Hello, My Name Is…This week featuring The Hot Puppies, Joy of Sex and Me and the Major!

Hello, My Name Is…
This week featuring The Hot Puppies, Joy of Sex and Me and the Major!
February 26, 2009

On the latest installment of HMNI, we will find out how three bands from Cardiff, Wales came up with their band names.

The Hot Puppies formed in 2000 in Aberystwyth, Wales. The five piece outfit consists of Becky Woods on vocals, Beth Gibson on vocals, keyboards, theremin and cello, Luke Taylor on guitar and vocals, Ben Faircloth on bass and Bert Wood on drums. They are signed to Fierce Panda Records and have supported  Art Brut, The Crimea, The Pipettes and British Sea Power on tour.

Their manager, Robert Davage, explains the name:

“The title, originally suggested by Luke’s mum, is taken from the poem ‘College Boys: A Hymn of Hate,’ by Dorothy Parker:”

“There are the Hot Puppies;
The High-Place Hitters.
They may be young as years go,
But they are old in night life.
You would never dream of the wicked things that go on
If they didn’t take pity
And clear it all up for you.
They have piled up a nasty record for themselves;
Try and hear it without blushing.
They tear the town wide open
Until nearly eleven o’clock at night,
They talk right back to policemen.
And when it comes to alcohol,
They imply that they can take it or let it alone—
Reading from left to right.
They concede that they are just about as scarlet as they come,
And they perform a mean laugh,
And say that terrible isn’t the word for them—
I heard different. “

Luke has joked about how he relishes the idea of still using the name – so apt for the bunch of early twenty-somethings they were when they formed – when they’re out on their 25th aniversary reunion tour!

Joy of Sex consists of two men and one woman. The three piece outfit uses a drum machine, stand-up drums and three vocalists.

Matt tells us about the Joy of Sex:

“Rosie, our drummer/percussionist/singer came up with the name. We almost called ourselves ‘Legionnaires’ and ‘Birds Birds Birds’ before Rosie suggested ‘Joy Of Sex,’ which she’d found after looking through lists of film titles released in 1984. She swears there were other bands who had taken their names from films released in 1984, though she couldn’t remember any when asked, which is why she chose that year in particular. She also stated that if she saw a gig poster with ‘Joy of Sex’ on it, she’d have to go and see that band, which is an angle me and Matt liked. So in a small way it’s a cheap shot shocker to get some attention, but it’s always amusing for us hearing how various DJ’s announce it. Sometimes the embarrassment is almost audible. Something about the word ‘sex,’ it seems to have more potency than swearing. Plus, we like to enact various poses from the book at live shows.”


Feb 26 2009 at Artrocker @ The Latest Music Bar in London, UK

Me and the Major are a rad quartet consisting of Adam Robbins and Sam King on vocals and guitar, Jamie Keir on bass and Matt Goolding on drums.

Sam tells us about the the name:

“The name behind our band is pretty simple really – it’s the name of a Belle and Sebastian song, from the album If You’re Feeling Sinister. Our bassist is a big fan, and although they’re not really a direct influence on our sound, we thought it was relevant! It was either that or The Russian Front, and ‘The Russian Front’ sounded a bit too political for our liking! So we stuck with Me and the Major, and ‘The Russian Front’ ended up as a song.”


Mar 5 2009 at CF10 – LMS Battle of the Bands Semi-Final in Cardiff, Wales

Link to this article:

– Lottie Leymarie


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