CMJ Day 3 with DJ Wynn

10/21 Thursday

3:00 PM  Serious Business
Ventured into SoHo for a Live Studio session with Sunglasses. They were Southern gentlemen who brought toys, lights, and a projection screen. I wish more bands would bring props and makeshift sets. Cardboard cutouts of coconut trees and sandy spots.

3:20 PM
For two skinny gents, these guys know how to shake a floor. Seeing this also led to the revelation that the Serious studio is built on a bed of springs. Either that, or I’m really gullible.

6:00 PM   Vanessa’s Dumplings, 118 Eldridge St.
I knew I’d be back.

6:45 PM
“No man! I’m gonna listen to music tonight!”
Uttered by one passionate intern to a friend on the phone trying to convince him to play basketball in Brooklyn.

7:39 PM The Living Room
is on stage with a Rube Goldberg machine as his backing band, except these moving parts serve a purpose. Tiny iron elves banged a tambourine and rotating wood blocks that mimicked a xylophone. Metal joints shook sleigh bells and maracas. A bright orange tub from Home Depot doubled as a robotic kick drum. Certainly less egos to deal with.

7:55 PM
Buke and Gass
have a ukulele that’s been modified into a bass and a steel guitar that looks like it might have been David Lee Roth’s ashtray. I wonder why this band isn’t as popular as Sleigh Bells.

9:36 PM Cake Shop
Only caught one song from Light Pollution, but I like that the keyboard player had a PBR and a tin of altoids on his Casio.

Drawlings makes my party want to leave. I have to oblige.

11:03 PM Glasslands Gallery
Fabulous Diamonds
have a work drum beat. I can picture a room full of people rolling copious amounts of cigarettes to this music.

11:56 PM
Air Waves
is a great way to end the night. Airy tunes that are cozy and familiar. Snuggled in, I wonder how Nicole Schneit sounds so good while bouncing throughout her songs.

11:59 PM
When I tell my friend that Air Waves relocated to Austin, which I think is a pretty cool place, she responds with, “People say that, but it’s still Texas!”


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