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CMJ Set:Drink Up Buttercup @ Pianos

Drink Up Buttercup Live at Pianos NYC. Listen to this up-and-coming band perform live at CMJ ‘08! Drink Up Buttercup is a Philadelphia-based band that perform fun, energetic live shows- and yes, that is a garbage can onstage.

More live dates:
Nov 01 @ Black Cat – Washington, DC
Nov 07 @ The Fire – Philadelphia, PA
Nov 22 @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY
Nov 29 @ The Moose (All Ages Show) – Doylestown, PA


CMJ Live Set: Chairlift @ Pianos

Chairlift LIVE at Piano’s NYC @ CMJ. Check out Chairlift’s set at Pianos during CMJ 2008.

Flying Saucer Hat
Make Your Mind Up
Planet Health

Chairlift ON TOUR
Nov 1 2008 @ Rhinos – Bloomington, IN
Nov 2 2008 @ House Cafe – Dekalb, IL
Nov 3 2008 @ Wexner Center – Columbus, OH
Nov 4 2008 @ 123 Pleasant Street – Morgantown, WV
Nov 8 2008 @ Archa Theatre – Prague, Czech Republic
Nov 9 2008 @ Heimet Club – Regensburg, Germany
Nov 10 2008 @ Tsunami – Cologne, Germany
Nov 11 2008 @ Bad Bonn Club – Dudingen, Germany
Nov 12 2008 @ Rote Sonne – Munich, Germany
Nov 13 2008 @ Transporter – Vienna, Austria
Nov 14 2008 @ Beatpol – Dresden, Germany
Nov 15 2008 @ Bang Bang Club – Berlin, Germany
Nov 16 2008 @ Rotown – Rotterdam, Holland
Nov 17 2008 @ Wilmington Arms – London, England
Nov 18 2008 @ Pure Groove (In-Store) – London, England
Nov 18 2008 @ Dublin Castle – London, England
Nov 19 2008 @ Coalition, Club NME – Brighton, England
Nov 20 2008 @ Radar Night, The Social – Nottingham, England
Nov 21 2008 @ Retro Bar, Up The Racket – Manchester, England
Nov 22 2008 @ Crawdaddy – Dublin, Ireland
Nov 23 2008 @ Cyprus Avenue – Cork, Ireland
Nov 24 2008 @ Magnet – Liverpool, England
Nov 25 2008 @ Madam Jo Jo’s – London, England

Major Playaz Radio: Black Steele

Check out special guests Black Stelle on today’s episode of Major Playaz Radio!

The dynamic duo known as Black-Steele are getting rave reviews for their stellar performance and consistent grind. Their searing first single ‘Gangsta Lean’ is an underground testimonial for real hip-hop heads that look for rawness and authenticity. The connectedness between the two is unmatched by today’s standards, which is why mixtape DJs, fans and radio are taking notice. “We felt together we are unstoppable and our styles compliment one another”, states Clyde Black. “I feed off of him and he feeds off of me”, adds D. Steele. After creating an enormous buzz with ‘I Got Ya’, which landed #15 on the charts of the Prime Movers section (Sure Record Pool), while standing strong in the #2 spot (Top Turntables Ads Section), the duo caught the attention of Gazelle Alexander at Koch Records, who suggested a remix to keep the buzz going. With a remix done, Black-Steele were able to get a more favorable response in addition to over 400 spins. Now with the currently single garnering over 500 plays a day on MySpace, the situation is heating up, it is only logical a recording deal is forthcoming. With Clyde Black’s superior wordplay and D. Steele’s raspy voice and slick delivery, the new single’s virtual omnipresence on the radio is what the industry needs.

-Ms. Drama

BTR Live Studio: Elana Arian

Today we present an exclusive live performance and interview with talented New York singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Elana Arian. We’ve been playing tracks from her most recent album How To Stand In the Rain for quite awhile on The Folk Wave and were delighted when Elana recently stopped by our studios to perform songs off that record as well as some brand new material. It’s right here on BreakThru Radio!

Artist Of The Week: Ane Brun

If you’re from Sweden and you listen to indie music, chances are you know and love Ane Brun.  For those of us state side, chances are you will soon know and love her.  With two previous studio albums released in Europe, Brun’s upcoming Changing of the Seasons is being released in the United States and will certainly garner her more and more American recognition.  Her hauntingly beautiful singer/songwriter style has earned her comparisons to artists like Feist and Neko Case.  Not only that, but the songstress started her own record label in 2002 called DerErMine Records.  BTR asked Brun about her distinctive writing style and her decision to start her own label.

BTR: When did you start writing music?

AB: I wrote my first song ten years ago. It was in Spanish, a song about loneliness and love…of course.

BTR: How did you know that it was what you wanted to do?

AB: I fell in love with playing the guitar and singing when I was about 21, and I did it night and day for the first couple of years after that. Then later I started writing music and lyrics and it got a more deeper meaning to me. And when I had released my first album I went from being a full-time university student to being a full-time musician. Somehow I had a theory that I didn’t want to make my music my job, because I was afraid to ruin the magical therapeutic effect it had on me. But now, 5 years after my first album was released, I still love playing music even though it´s not just a hobby anymore.

BTR: What inspires you most when you’re writing songs?

AB: Situations and people in my life. Thoughts and existential wonderings. Many songs are interpretations of moments or meetings with people.

BTR: What do you see as the main differences in the Swedish and US indie music scenes, especially with more Swedish artists breaking through both markets like Jens Lekman, for instance?  Is Sweden the next Montreal?

AB: I can’t really speak for the Canadian indie scene, but the Swedish indie scene is very vital at the moment. There are several indie labels and artists with their own labels doing really well. Many traditionally non-commercial artists and labels are establishing as the most important ones in the Scandinavian music scene.

BTR: What motivated you to start your own label?

AB: At the time I really just wanted to record the songs I had written and have a real album so that I could get better gigs and to sell the album to my fans. I talked to a couple of labels, but my suspicions were right, it was slow and difficult to get them started. So I decided to use that energy on doing it myself. My ambitions were small and reasonable, and I was really surprised when my distributors decided to release my debut album all over Europe. All of the sudden I was touring and doing interviews in Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris.  It was an adventure! But difficult to run the label at the same time, so I started working with my manager back then. And that saved me.

BTR: Has that been a good experience for you?

AB: I don’t regret starting my own label at all. It´s been difficult at times, but mostly just very inspiring and creative to be able to make all decision myself.  The most important factor is the freedom of choosing when to be creative. I have never been in the situation where I either have to wait or rush a creative moment like an album release or a tour. It’s always been my call. I think this has been important to me, and it has kept me inspired.

BTR: What artists are you listening to right now that you think should get more recognition and who do you particularly like at the moment?

AB: Tobias Froberg, Nina Kinert, Don´t Be A Stranger, Wendy McNeill.  I listen a lot to Joan As Policewoman and Bon Iver.


Catch Ane Brun on tour all over the world!

10/28 – Cafe Du Nord – San Francisco, CA
10/30 – Hotel Cafe – Los Angeles, CA
11/1 – Schubas Tavern – Chicago, IL
11/7 – El Mocambo – Toronto, Ontario
11/8 – Les Saints – Montreal, Quebec
11/11 – Great Scott – Allston, MA
11/12 – Union Hall – Brooklyn, NY
11/21 – Cultureel Podium Roepaen – Ottersum, Netherlands
11/23 – Tromp Festival – Eindhoven, Netherlands

BTR Live Studio: Shannon McArdle

Happy CMJ Week to all!  Shannon McArdle recently stopped by our studios  for an exclusive live performance of songs from her August release Summer Of The Whore (Bar/None). I also had a chance to speak with Shannon about the album, the best Mexican food in Park Slope, cats, and more. Shannon participated in the CMJ Music Marathon via the Bar/None CMJ showcase Wednesday night at The Delancey.

BTR Presents: A Musical Halloween

Chad VanGaalen “TMNT Mask” – Maybe it’s because of childhood bed sheets that sported “Turtle Power” or just the plain fact that the old school cartoon series rocked, but slapping on a Donatello mask and fashioning a bo staff this year just seems appealing. Get extra style points by carrying around a pizza with anchovies all night.

Born Ruffians (above) “Kurt Vonnegut” – You might have to slap on a “Hello, My Name Is…” sticker to wordlessly express your intent, but how cool would it be if you went trick or treating sans name tag and somebody rushes up to you to say, “Slaughterhouse Five got me through high school.”  That alone should be reason enough to steal this idea.

Clinic (above) “Jigsaw Man” – What’s it gonna be? A breezy landscape…meandering sea life…one of Picasso’s works?  Coming up with the perfect pieces to the puzzle might be more fun than gathering tooth aches, unless they’re from miniature peanut butter cups. Those things are evil.

Tie: Flight Of The Conchords (above) “Bowie” or “Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenoceros” – One is a rock god that has a wealth of catalogued personas to replicate, while the other requires equal combinations of animal hides and b-boy gear. Ziggy Stardust or Horny Hip-Hopper? That’s why it’s a tie.

Keller Williams “Ninja Of Love” – Throwing stars shaped liked hearts. Disappearing in a cloud of pink smoke. Doing a back flip while signing “I Love You” in midair. Need I go on?

Notable Mentions:
CocoRosie “Rainbow Warriors” – Danger: Might be confused for Power Rangers.
IAMISee “Bruce Lee” – This one is just easy for me to pull off, and some people even confuse me for him outside the month of October.
Colourmusic “Rock and Roll Polar Bear” – Three words: Kiss Polar Bear.