AOTW: Murder

Ever wonder what really good, super gloomy Danish folk sounds like? Well ponder no more, Murder is here. The duo hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark are taking neo-folk to new increasingly despondent levels. The culprits are vocalist Jacob Bellens and guitarist Anders Mathiasen. Reportedly friends for fourteen years, the two began making music together in the early 2000’s. The band’s first recording made in 2005 was a montage of electronica, acoustic and synthetic instrumentation entitled One Year From Now It’s My Birthday. The album was followed in 2006 by the highly acclaimed acoustic Stockholm Syndrome (GoodTapeRecords) which was proceeded by extensive touring of Europe.

Now, four years later, the Gospel of Man has arrived. The band’s most recent accomplishment was released October 11th of this year, courtesy of Devil Duck Records. The album is a study in seriously somber guitar pickin’ and ultra slow drawn-out melodic configurations, all canvases for Bellen’s deep prophetic vocals. The best song on the album is probably “Aqueduct” which offers more momentum than the others. With a soft-floating quality that is given to it by an Asian sounding flute that creeps along just below the surface of the song. The track “Picker of Cotton” is a strange number that seems to ride around a circular track like a line of jaunted mechanical toy figurines. There’s something Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque about the whole thing, a vision that is made all the more peculiar by the brooding lyrics; “I’m a picker of cotton, I’m what’s left of the Earth, Like a priest in a graveyard, I’m in search of the truth.”

Whether Murder intends to come off as reflective and deep, or morbid and dark the listener feels unsure. But the latter often reigns as the final product and when listening to their music, one can appreciate the melancholic melodies in the vein of Nick Cave.

The highlight throughout Murder’s work is Bellens’ voice which is bone-deep with a classically ageless element to it. His gospel like vocals could have come from an early 1900’s recording. A preacher turned agriculturalist passing on his bits of wisdom acquired through a life of passing over the temptations of man. Sound peculiar? Give these guys a thorough listen and you’ll understand. Yes, all this and more emanates from the indie- Danish duo. So if you like your music thick, heavy, somber, and prophetic then Murder will do well to fulfill your listening needs.

Check em’ out live and see for yourself…

Murder Tour Dates

November 3- Stoberihallen- Hillersd, Denmark
November 4- Gimle- Roskilde, Denmark
November 5- Templet- Kungens, Denmark
November 6- Forbraendingen- Albertslund, Denmark

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– Amanda Decker

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