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New Contest, New Music, New Everything on BTR!

Hey BTRers!! We’ve got more fun stuff to win this month on BreakThru Radio with perhaps the easiest contest ever invented!! All of July, we’re asking our listeners, who is your favorite BTR artist? All you have to do is post a comment to our Facebook page naming your favorite musician who we play on BreakThru and at the end of each week, we’ll randomly select one winner! The prize? A brand new pair of Urban Ear Headphones!  Head over to BreakThru Radio on Facebook for full details!

Next, I wanted to give some love to all of our blog supporters we have out there- check these blogs and websites for new music and bands, all the news updates you want from the indie world, and more fascinating music stuff that you can’t find any where else.

Perfect Porridge is  a blog based out of Minneapolis, MN but it covers music scenes all over the country. Bands send them albums and tour schedules to review, and they’ll post cool videos/articles sent to them by other sites. Our buddy Greg at Perfect Porridge really dug the Cassettes Won’t Listen video where he performed “Perfect Day” off his new album, Evinspacey. Check the post here and be sure to check back with Perfect Porridge every day for new, exciting content! Thanks Greg, and all at PerfPor!

Cassettes Won’t Listen

Jayce over at Pledge Music  was also diggin’ our stuff recently. They posted a link to a video we made of Tracy Bonham in one of our Live Studio Sessions where she really kills it with her beautiful violin skills. PledgeMusic describes what they do better than I ever could, so I’ll let them do the talking: “PledgeMusic provides fans and artists the opportunity to work together to make new records and raise money for charity. By combining new social networking technology, old school music biz know how and an irresistible menu of exclusive incentives, fans can visit the site to hear great new music, enjoy and share unique experiences with the artists they love and actively participate in the release process.” Sounds great to me! Don’t forget to keep up with PledgeMusic- maybe they’ll help you out someday!

Tracy Bonham

And we couldn’t possibly forget Shawna at Sound Vat,  who loved the Toronto band Dinosaur Bones that we featured a couple weeks ago on Live Studio. Sound Vat is a platform for all things Canadian, but specifically the Canadian music scene and all it has to offer- probably way more than you think! Keeping tabs on Sound Vat will ensure you never miss the great music coming out of the northern-most parts of North America, but for now, definitely hit up her posting of Dinosaur Bones!

Dinosaur Bones

More to come from the BTR Blog, but so long for now!











What’s going on today, you say?

Hello all BTR fans!

Here’s some of the good stuff that is floating around the BTR inter-webs for your enjoyment.

Video Side:

On this week’s Pulse, Jess hits the streets to ask New Yorkers about what St. Patrick’s Day means for them. She also talks to several true Irish about the holiday, and Mayor Bloomberg’s recent remarks (http://bit.ly/f6ih5I)

Editorial Side:

Staff writer, Mary Kate takes a look at what makes drinks truly Irish for St. Patrick’s Day. Forget about the green dye, and find out how water effects the authenticity of your drink, plus more (http://bit.ly/h9ktQF)

Some Good ‘Ol Tunes/Talk:

– DJ RePete breaking down some BTR artists at SXSW this year, with artists like: The Braids, John Vanderslice, Das Racist, Toro Y Moi (http://bit.ly/fDGUcx)

–  On today’s episode of In the Den, DJ Latola honors Irish Week and St. Patrick’s Day. Features a special mix with specifically tailored tunes to celebrate the holiday (http://bit.ly/gsDyNt)

– New Jersey MC David Rush joins Ms. Drama on Major Playaz Radio. A survivor of a fatal kidney disease, Rush discusses his fight against the disease and his new music (http://bit.ly/dOIDo3)

– Learn about the presidents on today’s Radio Dispatch with a new segment. Also, a little bit about Japan, the torture of Bradley Manning, and even some bird talk (http://bit.ly/ih11R5)



Setlist: Overnight Sensation

Overnight Sensation artist: Battle Ave

“Today’s golden geezers of DIY music, Sonic Youth, famously sang: ‘Kill your idols!’ Now we must sing: ‘Kill your Sonic Youth!’ It’s all we can do,” says Patrick Kolodgy, DJ Patrick K of BreakThru Radio’s Overnight Sensation. When speaking to DJ Patrick K about the focus of his show in contrast to the rest of postmodern music, he sardonically quotes the phrases we are all too sick of hearing: “‘Today’s fast-paced changing world;’ ‘Remixing and misremembering;’ ‘Something-something the medium is the message.’ In conclusion, now it is ‘DIT’ (‘Do It Together’). We crowdsource corporate content, provide data proudly, copy/paste constantly. They’ve always been doing it together, I guess, but now the music matters less. We create music in the service of content, not the other way around. Today’s most inspirational rock stars are innovative distribution models, not humans.”

This is one of BTR’s most off-the-beaten-path shows. I actually just cringed at using such a cliché term (I hope Patrick doesn’t kill me). Everyone thinks they want something different, and most people pretentiously assume they listen to and create something different. Overnight Sensation is the true test of limits. It’s twenty-first century Dadaist composition; its brilliance is its futility. “’DIY’ is as meaningless as ‘Indie.’ Most of my generation learned about it second or third-hand from commercials on children’s television. By now, the term’s originators are either dead of old age or playing a reunion tour. So we have no role models. WHO CARES!?”

If you are one of our BTR listeners who enjoys the most outer limits of music production and experimentation, than this is the show for you. If you are one of those music snobs that gets off on calling the music played on BreakThru Radio too mainstream, then I implore you to check out Overnight Sensation. DJ Patrick K mines every avenue of the Internet to find the most homemade sounds that exist.

“Overnight Sensation isn’t really a DIY show because I do not know how the bands I play are doing it. They aren’t sending me one-sheets, and I don’t research them very thoroughly. For all I know they are all sponsored by Mountain Dew, have publicists, lawyers, management, and their MySpace pages, where they have 27 friends, are part of a strategic cred-building campaign that just hasn’t gone viral yet. Personally, I try to stay out of it. I basically just surf around MySpace or Bandcamp or whatever is next until I hear a band I like. Then I play the band on my show. Each week I try to pick five new bands that will work well together, and then play a few tracks from each. If there’s time left to kill, I’ll play older stuff. Sometimes I repeat stuff. It’s OK to do that, I think. The music is disposable, but that doesn’t mean I should dispose any of it immediately.”

Link to this article:


– Kory French