Walmart ‘Helps’ ‘Inform’ Employees

A Walmart employee sent me a link to a website called “Walmart Community Votes,” which allegedly exists to help inform employees about political candidates. This employee drew my attention to a specific page that really doesn’t do much to inform. Really, it appears to exist to propagandize on behalf of the Republican candidate:

I’ve contacted Sestak’s office to ask if: A) He received a questionnaire, and B) If he did, why did he fail to fill it out? It’s possible that Sestak chose not to return the questionnaire, but that seems like a stupid move, especially considering how the Pennsylvania race is tightening.

Ironically, the Democratic candidate Sestak owns stock in Walmart, and the company has recently shifted campaign contributions in favor of Democrats, though historically Walmart has opposed the Democratic Party’s pro-union platform.

But the problem isn’t just on the Pennsylvania questionnaire page. I got the same result when I checked out Georgia’s questionnaire:

There was an identical void of information on Alexander Giannoulias’s (IL-D) questionnaire page:

Aaaand Lee Fisher’s (OH-D) page

If I was one of the 1.6 million Walmart employees that accessed this website, I might think that the hoity-toity Democrats consider themselves too good to fill out a simple questionnaire for the benefit of “real American” voters. Or maybe voters won’t think those nefarious thoughts, and simply “educate” themselves using the available Republican platform. Both scenarios spell death for Democrats.

I’ve contacted all the candidates above to ask if they received the questionnaires. I hope some of them reply.
– Allison Kilkenny


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