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Thanks for all the love!!

Before I get all gushy with love for our blogger friends, I just wanted to let you folks know about the easiest contest on the planet. If you don’t play, you’re silly ’cause this battle is already won. All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and post your favorite summer song this year. Do this and you’re automatically entered to win a pair of Urban Ears headphones. Um… COOL.

Also on a Facebook note- we wanted to make things a little easier on you guys as far as knowing what’s coming up in the week on BreakThru so we’ve decided to post our program guide. Check the notes section every Monday for a comprehensive list of all the goings-on at BTR! Definitely worth checking out if you want to just go straight to your selected content.

Now- we’re getting so much love over here at BreakThru Radio and we just need to say- THANK YOU!! WE LOVE YOU TOO!!

Pledge Music thought our Tracy Bonham video was sweet, and they posted it on the blog for all to see!! Check out the post here!

Our buddies up in Toronto, MusicPsychos, loved the Dinosaur Bones live studio video we did. DinoBones made a big impression on the Canadian music scene, and we were super happy to hear that the natives thought our video was good!

Our buddy Greg at Perfect Porridge was digging the Cassettes Won’t Listen video we shot a couple weeks ago, and lucky for us, he got all his fans on it too!

Main man Mark from Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot was ragin’ to the A Million Years video. He’s got way more than just punk, so don’t be turned off by the title and go check it out!

The Milagres video is perhaps one of the most popular videos we’ve made- so many people loved it!! Head over to any of these sites to peep the video and look around these awesome blogs:
The Converse Rockstar– a great music blog featuring articles from budding writers and blossoming musicians!
1146 Miles– serving as a metaphor for the journey of life =)
Gold Soundz– with reviews, articles, videos, and more!  They also really dug TWO of our other videos! The Fort Lean episode which gained a lot of attention, and the Sherlock’s Daughter shoot– both awesome!
Quirky New York Chick– talk of music and all things NY, hosted by the quirkiest blogger in the sphere (in a good way!)
Musefy– check back for updates on the interview between BTR CFO Cal Rifkin and Musefy writer Francis! (In the meantime, show Musefy some love.)

This past week’s episode of our original series, The Pulse, examined food trucks on the streets of NYC and their impact. See what people on the street had to say in the post from!

Fort Lean also gained a lot of attention, thanks in part to how incredible they are, but also thanks to all these guys for their support:
wasfuersohr– a music blog, with a German twist!
Another one from The Converse Rocker– thanks for lovin’ our stuff over there!!
Planet Music Reviews– an excellent source for music news from all over the globe!

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Be sure to check out, we’re on Facebook and Twitter and we love to hear from our listeners, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! As the blog author, I can be reached at use it or lose it friends!!