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What’s going on today, you say?

Hello all BTR fans!

Here’s some of the good stuff that is floating around the BTR inter-webs for your enjoyment.

Video Side:

On this week’s Pulse, Jess hits the streets to ask New Yorkers about what St. Patrick’s Day means for them. She also talks to several true Irish about the holiday, and Mayor Bloomberg’s recent remarks (http://bit.ly/f6ih5I)

Editorial Side:

Staff writer, Mary Kate takes a look at what makes drinks truly Irish for St. Patrick’s Day. Forget about the green dye, and find out how water effects the authenticity of your drink, plus more (http://bit.ly/h9ktQF)

Some Good ‘Ol Tunes/Talk:

– DJ RePete breaking down some BTR artists at SXSW this year, with artists like: The Braids, John Vanderslice, Das Racist, Toro Y Moi (http://bit.ly/fDGUcx)

–  On today’s episode of In the Den, DJ Latola honors Irish Week and St. Patrick’s Day. Features a special mix with specifically tailored tunes to celebrate the holiday (http://bit.ly/gsDyNt)

– New Jersey MC David Rush joins Ms. Drama on Major Playaz Radio. A survivor of a fatal kidney disease, Rush discusses his fight against the disease and his new music (http://bit.ly/dOIDo3)

– Learn about the presidents on today’s Radio Dispatch with a new segment. Also, a little bit about Japan, the torture of Bradley Manning, and even some bird talk (http://bit.ly/ih11R5)




The Blog is back! Bringing you the latest on what’s happening at BTR

Have you been missing the BreakThru Radio Blog too much? Don’t worry my music/culture conscious friend, it’s back and here to serve you even better!

Everyday we will be bringing you the going-ons at BreakThru Radio through the Blog, with special content and material to look out for. This will be on all BTR fronts: from video, to editorial, to your favorite daily radio shows. This way you can find what really interests you with a simple run down of everything we have to offer you in the way of entertainment.

If that wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, we will keep you updated on what’s going on with our Facebook and Twitter, including contests and interesting sites/blogs that you should probably check out. And of course, we’ll have all the music news so you don’t miss a beat with what’s going on in the world of sound waves.

So get ready, buckle up in front of your computer if it suits you, and enjoy the BTR Blog!