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Setlist: Overnight Sensation

Overnight Sensation artist: Battle Ave

“Today’s golden geezers of DIY music, Sonic Youth, famously sang: ‘Kill your idols!’ Now we must sing: ‘Kill your Sonic Youth!’ It’s all we can do,” says Patrick Kolodgy, DJ Patrick K of BreakThru Radio’s Overnight Sensation. When speaking to DJ Patrick K about the focus of his show in contrast to the rest of postmodern music, he sardonically quotes the phrases we are all too sick of hearing: “‘Today’s fast-paced changing world;’ ‘Remixing and misremembering;’ ‘Something-something the medium is the message.’ In conclusion, now it is ‘DIT’ (‘Do It Together’). We crowdsource corporate content, provide data proudly, copy/paste constantly. They’ve always been doing it together, I guess, but now the music matters less. We create music in the service of content, not the other way around. Today’s most inspirational rock stars are innovative distribution models, not humans.”

This is one of BTR’s most off-the-beaten-path shows. I actually just cringed at using such a cliché term (I hope Patrick doesn’t kill me). Everyone thinks they want something different, and most people pretentiously assume they listen to and create something different. Overnight Sensation is the true test of limits. It’s twenty-first century Dadaist composition; its brilliance is its futility. “’DIY’ is as meaningless as ‘Indie.’ Most of my generation learned about it second or third-hand from commercials on children’s television. By now, the term’s originators are either dead of old age or playing a reunion tour. So we have no role models. WHO CARES!?”

If you are one of our BTR listeners who enjoys the most outer limits of music production and experimentation, than this is the show for you. If you are one of those music snobs that gets off on calling the music played on BreakThru Radio too mainstream, then I implore you to check out Overnight Sensation. DJ Patrick K mines every avenue of the Internet to find the most homemade sounds that exist.

“Overnight Sensation isn’t really a DIY show because I do not know how the bands I play are doing it. They aren’t sending me one-sheets, and I don’t research them very thoroughly. For all I know they are all sponsored by Mountain Dew, have publicists, lawyers, management, and their MySpace pages, where they have 27 friends, are part of a strategic cred-building campaign that just hasn’t gone viral yet. Personally, I try to stay out of it. I basically just surf around MySpace or Bandcamp or whatever is next until I hear a band I like. Then I play the band on my show. Each week I try to pick five new bands that will work well together, and then play a few tracks from each. If there’s time left to kill, I’ll play older stuff. Sometimes I repeat stuff. It’s OK to do that, I think. The music is disposable, but that doesn’t mean I should dispose any of it immediately.”

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– Kory French


A Brand New Overnight Sensation!

For more info on the bands, more tour dates, and other junk, visit http://hit-record.handglops.com
Listen to the show HERE!
00:00 Mic Break
02:19 Winter – Christmas
04:48 Castle – Christmas
07:27 Mic Break
08:50 Nostalgic Mirage – Brain Idea
10:43 One More Time – Brain Idea
14:24 Freudian Slips – Big Troubles
16:30 Mic Break
17:57 For Those Who Were Asleep – Dash Jacket
20:22 Blah – Dash Jacket
22:19 Mic Break
23:39 Bird in My Garden – Dream Diary
26:58 End of Summer – Young Salmon
28:10 Before I Leave – Young Salmon
29:24 Mic Break
30:34 I Miss You Mrs. – Brown Ghosts
34:13 Says to Liz – Petting Zoo
37:00 The Sting – Petting Zoo
39:02 Mic Break
40:28 Bouyancy – Woven Tales
44:29 Dried Blueberries – Woven Tales
49:50 Mic Break
52:22 Rambling – The Yolks
57:22 To Do List – So Cow


Dec 4 2009 – 1611 E 4TH. AVE – Olympia, WA
Dec 5 2009 – CHEZ PUGET – Olympia, WA

Big Troubles

Dec 4 2009 – Monster Island Basement – Brooklyn, NY
Dec 17 2009 – Cake Shop – New York, NY

Dream Diary

Dec 3 2009 – Cameo Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
Dec 5 2009 – Building above Roebling Tea Room – Brooklyn, NY

Brand New Show On BTR: Overnight Sensation!

Listen to this brand new show on BTR HERE!

00:00 Mic Break
02:36 I Fought Fings – The Twerps (Melbourne, Australia)
05:21 Nothing About Nothing – The Twerps
08:39 Mic Break
09:39 Glued to My Heart – The Bad Moods (Toronto, ON)
12:54 Bag of Plantains – Byrds of Paradise (Brooklyn, NY)
14:53 Paradise, DC – Byrds of Paradise
17:25 Mic Break
19:05 Celibate Blues – The Cave Kids (Omaha, NE)
22:35 Late Night – Posing Nude (St. Louis, MO)
25:40 Pockets Full – Sun Mantra (Seattle, WA)
28:53 Mic Break
30:46 Stormy Late Fall – Campfires (Chicago, IL)
32:04 Daytime T.V. Blues – Campfires
34:21 Flower Reading – Cough Cool (New Hope, PA)
37:23 Mic Break
38:27 Hungry Ghost – The Jesus Furs (Fort Worth, TX)
41:21 Moptop Love – The Jesus Furs
43:34 Women of Age – Day Creeper (Columbus, OH)
46:07 Mic Break
47:27 Dead Vibrations – Drum Kit (Lafayette, IN)
50:05 On My Mind – Terminated Television (Stevens Point, WI)
54:02 The Champion – Hollywood Elementary (Monroe, MI)
57:43 Mic Break
59:51 Good Feelings – Sea Lions (Oxnard, CA)
61:40 Beautiful Day – Sea Lions

The Twerps

Oct 23 2009 – Trades Hall – Melbourne, Victoria
Nov 6 2009 – Spectrum – Sydney, Australia
Dec 19 2009 – Billboards – Melbourne, Australia

Sea Lions

Oct 22 2009 – Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
Oct 23 2009 – The Smell – Los Angeles, CA
Oct 24 2009 – The Knockout – San Francisco, CA
Oct 29 2009 – Rotture – Portland, OR
Oct 31 2009 – 1/2 Alive Holloween Party – Vancouver, BC, Canada