CMJ Day 2 with DJ Wynn

10/20 Wednesday

5:15 PM  Sunshine Cinema, 143 E Houston St.
“…we could save their lives.” said one ticket seller to another, unaware the 2-way speaker was on.

5:20 PM  Cake Shop
I never thought I’d end up at another Bath’s show, but it’s CMJ and I love Cake Shop.

5:28 PM
“Are you enthused?” said Will Wiesendelf. Bath’s wasn’t as animated as before, turning his reverb and flange knobs less flamboyantly this time around, but his signature dance moves were still on display. One spectator commented, “I just came to see this guy dance.”

6:00 PM
Marnie Stern noodled on her guitar while amps hiccuped with feedback. “O.K, we’re just gonna start.” said Stern. She plays guitar as if she were buried alive at some point, but crawled out and seeks revenge. During the beginning of one song, she had a blissed out look on her face, eyes closed, smirking slightly, and I wondered why her album wasn’t more popular than Sleigh Bells.

6:15 PM
The bassist said he’s glad to be playing “C-M-Vajay” and Marnie countered she would like some “Peen for my vajeen.” Later on, she would comment that the feedback that was still stalking around was a result of her “desperate vajeen” calling for help.

6:46 Mikey’s, 134 Ludlow
Lamb Burger topped with satay style onions, jalapeno, and mint, along with a Vietnamese Coffee shake. The burger was just the right size to justify a snack later. I’m always thinking ahead.

7:35 Santos Party House
Have you ever seen a bartender pace? How about one that looks like Yahoo Serious with a handlebar mustache connected to his sideburns?

Lower Dens sounds like a pretty girl who you’ve never met walking up to you at the beach. She confesses every despicable she’s done, but you don’t care. You end up walking with her along the beach and falling asleep on the sand. In the morning, she is gone, leaving just an imprint in the sand.

Tamaryn seems like a good choice for the Lost Highway soundtrack. Too bad the images projected in the background were more interesting than the music. I’m hoping DOM will punch me in the face.

DOM looks like Shawn White wearing flannel over a Madonna t-shirt. He begins the set with, “This next song is called Jesus. Hail Satan!”

This set is exactly the cup of Cuban coffee I needed to get me through the night. In between songs, the group does a quick rendition of the music from the first level of Super Mario Bros. Don’t you hate that one section where you can get an invisible 1-up, but sometimes it doesn’t let you backtrack enough to go down the warp pipe too?

A wasted individual pushes his way to the front of the crowd, to give DOM the finger. Satisfied, he slinks back whence he came.

11 PM
I might be falling in love with Marnie Stern. This is the second time I’m seeing her today, and she’s as chipper as ever. The feedback issues were credited to the energy traveling up to her vajeen, and there was danger of it exploding all over the audience like Ghostbusters. “You’re gonna get slimed!” she exclaimed.

11:14 PM
“How many times do I have to bring up my vajeen before someone hits on me?” said a bewildered Stern. How does one pick up a musician at a show? Anyone out there been successful that can share a story? If you’re reading Marnie, I cook a fabulous Honey-Soy glazed salmon, served with a bed of salad topped with feta cheese, apples, and walnut raspberry dressing.

An American flag was draped down the keyboard. A drum tom had a checkered flag wrapped around it. In the back, there were huge letters that spelled “Jr. Jr.” and contained light bulbs inside the frames. Alas, I saw none of this in action because Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. spent the first 25 minutes of their set dealing with sound and costume changes. Hearing Wild Nothing upstairs, I ventured out of the cramp compartment downstairs.

You fall in love to the music of Wild Nothing. Marnie Stern had that kind of look in her eye as she admired from the sideline.

Failed stage dive attempt. The crowd cleared out of the way as the diver bent his knees to leap from the stage. I figure if you’re diving in the first place, you’re accepting the fact that you may get injured, so I don’t feel so bad for the guy.

1:13 AM
On my subway ride home, I see a girl with red circles around her eyes. Is this a fashion statement, or is she a demon?


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