its immense influence on American music. Now used in many tracks from artists such as Jay-Z, bhangra has been taking off largely due to DJ Rekha’s passion.

So feel the rhythm and the beat, and give a listen to the show that can give you a whole new genre to appreciate.

Sway, from Death or Freedom, jams at Spoonbread Too in NYC

Sometimes Hear & There episodes only make me wish that all concerts were more like this. Today’s episode is no exception. Taking one electric guitar to soul food stalwart, Spoonbread Too, Sway (aka Steve Clarke from Death or Freedom) performs his song “Nobody Listens.” Filled with a somewhat eerie/dark melody, the composition comes to life in a beautifully crafted piece. I must say, the end verse sends a chill down my spine.

For Freedom or Death tour dates, including some shows at SXSW, check out their Myspace page. Don’t forget to read the band’s recent review by Jim Fussili over at The Wall Street Journal.

From bloggers to poets- A talk show for everyone!

Glance at the Thursday BTR schedule, and you’re sure to see a wide array of talk shows. Fancy yourself an aspiring writer, why not join us on our new show Writer’s Block? Feeling a little more musical, jump into some MC interviews with Ms. Drama on Underground Noize Radio. Anyway you slice it, Thursday is a great day for some good ‘ol talk with even more diverse options! Here’s a little breakdown of what we have going on today:

On this week’s Geek Out, Thompson interviews Brad Estabrooke from Breuckelen (pronounced like “Brooklyn”) Distilling. An artisan distillery producing high quality gin in BK, known for brewing with organic NY grains (

This week’s Anatomy of a Blogger guest is Jason Grout of the Do the Pants Dance blog. A dance worthy musical selection from the blogger, plus some talk (

Today’s Underground Noize Radio features a discussion with female MC Ami Miller (

This week’s installment of Writer’s Block has part 2 of DJ Matt’s discussion with Nuyorican poetry legend Jesus Papoleto Melendez. Of course, excerpts from other poetic performances as well (