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BTR Live Studio: Katia

Today we’re in the BTR Live Studio with Katia, whose hauntingly beautiful melodies transcend genre.  You won’t want to miss this session- check it out here!


Interview Part 1
Where I Begin
Interview Part 2
Interview Part 3
Simple Mind
Love You Right
Interview Part 4
Always Sometimes


BTR & Family Records Team Up For Limited Editon Mixtape

To celebrate the first ever Family Records’ Revue at Bowery Ballroom, BreakThru Radio and Family Records teamed up for a special limited edition mixtape only available TONIGHT at the show. It collects live performances of the artists on the Bowery Bill recorded in NYC for BTR Live Studio with Maia Macdonald, our bi-weekly program featuring a new live session every episode. To listen to these and other sessions in full please visit BreakThruRadio.com.

BreakThru Radio & Family Records Presents Live Studio Mixtape Vol. 1

1. Pearl And The Beard – Voice In My Throat
2. Pearl And The Beard – Twice Today
3. Wakey!Wakey! – Honey Covered Hands
4. Wakey!Wakey! – Blame You
5. Matt Singer – The Poet
6. Matt Singer – Stacy J
7. The Undisputed Heavyweights – Back To You
8. The Undisputed Heavyweights – Bitches Be Trippin’

See you at Bowery Ballroom tonight!!!

BTR Live Studio: Project Jenny, Project Jan

Today were in the studio with Brooklyn electronica duo Project Jenny Project Jan, also known as Sammy Rubin and Jeremy Haines. Their cricitally accalimed 2005 debut EP was followed with 2007’s debut full length XOXOXOXOXO. The strength of these records, paired with the duo’s rollicking live shows, has earned them a reputation as one of the most exciting party bands to come out of Brooklyn.

Sammy and Jeremy have been collaborating on an EP with Fujiya and Miyagi, Mixel Pixel, and others, while getting to work on a new full length. They also appear in the new movie Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

Upcoming Shows:
Project Jenny Project Jan play Bard College on 10/18 and will be at the Lit Lounge on 10/21 for the CMJ Music Marathon.

BTR Live Studio: Theo Eastwind

Today we’re in the studio with professional subway musician Theo Eastwind!

He’s been performing under the streets of New York for 13 years, winning new fans and selling over 12,000 CDs with his arresting performances and talented songwriting.

Theo recently competed with 15 other musicians to be crowned New York City’s best subway musician in the NYC Soundtracks competition.

Theo Eastwind just finished recording a new album recorded entirely on a NYC subway platform (he won’t tell us which one!) and spends up to 6 hours performing around the city each day. He stopped by our studios last week before his above-ground gig at the Cutting Room. I had the chance to speak with Theo about recording his new album, what he’s learned in the past 13 years, and what his typical day looks like.

Find out more at www.theoeastwind.com

BTR Live Studio: Matt Singer Band

Today we’re presenting an exclusive live performance and interview with the Matt Singer Band. Matt’s new EP, The Drought (Family Records, 2008) will be released next week. The band is celebrating with an awesome CD release show at The Living Room. Check out the session and interview here.

We’ve been fans of Matt ever since we first laid ears on his last album, 2006’s All Us Heathens.

We were tickled pink when Matt & company stopped by our studios for the live performance you’re about to hear. I also had the chance to speak with Matt about lots of fun things including our shared New Jersey heritage, the new album, and the truth behind his song Stacy J.

Matt Singer plays The Living Room on 8/27 in New York, NY

BTR Live Studio: Matt Taylor of Aderbat

Today we’re in the studio with songwriter Matt Taylor of Aderbat. Aderbat recently released their first full length record in 3 years, We Belong To The Sea (Mountebank, 2008) and are currently playing an August residency here in Brooklyn, NY at Pete’s Candy Store. Hailing from Bucks County, PA (home to Illinois, Drink Up Buttercup, Ween, and many others) Aderbat’s new album is a refreshing entry into this years pool of noteworthy releases. Matt Taylor joined us at our studios earlier in the week to record this live set which features intimate versions of many of the tracks from We Belong To The Sea.

BTR Live Studio: Brian Sendrowitz of Beat Radio

Today we’ve got an exclusive live performance and interview from Brian Sendrowitz of Beat Radio!

Brian joined us at our studios last night for an exclusive live acoustic performance of 10 songs, including new tunes from the upcoming Beat Radio EP Sunday Matinee.

These songs are a wonderfully rewarding listen. Try them out in your headphones and start thinking about fall (that’s what I think of when I listen to Brian – and not just because he mentions this very subject in one of his songs…)

DJ Maia got the chance to speak to Brian about the evolution of Beat Radio, what songs would be on his end-of-summer mix tape, and a special surprise coming this September. You’ll hear the interview throughout the show today.

Beat Radio plays Union Pool  (Brooklyn, NY) on August 21st


00:00 Brian Sendrowitz of Beat Radio
00:44 Tree Tops
04:21 Interview
06:41 Another Loveless Anthem
09:38 Interview
10:51 Lonely From Rock And Roll
14:10 Interview
15:39 Behind The Blue
19:00 Interview
19:40 Strange Flowers
23:12 Teenage Anthem For The Drunken Boat
26:52 Interview
29:03 What I Love The Most
33:07 Sunday Matinee
36:01 Interview
38:05 Closing Scene
42:02 Elegy