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Bye, Bye July

Hey guys,

Just a little heads up about this week’s new Blogger of the Week.  And now with great pleasure, we announce and welcome (cue the trumpets) Will from Sound As Language!

Be sure to check out Will’s first post, an awesome interview with Up Up Down Down and his second post, a review of The Rowboats’ Forty Years And Forty Minutes.

What else will Will bring?  Guess you’re going to have to check it out every day this week on BTR!




Today Matt & Emily premiere an exclusive new song from The Attorneys, with BTR being the first radio station to ever broadcast it! That’s pretty nifty! Also, Matt chats with Attorneys guitarist John Wlaysewski, and Emily sits down with BTR’s own DJ Wynn. As always, a few choice musical selections pepper the show, including music from some of our most exciting new adds for July.


Click here to listen to Matt & Emily on BTR.

Wizard Rockers Are Rockers Too

In order to prepare for Saturday’s release of the astonishingly awesome Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (anyone who wants to talk about it email me, I decided to get into the spirit by attending a Wizard Rock concert at the Beer Gardens in Astoria, Queens.

Yes, you read this right. A Wizard Rock concert.

Pictures, comments and a review after the jump.

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Almost-the-weekend linkfest 2007

I hope everyone in NYC managed to get out of the transportation nightmare that was the steam explosion alive. Personally, I was crowded into a train with sketchy butt-grazers, less-than-functional A/C, and the inability to change the songs on my iPod; a friendly reminder that I may need to delete some of the less-desirable mp3s in my collection.

Luckily, I’ve got no problem finding the most desirable music on BTR. Today, we’ve got DJ Lottie bringing you a great cross-section of independent music, as well as DJ RachelAndTheCity’s Bloggeratti, serving up some quality blog tunes. Today she’s featuring a healthy chunk of music from Dappled Cities, plus an interview with a few of the band members.

Tomorrow, we’ve got your Friday covered. DJ Latola’s Synapse is the usual knee-slapping good time, and of course, BP Fallon’s Wang Dang Doodle is the quintessential Friday jam. We’ve also got a brand spanking new edition of All Access from DJ Lottie.

The sheer amount of music available on BTR is overwhelming in the next few days, but I’m sure all the avid music fans will be digging every minute. I defy you not to find a show you can’t live without.

We also really want to know what the listeners are thinking. That’s why we’ve created a survey on our programming. It’ll only take a few minutes, and it will definitely help us give you guys more of what you want!


TV/TV, Live on BTR!

TV/TVTV/TVHey all,

So you know how BreakThru Radio’s all about finding the hottest acts in music today and bringing them right to our listeners’ doorsteps (oh, alright, computer speakers, but STILL)?  Well, we’re doing that again this week, with the band TV/TV.

Be sure to check out our featured video of the week – TV/TV’s “Get It Get It”.

Here’s a great BTR Live Studio Session performance from the guys too.

Trust me, you want to check ’em out.

BONUS:  Be sure to check back tomorrow (July 19 @ noon EST) to see the band’s performance at the Luna Lounge last Saturday, July 14.



It’s 7/17/07!

Greetings, everyone! Here’s what’s been goin’ down at BTR:

First off, we’ve got to plug our fabulous new Blogger of the Week, Daphne Yang of Check out Daphne’s first two posts. The first is on some of her favorite hometown bands (Brooklyn represent!) and the second is all about Blitzen Trapper’s latest album, which has been getting mad love from all over.

We’ve also got a new BTR Artists on Tour Update for y’all – Read all about the crazy adventures of both Chairlift & Elizabeth Harper and The Matinee.

BTR’s hottest new show, “All Access,” by DJ Lottie continues to grow in popularity. “All Access” spotlights the best high school aged bands we can find from all over the world! Read all about it here and make sure you listen to the latest edition of it right here. If you know of any hot new acts that deserve a chance to be heard, definitely let us know!

If you’re a fan of The Final Solutions, you definitely want to check out a review Rachel & the City wrote about their performance with The Barbaras, live @ The Hitone in Memphis, Tennessee on July 6.


Happy “Harry Potter Comes Out In 12 Days, BTR Still Rocks” Monday!

Helloooooo, everyone! Hope you had a fantastic 4th of July and kept out of the heat this weekend. I’m just here to give you a little update on what’s been goin’ down on BTR:

Check out this week’s new Blogger of the Week – Wayne from Oceans Never Lie. You can find his first post, a review of Blitzen Trapper’s Wild Mountain Nation right here.

TV/TV, one of our favorite bands, is going to be playing at the Luna Lounge in Brooklyn this Saturday, July 14, so be sure to check them out if you’re in the area! We’ll be there, recording it all for our faithful listeners to enjoy over and over again!

Ooookay, everybody. That’s it for today. Stay cool, all.