Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Blog is Back!

I know, I know. I’m sure you really missed us, but don’t worry- BTRBlog is back in action!! I’m Carly, part of the Social Media team here at BTR, and as of now, this blog is my baby. I will nurture it and love it and update it regularly and hopefully it will grow into a big, successful, adult blog! I’d love some suggestions on what you guys want to get out of this blog, what you want to read about, and what you want to know. I’ll write about anything!

To get us started, I wanted to let you guys know about this great website, My girl Leona and her team update this site everyday with brand new material and new bands, so you can always catch the latest music from these guys. They posted one of our videos in a special section of the site. They asked Hot Day at the Zoo to write up the back story of their song “Boom, Boom, Boom,” and send over the lyrics to go along with the video we made. The boys obliged, and here it is! Check it out!!

These boys rocked out our studio that day!! Definitely check out the video on, you won’t be disappointed.

Another great blog, Mezzic, also posted one of our videos on his facebook, the video for Pezzettino, which I’ll post a link to below. Mezzic is a great rating site for small, unknown bands. Have a look here:

And finally, I wanted to give a shout out to Melanie over at What The Ruckus. She lovveddd the Pezzettino video (so did I!) and blasted it on her site, so the best I can do is hope you go check it out!! What The Ruckus is a great resource for music of all kinds, reviews, interviews, they’ve got it all. Stop by their site and let em know what you think!

Like I said, yall, please comment here or email me at for anyyythinnnggg at all you’d like to see in this blog, I’m always taking suggestions. Now, though I’ve posted a bunch of other people’s material, don’t forget to check out for a ton of brand new content each day. We have a featured article, video, and over 5 original shows a day, there’s something for everyone to love! As a little plug for myself, I wrote an article about the Burning Man festival for Festival Week this week, and it’s pretty enticing if you’re into that kind of thing. Head over to BreakThru Radio for this article, and so much more of the best stuff on the web!