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Blogger of the Week: You Would If You Had Robot Ears

You Would If You Had Robot Ears loves EDM and keeping up with the fast-paced genre. For you noobs, EDM is electronic dance music and Robot Ears highlights what will be hot in the months to come. Evan of Robot Ears has put together a very special playlist with artists like Teen, Lights over Los Angeles, Good Luck At The Gunfight, and more. He talks to BTR about the blog, the meeting of electro and hip-hop, and a Daft Punk rival. Listen now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Friendly Ghost – Harlem)
00:46 Zombie Prom Night – Richie Beretta
07:21 Evan on You Would If You Had Robot Ears
08:15 Sugar – Teen
12:17 I Don’t Want To Die Like This – Lights Over Los Angeles
17:12 Evan on Electrolightz, electro & hip-hop, Tea Time
18:30 Kimberly – Good Luck At The Gunfight
23:16 Drummer – Boys Noize
28:32 Montage (Panther’s Salacious Sound) – Teen
32:14 Evan on Daft Punk rivals
32:47 Mitsubitchi (Tea Time) – The Subs
36:22 Midnight Walk – Barretso
41:06 Evan on rising artists
41:44 Shoes of Glass (Valery Gore) – Teen
45:14 Skeleton (Clockwork Remix) – Felix Cartal
51:11 Evan on future projects
51:50 Malibu – Good Luck At The Gunfight
54:54 DJ Mimi (Friendly Ghost – Harlem)
55:29 Written All Over Your Face – Electrolightz


Blogger of the Week: Quick Before it Melts

BreakThru Radio is proud to announce the return of Quick Before it Melts on The Anatomy of a Blogger! Jim was the first blogger to be featured on the show and is credited for giving it its genius name. Since QBiM is based in Ontario, Jim has put together a fantastic all-Canadian playlist with artists like Attack in Black, City and Colour, Stars, The Rural Alberta Advantage, and more. On QBiM, Jim writes about his personal connections to the music from the perspective of an everyday music fan. Be sure to check QBiM for more! Listen now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Skinny Boy – Amy Millan)
01:00 Stuck for the Summer – Two Hours Traffic
04:06 Jim of Quick Before it Melts on QBiM
05:36 Hangover Days – Jason Collett
09:54 QBiM on Stars
10:51 Ageless Beauty – Stars
14:52 QBiM on Attack in Black
16:00 Northern Towns – Attack in Black
19:10 QBiM on The Rural Alberta Advantage
20:38 The Ballad of The RAA – The Rural Alberta Advantage
24:01 Low Gravity – The Acorn
27:33 QBiM on Ontario scene
29:02 Vanished – Crystal Castles
33:04 All We Want, Baby, Is Everything – Handsome Furs
36:10 QBiM on Canadian bands to watch in 2010
39:15 The Girl – City and Colour
43:57 The Comandante – Luke Doucet and White Falcon
49:04 QBiM on developments since the last BTR feature
53:24 Concrete Heart – Great Lake Swimmers
56:57 DJ Mimi (Skinny Boy – Amy Millan)
57:20 Write It All Down For You – Elliott Brood

Blogger of the Week: Dipped in Dollars

Dipped in Dollars always has the perfect track for a dancey mood. Danger Dome and Chief chose some of their favorite songs, both dance and mellow, by artists like Bibio, The Cool Kids, CFCF, and Washed Out. Danger Dome and Chief also talk to BTR about their musical guilty pleasures like Taylor Swift and their most anticipated albums of 2010. Both are also musicians, so look out for their future releases. Listen now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (These Days – Alex Bleeker)
00:41 Electric Feel (Justice Remix) – MGMT
06:05 Danger Dome of DID on DID
07:19 Overnight – Hudson Mohawke
10:04 Lovers’ Carvings – Bibio
13:55 Danger Dome on guilty pleasures
14:22 Pennies – The Cool Kids
17:22 Feel It All Around – Washed Out
20:26 Danger Dome on most anticipated albums of 2010
20:52 Billie Holiday – Warpaint
27:25 Iamundernodisguise (Alternate Version) – School of Seven Bells
30:49 Chief of DID on Dirty Projectors
31:15 Stillness is the Move – Dirty Projectors
36:30 What Would I Want? Sky – Animal Collective
43:15 Animal Tracks – Mountain Man
45:35 Danger Dome on future & side projects
46:05 Half Dreaming – CFCF
51:30 Snow Days – Real Estate
55:48 DJ Mimi (These Days – Alex Bleeker)
56:46 Used To Be – Beach House

Blogger of the Week: Tastes Like Caramel

New York meets London on Tastes Like Caramel. This transatlantic pop culture blog brings us the best of both worlds with a playlist of artists like Kid Sister, White Lies, Wild Beasts, and Amanda Blank. Anthony of Tastes Like Caramel also talks to BTR about his thoughts on technology and music, as well as giving us the deets on how TLC was founded. Be sure to head on over to TLC for more!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Shelia – Atlas Sound)
00:43 NYC – Interpol
04:59 Right Hand Hi – Kid Sister
08:18 Tastes Like Caramel on Tastes Like Caramel
08:53 Big Weekend (Delorean Remix) – Lemonade
14:08 Everything You’ve Done Wrong – Sloan
17:32 TLC on technology in music
18:03 Natural Anthem – The Postal Service
23:08 Big Bad Mean Motherfucker – Girls
25:21 TLC on Amanda Blank
25:45 Something Bigger, Something Better – Amanda Blank
28:49 505 – Arctic Monkeys
32:59 TLC on Miike Snow
33:37 Cult Logic – Miike Snow
37:29 Empty Nest – Wild Beasts
40:49 TLC on White Lies
41:07 Death (Crystal Castles Remix) – White Lies
45:46 1901 – Phoenix
48:57 TLC on future plans
49:31 Breaking It Up – Lykke Li
53:08 Rebellion (Lies) – Arcade Fire
58:06 DJ Mimi (Shelia – Atlas Sound)
58:53 I Can Talk – Two Door Cinema Club

-Mimi Kim

Blogger of the Week: A Future in Noise

A Future in Noise is dedicated to honest music journalism, and Marilyn talks to BTR about the website and the team that makes it run. She also talks about some of the artists on the playlist today, including John Carpenter, Franz Ferdinand, and Panda Bear. She thinks that the latest Franz Ferdinand and Yeah Yeah Yeahs albums weren’t well-received, because people are suspicious of electronics. What are your thoughts? Head over to A Future in Noise to comment. Listen now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Sunburn – Pearl Harbor)
00:48 Big In Japan – Tom Waits
04:51 A Future In Noise on A Future In Noise
06:36 Light at the End of the Tunnel – The Bloodsugars
11:02 The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness – The Feelies
16:06 AFIN on John Carpenter
16:33 Seasons – John Carpenter
21:16 No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand
24:55 AFIN on Franz Ferdinand, YYYs
25:28 Dragon Queen – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
29:27 AFIN on Panda Bear
30:06 Comfy In Nautica – Panda Bear
34:10 Getting Down – The Kills
37:05 AFIN on team members
38:44 Brand-New-Life – Young Marble Giants
41:34 The Queen of Eyes – The Soft Boys
43:30 AFIN on favorite albums of the year
45:46 Fences – Phoenix
49:30 Adam’s Turtle – These Are Powers
52:47 AFIN on future projects
53:35 Bewitched – Beat Happening
56:35 DJ Mimi (Sunburn – Pearl Harbor)
57:11 No One Has – Mudhoney

-Mimi Kim

Blogger of the Week: Ghost Faction

Ghost Faction brings you the illest hip-hop commentary and music, from the underground to mainstream. Sam of Ghost Faction talks to BreakThru Radio about why he enjoys hip-hop, his favorite albums of the decade, and geeking out with Aesop Rock and Mr. Lif about video games. Sam’s playlist has songs from Cage, Cannibal Ox, Company Flow and more, so kick back and enjoy the show! Listen now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Kings of Animals – Small Black)
00:50 Hell’s Winter – Cage
05:55 Ghost Faction on Ghost Faction
07:23 The Overly Dramatic Truth – El-P
11:53 Ghost Faction on Aesop Rock & Mr. Lif
14:22 Fast Cars – Aesop Rock
18:56 Success (feat. Aesop Rock) – Mr. Lif
23:11 Ghost Faction on hip-hop
26:03 Reports of a Possible Kidnapping – The Weathermen
30:41 The F-Word – Cannibal Ox
36:08 Ghost Faction on albums of the decade
42:37 Illy – SA Smash
46:32 Ghost Faction outro
48:22 Scream Phoenix – Cannibal Ox
53:26 DJ Mimi (Kings of Animals – Small Black)
53:10 Vital Nerve – Company Flow

-Mimi Kim

Blogger of the Week: Microphone Memory Emotion

Great blogs usually start with great names. Microphone Memory Emotion‘s name comes from the song “All Boy Band” by the band Park Ave., featuring the one and only Conor Oberst on the drums. Georgia of MME talks about some of her current favorite artists and has put together a tailor-made playlist for your listening pleasure. Our favorites are the very dancey tracks from Lemonade, Cold Cave, and Tanlines.  Listen now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Let’s Rock The Beach – Real Estate)
01:19 Useful Chamber – Dirty Projectors
07:45 Lemon – Velvet Davenport
10:42 MME on MME
11:57 Get Up – Washed Out
14:55 Dance Song ’97 – Sleater-Kinney
17:42 Pool Swimmers – Real Estate
20:54 MME on High Places
21:56 From Stardust to Sentience – High Places
25:26 False Jesii Part 2 – Pissed Jeans
27:58 MME on playlist part 1
28:40 Prisoner – Alex Bleeker & The Freaks
30:40 Daily Vacation – Ducktails
34:13 MME on playlist part 2
35:32 Bejan – Tanlines
39:07 Big Weekend – Lemonade
44:10 The Trees Grew Emotions and Died – Cold Cave
48:12 MME on podcasts, future projects
48:38 Faded Blind + Paper Thin – JP05
52:28 All of Denver is Wasted – Weed Diamond
55:33 Freeway – Kurt Vile
58:09 DJ Mimi (Let’s Rock The Beach – Real Estate)
58:43 Animal Tracks – Mountain Man

-Mimi Kim