Setlist: Revolver

“There is a misconception that an ‘indie dance’ show should be all about electronic music. I play electronic music, but I also play hip-hop, country, rock, pop–anything that might inspire someone to dance. The type of dancing, like the type of music, does not matter.”

DJ Emily has her precedence right where it needs to be. The point of Revolver, BreakThru Radio’s Friday night alt-dance show, is to get people, from all places and of all musical tastes, ready for the weekend dance floor. Revolver will put the cut in your strut and the glide in your slide before you even get out of your apartment. DJ Emily is one of the best there is at infusing energy through Internet radio, and tuning into Revolver, one of her four featured shows on BreakThru, will not leave you disappointed.

A veteran of Internet radio (Emily has been with BTR since the beginning) DJ Emily understands what it takes to program a lively show. Having tested the theory out herself, and not to embarrassed to admit it I should add, Emily discloses the secrets of a workaholic radio DJ: “I myself have listened to the show when its aired and gone on to dance alone around my room on a Friday night. I truly hope that when people listen to the mix that they are dancing. Whether it’s around their room alone or with a group of friends, Revolver is really all about the dance.”

I would have to say that it is more than just about dancing. Looking at this week’s playlist proves Emily’s stringent declaration to “play anything.” From Hot Cha Cha to the Cool Kids, and Of Montreal to Naty Kid, Revolver stretches farther than any other dance mix station you will find on FM radio.

“The mix is the most fun thing to put together. I basically listen to a ton of different tracks and whatever gets me moving is what I play. I like to sit at my computer and listen to the first 15 – 20 seconds of a song, and if it doesn’t make me bounce to the beat, I move on.”

Learning DJ Emily’s method, it is easy to see how Revolver keeps one “bouncing” through the entire show. Never does it seem to slow down, not once does it fade off, and at no time do you feel the music becomes repetitive or monotonous. Revolver is one of those BTR shows that you play loud on your own when you have nowhere to go on a Friday night; and then you dance around your room by yourself and don’t feel ashamed about it. Because when you are alone with great beats, “the type of dancing,” to reiterate DJ Emily’s point, “like the type of music, does not matter.”

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– Kory French


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