From bloggers to poets- A talk show for everyone!

Glance at the Thursday BTR schedule, and you’re sure to see a wide array of talk shows. Fancy yourself an aspiring writer, why not join us on our new show Writer’s Block? Feeling a little more musical, jump into some MC interviews with Ms. Drama on Underground Noize Radio. Anyway you slice it, Thursday is a great day for some good ‘ol talk with even more diverse options! Here’s a little breakdown of what we have going on today:

On this week’s Geek Out, Thompson interviews Brad Estabrooke from Breuckelen (pronounced like “Brooklyn”) Distilling. An artisan distillery producing high quality gin in BK, known for brewing with organic NY grains (

This week’s Anatomy of a Blogger guest is Jason Grout of the Do the Pants Dance blog. A dance worthy musical selection from the blogger, plus some talk (

Today’s Underground Noize Radio features a discussion with female MC Ami Miller (

This week’s installment of Writer’s Block has part 2 of DJ Matt’s discussion with Nuyorican poetry legend Jesus Papoleto Melendez. Of course, excerpts from other poetic performances as well (

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