Monthly Archives: October 2011

ROCKtober is Back!!

Holla at it, kidz! ROCKtober is back on BreakThru Radio!! We’ve got a ton of exciting stuff for you this month, so let’s start with the theme week schedule. Comin’ up this month, we gots:

Genre Week- from music to film, to lifestyles and environment, this week is all about different genres and the blending lines between them.

Siblings Week- for your brother and sister! This week will explore the Kuti family, drama between the Oasis brothers, the evils of the Koch brothers empire, and more.

Book Week- looking at musicians as authors, the Kindle putting Boarders out of business, and the new American gothic- vampires!

Radio Week- from being your own DJ to DIY radio, we’re gettin’ down with all things… well… us! And more, of course.

THEN We bring you…. drum roll please…. HALLOWEEN WEEK!! Check back with BTR for all your spooky music, news, and videos!

Also up for October is our newest contest, appropriately titled…. another drum roll… ROCKTOBER!! Bahaha. Yes I know, we’re very creative here. Check it out, just as simple as our other contests, but on a larger scale- we’re directing this one towards college radio stations. Each station will make a promotional video, audio clip, or picture for their station and post it on our Facebook wall. Then, they get all their fans to ‘like’ that post and the school with the most ‘likes’ wins! There two prize pools, so that big schools can’t outvote little school by sheer population. What are these prizes, you may ask?? Well, for each pool, the big winners will receive $1,000 to Apple for new equipment and a guest spot on BTR. Second runners-up will be granted $500 and $250 for the third place winners, all to help your school’s radio station in the fight to keep radio kickin’! Questions or concerns? Voice them on our Facebook page, or email me at

Last order of business is a shout out to our blogger buddies out there in Internet land.

Annalisa at Slightly Single was lovin’ the video of Pree we sent her. In this video, Pree performs their single, “Old Form,” and on this blog, “being single means not having to share my daim cake.” We hear ya, sister!

Hipster Spinster blogger friend, Nicole, has been repping Cloud Control since she literally bumped into their drummer in Sydney two years ago. Since then, she’s been trying to get them a little US attention and luckily, we send her the vid on the same day they released their American debut! Chyeaa

And last month, we got two fly cats posting about our Lightouts video!! The first wad Clif at The Dadada, who threw our video in with his Sunday wrap-up. The second was at Migrate Music News and Lightouts got a special little article all to themselves, with a free download of their song “Only the Smart Ones,” which they performed in the video!

We’re doing a lot this month, got a ton more on the site and on our Facebook, so don’t forget to check those out and shoot me an email if you have any special requests! Let’s RADIO yall!!