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BTR Monthly Adds

Navigator – Bad Children

All too often, bands that should be getting praise and recognition from top blogs and magazine are left unheard and unnoticed. Some of these bands may quietly continue pursuing music because they are passionate about their art. This is the case of Navigator. These days, even the smallest bands, in the most remote places will get a nod from a blog. Navigator has had several mentions, but for some reason, this project has not broken into the so called “mainstream” of indie rock…yet!

Navigator is the project of Braden J. McKenna, he hails from Bone Valley, Utah and has release a number of projects under names such as Aye Aye, Sleepover and Mario Kart . All of his music is available at  Magic Goat is a free web label run by McKenna in which he makes his music available free for download.

Navigator can be filed into the lo-fi category but McKenna has a very unique approach that differentiates him from the likes of Real Estate and other groups that have followed in their path. His unique voice is charming and his music has a very poppy, nostalgic quality. There are songs of love and heartbreak and self discovery.

Although the fuzzy lo-fi may be his intention but his tunes recorded at a studio quality level are what I truly crave to hear. The tracks are intelligently layered, but it is often hard to differentiate the parts. If it is new, undiscovered music that you love, give Navigator a listen. I hope that we will be hearing from him in the near future. Big things are coming for Mr. McKenna.

The Knux – Fuck You EP

We have received more quality (old school meets new school) hip hop here at BTR. I had no clue who “The Knux” were when I received their elegantly titled Fuck You EP. I put the CD into my computer and began to listen. Within the first few seconds a hot bass line opened the track with lyrics that were extremely catchy : “She’ll steal your heart and take your mind. She’ll smoke up all your herb and drink your wine”. The song is appropriately titled “Floozy” and is the first of five songs on the EP.

The Knux are a duo which consists of brothers Kentrell “Krispy Kream” Lindsey and Alvin “Rah Almillio” Lindsey. Hailing from New Orleans, the two moved to Los Angeles after Katrina devastated their home. They had much success with their debut album, Remind Me in 3 Days. They have toured with the likes of Common, Nas and Travis Barker. And, the duo has had their songs on television and in movies.

The brothers have unique rhyming and singing abilities and their songs are well produced. The tunes can be very in your face when it comes to their message and lyrics. The tile track, “Fuck You” starts off with the words, “Fuck You” repeated over and over again. Of course, they counteract the shocking start and lyrics with an intelligent message and a good beat. These guys are too good not to break out into the mainstream. Yes, I said it, the mainstream.  Watch out for The Knux!!

Daptone  –  Daptone Gold

If you don’t know about Daptone Records and their artists, the album Daptone Gold is the perfect starter kit for all of your Funk, Soul and R&B needs. Daptone Records was formed by Gabriel Roth and Neal Sugarman in Brooklyn. They produce most of their releases in their studios in Brooklyn and the bulk of these records are recorded in analog; ignoring the new wave of digital recordings. Roth does most of the mixing for the artists. Daptone works with many artists including: Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, The Budos Band, Charles Bradley, Lee Fields, Menahan Street Band, The Mighty Imperials, Naomi Shelton, The Sugarman Three and Adam Scone and Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings. The Dap Kings are actually the house band for Daptone Records.

Daptone Records have done an excellent job at highlighting artists with funk and soul roots and who are thought to be at the forefront of the revivalist movement. This is an amazing album, with amazing artists. Here are t tour dates for several of the artists!!!

Lee Fields LIVE!!!!

Feb 4 2010   New Morning  –  Paris, France

Feb 5 2010  The Bloomsbury Ballroom –  London, England, UK

Feb 7 2010  Stadtgardten –  Köln, Germany

Sharon Jones LIVE!!!

Mar 26 2010   Snoe Down Winter Music Festival –  Rutland, VT

Apr 17 2010  Wanee Festival-  Live Oak, FL


Mar 5 2010   Prince of Wales-  Melbourne,Australia

Mar 9 2010  New Zealand International Arts Festival –  Wellington,Australia

Listen up to BTR for music from all of these releases!!!

– Lottie Leymarie


New Album Releases!

Animal CollectiveFall Be Kind EP (Domino)

They couldn’t just settle for “Album of the Year,” which many lists have already declared. Animal Collective wants the whole shebang by conquering the EP side of things as well. Maybe it’ll be like last year, when Pitchfork couldn’t decide between Fleet Foxes self-titled record or the Sun Giant EP. They just lumped them together, to be enjoyed as one, like peanut butter and jelly or cookies & cream. Besides having five new tracks to drop tabs and see the colors to, the EP features the first ever officially licensed Grateful Dead sample, from the song “Unbroken Chain.” Let the adoration commence.

Suggested Track: “What Would I Want? Sky”

MiC K!ng & ChumFlavor Ade (Fake Four Inc.)

Former champion battle rapper iCON The MiC K!ng is teaming up again with producer, Chum The Skrilla Guerilla, for another fun outing that can honestly be labeled as great Hip-Hop. Flavor Ade is an accompanying album to the upcoming release Cool-Aide, but shouldn’t be looked at as an album of leftovers. MiC has a vision for Cool-Aide, which is “to keep cool through adversity and no guest appearances.” This record is comprised of songs that don’t fit that bill, but are still dope in their own regard. Lucky for us too, cause now we get to hear mash-ups with Atmosphere, Has-Lo, and eLZHi of Slum Village. If you’re tired of “Gay Fish” antics, then switch to Flavor Ade.

Suggested Track: “Wordperfect” feat. eLZHi

Jookabox Dead Zone Boys (Asthmatic Kitty)

The first song I heard from Grampall Jookabox was called “The Girl Ain’t Preggers”, and while I did like the fierce bass line and the trash can two step, there was still something a bit off. To quote Murakami, “Reality was one step out of line, a cardigan with the buttons done up wrong.” Now that the group has slashed the Grampall from their name (which no one could figure out anyways), the group seems to have tightened up their formula of frenetic junk drum circles and wild lyrics that beg to be howled at a full moon. All that, and there’s a zombie-musical side story that goes along with the record that has something to do with how the east side of Indianapolis is akin to a George Romero movie. Dead Zone Boys should be as good as BRAINS!!!

Suggested Track: “Gonna Need The Guns/Doom Hope”

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December Adds: Birds and Batteries, ASPE, and Israel Darling

Israel Darling

Dinosaur Bone and Mechanical Hands

Israel Darling is a Greensboro, North Carolina-based band, the brainchild of a precocious 21-year-old named Jacob Darden. Darden’s band includes Alex Dagenhart, Jeff Bechtel, Mat Masterson and Arlie Huffman. Darden grew up as a Baptist and son of a guitar maker in the small Appalachian town of Drexel, North Carolina. After a life-altering experience and time in the hospital, Darden gave up his religious roots to concentrate on music.

Dinosaur Bones and Mechanical Hands is the self-produced debut from the group. It was picked up and released by NYC’s Engine Room Recordings. The songs on the album are beautiful reflections of a young man’s life and the lessons he has learned from a very young age. Although Darden is only 21, many of the tracks display someone that has had a lot of experiences and self-reflection in a short time. There are many religious touchstones in the music, and although Darden says in interviews he is an atheist, there seems to be a deep spirituality that permeates throughout the tunes.

One will find similarities to Bright Eyes and Langhorne Slim in Israel Darling’s music. The ten song debut boasts many standout tracks, my personal favorites are “Woman, God, and Pity For a Man” and “Samson The Mason.” This young band has nothing to offer but potential, and I am excited to see what else this outfit has to offer.

Dec 5 2009 at Michael’s House – Asheville, NC
Jan 22 2010 at The Green Bean – Greensboro, NC

Birds & Batteries

Up To No Good EP

After two years, Birds & Batteries have released another wonderful masterpiece in the form of a 5 song EP. It’s called Up To No Good and it is fabulous. The San Francisco-based four piece is spearheaded by Mike Sempert and includes Jill Heinke on bass/keys, Christopher Walsh on guitar/pedal steel and Brian Michelson on drums, percussion, sampler and laptop.

The five song EP combines elements of funk, electronic, rock and pop. As a whole, the album can be dark and haunting with psychedelic elements that affect the listener in more ways then one. The heaviest and newest element that Birds and Batteries utilize for this particular work is the electronic landscape present in all of the songs. The EP is very conceptual in the sense that each song seamlessly flows into one another, but the tracks do not blend together. Each tune has its own presence and force.

Imagine being on a dark dance floor, late at night in the 1970’s, in a drug-induced haze. Now imagine a band that is barely visible on stage, but has a large vocal presence that not only acts as an additional instrument, but as a voice that calls to all of its musical followers. The voice will bring you up, then down, then up again, causing you to experience an amazing musical trip. This is definitely my favorite effort by Birds and Batteries (not to say that I don’t love their other work).

If this is the first time you have heard of B&B make sure to check out the two albums in their back catalog, I’ll Never Sleep Again (2007) and Selections from Nature Vs. Nature (2005).

Dec 5 2009 at Bluesix – San Francisco,CA
Jan 8 2010 at The Starry Plough – Berkeley,CA
Jan 23 2010 at Bottom of the Hill w/ Movitz! – San Francisco,CA


The Dark
(album art currently unavailable)

An artist like ASPE is a huge mind fuck for me. We have this extremely talented guy, who goes by the name of Mike, that runs an amazing little indie label, called Arkain Records. He has several other amazing musical projects including Monolith, Swayze, Moto & Mouse, Indian Teeth and Red Canary. The music that is made for all of these projects is phenomenal, yet, this guy, Mike, is barely known in the music world.

I was introduced to the music of Mike Maines over three years ago by fellow friend and BTR DJ, Matt Lehtola. Mike apparently was a local musician in Gainesville that became friends with Matt. Lehtola shared the music with me and I have been loving it ever since. I was super excited to hear that there was going to be a new album and when I did listen, it was amazing. Here is how Mike describes ASPE in comparison to the rest of his projects:

“This is the run-off and original solo project for my concept albums. Anything that doesn’t fit within the confines of the other projects, gets listed as ASPE. Its an acronym for something dumb… everything from electronica, classical, jazz, and the avant garde and can be found herein.”

Check out The Dark. It is freaking amazing. All 14 tracks. Now, the next thing we need is for ASPE to tour.

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– Lottie Leymarie

November Adds

Via Tania

Moon Sweet Moon

Via Tania is the project of Australian born singer and instrumentalist Tania Bowers. At a young age, she played in  a vowel-free, noise pop outfit with her sister called SPDFGH, and opened for bands like The Breeders and Bikini Kill. She eventually worked on a solo effort and self-released an EP under the moniker Sunday.

Fast forward a few years to Chicago, Illinois where she began to piece together songs for her debut as Via Tania. The first album, Under A Different Sky, was released in 2004. Bowers’ sophomore release, Moon Sweet Moon, began to take shape in Australia. While still in Australia, Tania randomly met Craig Ross, a music producer from Texas. Ross  had worked with artists such as Emmylou Harris and Daniel Johnston. The two hit it off and began to work with each other. She traveled between the United States, Europe and Australia to complete the album.

The eleven song set starts out with “The Beginning,” a song that focuses on Bowers’ vocals. Her voice is light and airy, and it has a very enchanting feel. The second song “Wonder Stranger” opens up with bells and light percussion. It sounds like the intro to a horror film. You can picture a baby carriage rocking in a dark bedroom while a cold wind blows the curtains about the window. Continuing on through the album, “How Come” is another track that stands out. With its minimal guitar parts, it is Via Tania’s own ballad track. She sings a love song, “How come you love me like you are holding on to something, to someone?”

The album may be a bit hard to swallow at first; the songs don’t flow like typical pop songs. They aren’t easy for the listener to ingest right away. In other words, none of the tunes will leave you humming the melody after one listen. The tracks have many subtleties, and that is the true beauty of Moon Sweet Moon. Bowers’ voice is the most dynamic part of many of the songs. The minimal instrumental parts are light to the ear. The arrangements are brilliantly proportioned throughout the album. As with any good record, I always wonder what the artist can do live. So, if you can, check out Via Tania! I’m sure these recordings will make for a beautiful show.


Nov 10 2009 at Bordello Bar in Los Angeles, CA
Nov 11 2009 at Bootleg in Los Angeles, CA



Sometimes a remix (or a remix album) can be more fun than the actual songs/album itself. At other times, remixes can ruin the beauty of the original song. Headlights latest album, Remixes, defies both of these stereotypes. I actually think of it as a bonus disc! The tracks are from three of their albums; Kill Them With Kindness, Some Racing Some Stopping and their latest effort, Wildlife.

Headlights hail from Champaign, Illinois and formed in 2004. The group consists of Erin Fein, Seth Fein, Brett Sanderson and Tristan Wraight. The Fein’s and Sanderson had been playing music together since 1996, in bands such as Absinthe Blind and Orphans.

The album boasts remixes from The Album Leaf, Cale Parks and Son Lux, to name a few. After giving the album a few listens, I immediately fell in love with the Casiotone For The Painfully Alone’s remix of “So Much For The Afternoon.” Uzi & Ari remix “Towers,” which recalls sounds of “The Postal Service.” Jason Caddell of The Disemberment Plan fame produced “On April 2.” I wasn’t sure what to expect from this song, but it pleases with its abundance of electro-pop goodness. Headlights’ own Brett Sanderson remixes “Tokyo,” giving the tune a more mystical/spiritual feel.

Although it would be a dream to see Remixes performed live, I don’t think that will be happening any time soon. Still, their original songs make for a great show as well, so go see them!


Oct 28 2009 at Will’s Pub in Orlando, FL
Oct 29 2009 at Bottletree in Birmingham, AL
Oct 30 2009 at Hi Tone in Memphis, TN
Oct 31 2009 at The Iron Post in Urbana, IL



We here at BTR have been fans of “Grooms” since they were known as the Muggabears. Personally, I never thought Muggabears was a bad band name. It always reminded me of gummy bears, which is is odd, but definitely an enjoyable treat, much like the group itself. My favorite Muggabears tune was “Dead Kid Kicks.” I could hum that in my head for days.

But on Tuesday, April 14, 2009 the band issued a statement via their Myspace blog:

Hello Everybody,

We were Muggabears, now we’re Grooms. Is it a verb? Is it a noun? Not telling.

We’ve also put up a new song off our new album. The album is called Rejoicer. And the song is called Dreamsucker. We hope you like it.

If you don’t know about Grooms, they are a Brooklyn trio that have been around for about five years now. They just released their latest album, Rejoicer, on Death By Audio Records. Rejoicer is filled with lots of reverb. Lots and lots of reverb… In between all of the fuzzy goodness, I couldn’t help but recall the influence of Dinosaur Jr. It’s almost as if the DJ boys had some hipster kids and they made this new album. The first three track are the real standouts for me, but with each listen, the tunes grow on you. I am very fond of singer Travis Johnson’s voice. It has a slight uneasiness to me that is very attractive. He sounds as if he is experiencing both pain and pleasure when he sings, something that is quite difficult to pull off. Rejoicer boasts ten moody tracks that will be a surefire hit with all their Brooklyn peers.


Nov 5 2009 at Larry’s in Danbury, CT
Nov 8 2009 at AS 220 in Providence, RI
Nov 15 2009 at Contemporary Space 13 in Cincinnati, OH
Nov 16 2009 at Bishop Bar in Bloomington, OH

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– Lottie Leymarie

October Adds featuring Shantel, Awesome New Republic, Yo Gabba Gabba

It’s time for the October Adds update!

Yo Gabba Gabba!

Music is Awesome!

The first time I heard about the television show, Yo Gabba Gabba! I was visiting friends that have two young kids. They explained to me that the show was something they could watch with their kids and enjoy, and they also discovered some great music from the program. After a bit of research, I realized why they (and their two young girls) loved it so much. The series is a mixture of live action segments, animated sketches and musical numbers. Devo member Mark Mothersbaugh hosts a segment called “Mark’s Magic Pictures,” which teaches children how to draw with their feet. Biz Markie stars in “Biz’s Beat of the Day” where he demonstrates beat-boxing styles and, yes, beats. The “Super Music Friends Show” segment boasts an amazing lineup of celebrity guests and musicians. The first two years of the season welcomed Mates of State, Of Montreal, The Roots, Low and Jack Black, just to name a few. The show is hosted by DJ Lance Rock, a DJ, actor and musician from Los Angeles.

After moving to the West Coast, Rock began to work at Amoeba Music (an independent chain of music stores in California). He became immersed in the local music scene and eventually met Scottie Schultz. A few years later, Schultz asked Robertson to host the show he was co-writing with Christina Roberts, lead singer of the The Aquabats.

Now that you have a bit of background on the show, I can talk about my one of top three picks for the October update. The album, Yo Gabba! Music is Awesome!, is just that – awesome. The track listing is a mixture of Yo Gabba Gabba! tracks and songs from artists that have visited the show. The tunes spout life lessons that teach kids morals, manners, and  sound advice. The first song that stands out to me is by The Shins. It is entitled “It’s OK, Try Again” and has really great lyrics like “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but it’s OK, try again.” The track sounds like a Shins tune, but with a slight spin on their normal song topics.

My favorite song or ‘lesson’ is from I’m From Barcelona, called “Just Because It’s Different Doesn’t Mean It’s Scary.” The verses read,  “New things in life can be great, try new things.” It encourages kids to take mini-risks and not to be afraid of the unknown. “Here’s a new fruit, c’mon let’s taste it!”

Of Montreal contributes “Brush Brush Brush” which, of course, encourages ‘good dental hygiene.’ Brushing your teeth can be kind of boring, but Of Montreal and Yo Gabba Gabba! make it seem  exciting! Also, Mark Kozelek wrote a song by the name of “Bedtime Lullaby” for the show. If you are a fan of Mr. Kozelek or any of his projects (Sun Kil Moon, Red House Painters) you will fall in love with this lullaby. This album is great, and after all, they are songs written for children. Songs can make learning fun and easy and Music is Awesome! definitely will please the little kid in all of us!


Planet Paprika

Planet Paprika is the latest release from Shantel, a German producer and DJ. Shantel was born Stefan Hantel in Frankfurt. He is known for his work with gypsy brass orchestras. He is also known for mixing traditional Balkan music with electro beats. He fell in love with “Gypsy music” while watching the audience reactions to  Fanfare Ciocarlia (a twelve-piece Romanian Roma brass band) and Boban Markovic (a Serbian trumpet player and brass ensemble leader, who is actually one of the most famous Balkan trumpet players in the world).

Planet Paprika boasts 13 beautifully arranged tracks full of high-energy Balkan brass. The medium-to-fast-paced tempos on the album are extremely danceable and make for a beautifully proportioned mix of old world meets new world. Not only did Shantel write, produce and mix the album – he also sings on several of the tracks.

His arrangements include accordion, trumpet, flugelhorn, baritone and alto sax, clarinet, violin and keyboards. I am a sucker for Eastern European music, Roma or gypsy, Balkan brass or folk. The album utilizes all of these genres to their fullest potential without directly copying from the original sounds. Planet Paprika is partially a dance album. It is a great spirit lifter, and probably a lot different then what you are used to listening to. If you are in Europe, check out Shantel’s live show!


Oct 7 2009 at Palc Akropolis // Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar in Prague, Czech Republic
Oct 8 2009 at Centralstation // Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar in Darmstadt, Germany
Oct 9 2009 at Muffathalle // Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar in Muenchen, Germany
Oct 10 2009 at Wagenhallen // Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar in Stuttgart, Germany
Oct 11 2009 at Jazzhaus // Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar in Freiburg, Germany
Oct 13 2009 at  Werk II // Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar in Leipzig, Germany

Awesome New Republic


Hearts is the fifth studio album by the Miami duo known as Awesome New Republic. ANR formed in 2004 when Michael John Hancock and Brian Robertson were attending Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. They had played in a 5-piece band together called Empirical Mile before going on to do their own project. Hearts is the third album they have put out in 2009. They released Rational Geographic Volume 1 in April and Rational Geographic Volume 2 in July. These works are their take on the ties between the Stars Wars trilogy and the past thirty years of the American government.

Hearts has heavy electronic influences. The opening track starts out with layers of synthesizers and electronic beats. It reminds me of mellow 80’s clubbing music, but that definitely doesn’t describe the tone of the whole album. The third track, “Alleycat,” channels their inner Tears for Fears. You can hear it in both the vocals and the instrumentals. If you immediately forward to track four, however, you will taste an entirely different flavor.

My one complaint is that the album doesn’t have a solid vision. Each song is good in it’s own right, but there is no sense of flow or theme to the entire piece. Track 5, “Digital World,” is a letter to the modern world as we know it. Are Hancock and Robertson scared of what is inevitable? I think not, I think it is more of a love letter to the digi-world that has helped to launch their careers. They can’t live without the Internet, for one. Would anyone know of ANR if this medium didn’t exist. Who knows?

My favorite tracks are “Alleycat,” “Wheels No Engines” and “Digital World.” But I have a feeling this album will grow on my ears with each listen. Check out ANR live!


Oct 15 2009 at Rokbar w/ Neon Indian – Miami, FL
Oct 16 2009 at Club Down Under w/ Neon Indian -Tallahassee, FL
Oct 17 2009 at Club TSI w/ Neon Indian – Jacksonville, FL
Oct 19 2009 at The Bridge PAI – Charlottesville, VA
Oct 20 2009 at Bowery Electric – CMJ – New York, NY
Oct 22 2009 at The Space on North 8th – CMJ – Brooklyn, NY
Oct 24 2009 at R Bar – CMJ -New York, NY

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– Lottie Leymarie

August Adds

Featuring Generationals, Helado Negro and Portugal. The Man


Con Law

Generationals hail from New Orleans, Louisiana. In a city that boasts a rich history of jazz and blues, Generationals stand out with their extremely poppy, light hearted tunes. The band came about as a collaboration between Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, after their previous band, Eames Era, parted ways. The album was produced by Daniel Black at Bent Black in Washington, D.C. The 10 song-album clocks in at just under 34 minutes, and is a wonderful album to play on warm, summer nights. The danceable tunes are extremely easy to listen to, and after a few listens, I’m sure you will be singing along, too. Con Law boasts catchy percussive parts, beautifully constructed minimalist horn sections and cute synthesizer lines. It reminds me of Of Montreal’s earlier work, mixed with 60’s girl groups. What can I say? I love pop music. Check them out on tour:

Aug 4 2009      Club Congress-Tucson,AZ
Aug 6 2009     Stubbs Jr. w/ Floating Action-Austin, TX
Aug 7 2009     Super Happy Fun Land w/ Floating Action-Houston, TX
Aug 8 2009     HI HO LOUNGE-New Orleans, LA
Aug 9 2009      Louisiana Music Factory IN-STORE -New Orleans, LA
Aug 22 2009   Spanish Moon w/ Brass Bed     Baton Rouge, LA
Sep 12 2009     Monolith Festival-WOXY stage     Morrison, CO
Sep 30 2009     Howlin Wolf w/ Dr. Dog     New Orleans, LA

Portugal. The Man.

The Satanic Satanist

The first time I was exposed to Wasilla, Alaska’s Portugal. The Man, was after the release of their second album Church Mouth. It was released almost two years to the date before their most recent effort, The Satanic Satanist, hit the market. Already, the album has hit #81 on the Billboard 200 – not too shabby for a indie band that’s only been around for five years. On this record the lineup includes John Baldwin Gourley (vocals, guitar, organ, machines), Jason Sechrist (drums and gang), Ryan Neighbors (piano, Rhodes, organ, synth, vocals), Zachary Scott Carothers (bass, percussion, vocals), and Zoe Manville (vocals, Moog synth).

As soon as I received the album, I noticed the amazing pop-up style art on the cover. It’s truly beautiful and was created by Gourley and  Portland designer Austin Sellers. This is something I really appreciate, especially in an age of MP3s and artists digitally releasing. The Satanic Satanist flows beautifully from song to song, almost as if it were one large concept album. The songs have a lot of soul and rock influences. I am a huge fan of Gourley’s voice. It is enchanting and unique and he sings as if he truly believes in, and feels every song. All of the tracks are amazing, but I recommend #1, #4 and #5!

I can’t wait to see them live! Here are their upcoming dates:

Aug 5 2009    The Mercury Lounge -New York, NY
Aug 7 2009     Grog Shop -Cleveland Heights, OH
Aug 9 2009     Lollapalooza – Playstation Stage -Chicago, IL
Aug 11 2009     Vaudeville Mews -Des Moines, IA
Aug 12 2009     The Waiting Room -Omaha, NE
Aug 14 2009     Hi-Dive     Denver, CO
Aug 27 2009     Crepe Place -Santa Cruz, CA

Helado Negro

Awe Owe

I have always been a fan of Asthmatic Kitty Records. They have released some of the most refreshing and unique albums of the past five years, and it really makes them stand out amongst the other labels. I have to admit, I had no clue who or what Helado Negro was when it landed on my desk a few days ago. The only thing I knew, was that I loved the label. So, I did my research and found out about this wonderful musical project.

Helado Negro is the brainchild of Roberto Carlos Lange; a south Florida native born in 1980. Now living in Brooklyn, the idea for the project started when he moved to New York City in 2006. Lange would create the music in his apartment with his friends, and they in turn would  then contribute to his album. The contributors make for quite a list of heavy hitters, including Guillermo S. Herren (Prefuse 73), Jon Philpot (frontman for Bear in Heaven) and Shannon Fields (of Stars Like Fleas), just to name a few. The album is beautiful, with ambient sounds fluttering about in all of the tracks. There are elements of Latin and hip-hop fused into Lange’s completely original sound. Awe Owe will take a few more listens for me to completely hear all of the amazing parts, but this one is a true masterpiece. I am very excited to see what Lange’s future holds! Now for the live show:

Aug 22 2009      The Jackson-Queens, NY
Aug 23 2009       Bruckner Bar and Grill-Bronx, NY
Aug 24 2009      Cake Shop-New York, NY

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– Lottie Leymarie