10/19 Tuesday with DJ Wynn

10/19  Tuesday CMJ Day 1

11:47AM  J Train
First band of the day: Train Mariachis. I’m always impressed by accordion players. Besides Weird Al, name another famous one. Exactly. It’s like learning Latin. You probably won’t make a career out of it, but you could possibly impress your friends at a random moment. Arcade Fire is an anomaly

11:59 AM
Overheard train dialogue
CMJer 1: He’s the guitarist and she’s the drummer.
CMJer 2: You know one of them is gonna bang the bassist.

3:00 PM  Serious Business Studios in Soho
Disappointed that Lilian Hak didn’t show up with her hair did.

But that’s where the disappointment ends. Lilian might be the sweetest artist to grace our halls. She introduced herself to each and every staff member, and always referred to them by name if she needed something (even the lowly interns). Her samples remind me of Disney cartoons from the 30’s. The Hills are bouncing in unison, the flowers chime together in chorus, and the sun has two scoops of raisins.

6:12 PM  Prosperity Dumplings, 46 Eldridge Street
5 fried pork and chive dumplings for a dollar. I ate dinner for $3 including a bottle of water. We will meet again Prosperity.

7:55 PM  Santos Party House
Whispered into a young ear in line, “I can’t wait to dance with you.”

7:57 PM

Nikki Lane was singing inside, wearing a flower child dress and she sounding like she had ridden a horse before. My friend compares her to Loretta Lynn and cites Coal Miner’s Daughter. I look at her in bewilderment.

8:22 PM
After listening to Lesands for 2 minutes, I realized they were trying to be The Killers. Austin Taylor Tirado does display herky jerky dance moves that look fun to do, but aren’t fun to watch.

9:00 PM
You know how the stage at a sparsely attended show usually has a moat in front, a semi-circle no one dares to enter. Grey haired ponytail guy with a Kangol hat is currently owning it with a 2-step. I’d rather watch this than Superhumanoids.

10 PM
Have you ever not liked someone just because of their face? It’s horrible, and I’m sure if I had tea with the guy in Kisses we’d have a decent conversation. Their music belongs on the soundtrack for Karate Kid and has hints of New Order. The performance is a bit mechanical. I just want them to have fun.

10:34 PM  Cake Shop
Denied O’Death

10:38 PM  Creperie 135 Ludlow
Banana and blueberry crepe with Nutella and powdered sugar. Yeah.

10:52 PM  Pianos
Scratch that accordion post from before. Franz Nicolay plays the accordion and promotes one night stands, or at least nights of passion that may or may not lead to something else but why think about that when we are holding each other right now. Let’s just pretend.

10:54 PM
I like that the cello player has a quiver for his bows.

11:40  PM

All of We Are Trees songs seem to bleed into each other. If they were stacked side by side, they would be indiscernible. The violinist shines on the last song, with the guitarist and drummer taking her lead as she plucks the hell out of strings.

12:30 AM

“Did anyone bring an extra turntable?” says the befuddled DJ for Das Racist. One wheel just won’t work. Once it was riled up, the jovial members of Das Racist piled onto the stage, screaming for drink tickets. Heems knelt down close to my face with glazed eyes and whiskey breath, handed three drink tickets to a compatriot and requested three greyhounds. He was holiday drunk and ready to perform.

1:30 AM
Here are my top five favorite moments from the Ras Racist Show
1) Breaking out into Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna”
2) Quote machine Heems: “Hellooo, we’re Das Racist. We don’t practice and we don’t care!”, “CMJ is bullshit”, “That’s a rookie rhyme” uttered after stumbling a tad
3) Imploring the crowd to, “Boo us! Hiss us!”
4) Smoking a joint on stage, being asked by the sound guy on the PA to stop smoking if “You wanna see Das Racist”, then Lakutis lighting up a loosie two songs later.
5) Remembering Richard Grieco

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