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American Princes on The Ardent Sessions

Be sure to check out this month’s Ardent Sessions from DJ Rachelandthecity.  In this episode, Rachel brings you a very special live session from this week’s Artist of the Week: American Princes!

Here’s the setlist:

-Real Love
-Watch As They Go
-Son of California
-Kid Incinerater
-Still Not Sick of You
-Never Grow Old
-Open Letter
-Shake Baby Shake

Check out this exclusive recording only on BreakThru Radio by clicking here.



Thursday, December 13 is for New Crunk City

Shout Out Louds
DJ Lottie BTR – Get that same feeling you do when you put new shoes on for their first big day…kind of like giving birth, eh. Of course without all the pain because DJ Lottie brings the soothing sounds of Argyle Johansen, DNTEL, Grizzly Bear, Bedouin Soundclash, Shout Out Louds, and BTR Artist of the Week, Bad Veins.

Dapper Fitting Drinking Hour – Because there’s a difference between drinking hour and drinking day…DJ Latola has whittled down the best partying music to a fitting 62:55 minutes. Comprised of The Dynamites, Tokyo Police Club, Sufjan Stevens, Phonetic, Bad Veins, Velveteen Pink, and others, this set will have you laid out before you even touch the hard stuff.

The Bloggeratti – DJ Rachelandthecity delivers new tracks from Young Agent Jones as well as music from The Nobility, Apollo Up!, Illinois, and more. Also, be sure to listen for an exclusive interview with BTR Artist of the Week, Bad Veins. There’s so much going on here you’ll think you’re watching TV.
Young Agent Jones

Reggae Hour – DJ Drew brings you Zenzile, Slightly Stoopid, Skream, Bad Brains, Warrior King, Gregory Isaacs, The Upsetters, and 10ft. Ganja Plant. Don’t just kick out the jams, but ride them all the way to the weekend because when you’re high…you gotta get low.
The Third Man
Live @ the Hitone – DJ Rachelandthecity unleashes another stellar live performance, this week from Memphis band The Third Man. Formerly known as Augustine, these guys really know what the fuck they’re doing. Be sure to take a peek at Rachelandthecity’s playlist for more info.

Thursday, November 29 is for knuckle sandwiches

Oh No Oh My
Live at The Hitone – Oh No! Oh My! at the Hitone Café would definitely be the broadcast o’ the day. Re-visiting one of her favorites, DJ Rachelandthecity plays an amazing live set from this three-piece indie outfit whose latest EP was released August of this year. Hear songs from the EP Between the Devil and the Sea and the band’s self-titled debut as well as tracks not formally released.

DJ Lottie BTR – With music from BTR Artist of the Week, Bedouin Soundclash, as well as Man Man, Shout Out Louds, Sam Champion, New Buffalo, Katzenjammer, and more, DJ Lottie’s got the soundtrack for the downhill ride to the weekend. Also get a peek into Lottie’s end-of-the-year top ten with a track from St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, guitarist for The Polyphonic Spree.
St. Vincent

The Bloggeratti – DJ Rachelandthecity re-ups before 2008 rolls around with un-played gems from some of her favorite BTR artists. Songs from The Dimes, Mike Ladd, American Music Club, Big Dipper, Asobi Seksu, and I, Colossus will have you reminiscing before this year is even over.

Reggae Hour – DJ Drew reminds you of all the great music that reggae, dub, and dancehall artists never fail to produce in this body-jarring genre. Pepper, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Sly Dunbar, Fatman Riddim Section, and Brooklyn’s own Dr. Israel are only some of the artists today that’ll leave you craving tropical drinks and dance parties on the beach.

Tuesday, November 27 is for lo(n,v,s)ers

BTR Live Studio – DJ Maia presents long-time BTR favorite Spottiswoode & His Enemies on today’s live studio. Making beautiful songs from whatever’s lying around, whether it be rock, folk, blues or jazz, Jonathan Spottiswoode speaks with Maia about the band’s upcoming albums, 10-year anniversary, and tour shows!

DJ Emily BTR – You’re stomach is stretched out and the leftovers are gone! Fill up with DJ Emily and the scrumptious sounds of Denizen Kane, Edmund Cake, The Nudie Suits, Kyle Mann Combo, Downtown Harvest, and BTR Artist of the Week, Bedouin Soundclash among many others.

Maximum Music – DJ Mojo brings you a very special treat that’ll be well worth the listen. The mix opens with a live 4-song set from Brooklyn rockers, Rahim. Keep the high going with additional tunes from Red Robot, The Go Station, Katie Todd, Creepy Pretty, and Crystal Castles on this week’s Maximum Music.

Pull In Emergency
All Access – “They’re not wrong, they’re young…and I’d be damned if it isn’t the youth that makes them so good!” DJ Maxim brings you the best music comin’ from the nineties and eighties babies with The Mystery Tramps, Pull In Emergency, Charlotte O’ Connor, The Metronomes, Care Bears on Fire and much more…Care Bears on Fire?!?!

Makeshift Music – DJ Rachel speaks with Jake and Toby Vest of the Third Man to discuss the band’s upcoming album /Among the Wolves/!! Hear additional songs from The Secret Service, Antenna Shoes, Brad Posthelwaite, and The Glass for a true rock experience.

Spotlight on the City: Vienna – DJ Lottie’s got the lowdown on the Vienna music scene with music from 22 of the city’s native bands. Hear what the hip Austrians are shaking their asses to with songs from Chris and the Other Girls, Kreisky, Velojet, Killed by 9V Batteries, TNT Jackson, Aber Dal Leben Lebt and plenty more.

Monday, November 26 is for topping off

Bedouin Soundclash
Matt & Emily – Get a special listen to BTR’s Artist of the Week, Bedouin Soundclash, and additional tracks from Dub Trio, Polyphonic Spree, Valley of Giants and a few others. DJs Matt & Emily re-cap the Thanksgiving weekend, so sit back and reminisce before everything becomes just memories.

DJ Wynn BTR – DJ Wynn’s got the music to detox to. Do not let the holidays clog your brain when there’s plenty of s*** to do before Christmas. Get back in the groove with Manu Chao, Miracle Fortress, The Brownies, The New Pornographers, Bedouin Soundclash, Illinois, and plenty more.

The Darkside – DJ Darkside breaks two new artists in today’s show. Enemy of Myself and House Made of Dawn show what it takes to make it on The Darkside in their first BTR appearance. And be sure to listen for tracks from Frozen Tears, Immortal Dominion, Emplates Vengeance, Svolk, Mind and more..

10 Degrees in Memphis – For this year’s last edition, DJ Rachelandthecity counts down her 10 favorite tracks of the year to make it out of Memphis. Oh No! Oh My!, Amy Lavere, Antenna Shoes, Giant Bear, and 6 others make the list this year’s best reasons to make 4th graders study geography.

BTR’s Loud Fast Rules – DJ Bryan brings you the first edition of BTR’s new Loud Fast Rules. With the best punk rock to ever embody angst, the show examines all punk from even a quarter century ago. The Adverts, The Avengers, The Germs, The Undertones, The Vibrators, and several more punk rockers kick your teeth in for a healthful start to your week…no other reason.

BTR Top 10 – DJ Jeff K wastes no time bringing the rundown of the last week’s top ten tracks. The Jonestown Massacre, Ra Ra Riot, Taken by Trees, Apostle of Hustle, and 6 others establish their harmonious dominance as the top spot goes to none other than…

Thursday, November 22 is for everything but

Just a reminder. Remember that with the “Download” button on the BTR radio player, all BTR shows are downloadable for convenient placement in most digital music playing devices.
Mouthful of Bees
DJ Lottie BTR – DJ Lottie wishes all a Happy Thanksgiving with a special treat today. Lottie’s brought together the most apropos of songs given the day’s holiday occasion. Warm up with “Red Fire” by Fever Marlene, share the love with “The Spirit of Giving” by The New Pornographers, and indulge in “Apple Pie” by Bugs in the Dark. Just take a look at the set list for this season’s best offerings.

Dapper Fitting Drinking Hour – DJ Latola will make sure you complete the holiday trifecta with songs to keep the turkey-induced slumber at bay. Eat, drink, and be merry with tunes from CSS, Edmund Cake, Malajube, Nervous Cabaret, Of Montreal, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, and plenty more to get that jive turkey ass shakin’!

The Bloggeratti – Hear 5 picks from this week’s guest blogger, Patrick Duffy, of the Poptartssucktoasted blog. DJ Rachelandthecity’s got additional music from Poison Control Center, The Callen Sisters, Camphor, The Lisps, and Mouthful of Bees.

Reggae Hour – DJ Drew gets you your reggae and dub fix without fail, as always. With songs from Feel the Pulse, John Brown’s Body, High Tone, Thievery Corporation, Kulcha Knox, and plenty more you may not be able to sit still long enough for a decent meal.
Live @ The Hitone – This one will really get your Thanksgiving juices flowing. In the giving spirit, today’s set comes from a Live from Memphis benefit performed at The Hitone. And the main attraction: the Subteens! Caution: BTR is not responsible for any punk rock-induced food fights that may result.

Tuesday, November 20 is for B-grade anything

BTR Live Studio – DJ Maia brings you Brooklyn-based band Cholo in today’s Live Studio. The Pixies-esque first track, “Jose on Vacay” is a great introduction to this band’s diverse sound and will surely have you hooked from first shout.
Check out the band’s upcoming shows and new releases while listening to an instant BTR Live Studio classic.

Lil Chief Label Showcase – The best new New Zealand music you’ve never heard is one click away with today’s showcase of the Lil Chief Label. The Nudie Suits, Ryan McPhun and The Ruby Suns, The Tokey Tones, Edmund Cake, and BTR all-stars, The Brunettes line DJ Latola’s mix. And with a track titled “Dancing Like a Huxtable,” try not to listen.

DJ Emily BTR – DJ Emily’s got ear worms for you today! That’s right, hear tunes from CSS, Colourmusic, Ghostland Observatory, Ra Ra Riot, and BTR Artist of the Week, The Most Serene Republic that’ll leave you humming…even with a mouthful of turkey.

Maximum Music – Let DJ Mojo remind you why you fell in love with music. Pash, Two Gallants, Hallelujah the Hills, The Clientele, Caribou, and The Phoenix foundation provide Mojo with plenty examples. The lyrics, the instrumentation, the emotion…the ideal!!

All Access – Hear DJ Maxim’s top picks from today’s best new artists. Tracks from Jade, The Motels, Charlotte O’Connor, Black Swade, and plenty more will restore faith in today’s youth…the useful, music-making ones anyways.

Lottie’s Sideshow Acts – What’s that you hear?!?! The Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Circus…Klezmer???? DJ Lottie reminds us the best shows are often far from the main stage with jaunts, ditties, and damn good songs from Golem, Zydepunks, Hazmat Modine, Traio Romano, Circus Contraption and others.

Makeshift Music – DJ Rachelandthecity sends a special congrats to new mother Alicja Trout with songs featuring Trout’s contributions to her bands MouseRocket, Black Sunday, and Lost Sounds. Hear music from Trout’s Makeshift Label-mates Antique Curtain, JD Reager, Shabbadoo, The Glass and much more.