Setlist: All Access

Elephantom can be heard on All Access

So many great bands got together while they were still young. There is something genuine and innocent about a high school or college band. Too young for self-destructive egos, these bands exist in a time and place where desire and self-determination reign supreme over narcissism and fear of failure. This is the music featured on BreakThru Radio’s Friday afternoon program All Access hosted by DJ Boon.

“What I love most about my show is that I am constantly breaking new artists, usually about three per show,” says DJ Boon in an email. “I play all different genres of music, but focus on only what catches my ear and could potentially catch others’.”

DJ Boon is a friend of mine, so trust me when I tell you that he is like a kid himself. He has such a sincere fervor for discovering new music and his genuine joie de vivre is contagious and can bring out the adolescent music fan in all of us. His enthusiasm for the concept of BTR as a whole and the music he plays creates a perfect marriage between host and content, propelling All Access from a show about teen bands to a show about excellent, fresh music worth listening to.

“I recycle old music I’ve had from the time before I began DJ-ing All Access and combine it with new sounds that I find. What is most wonderful about this is that some bands will keep in touch and send me new tracks. I like being one of the first to hear how their influences may have changed over the years; or maybe they’re experimenting with synths or perhaps they have a new female vocalist; it’s always evolving.”

There is no real pattern or forced genre to All Access. This week’s program features everything from opening female Hip Hop track “Take A Picture Of Me” by Ms. Proper, to Indie sax-included “Citizen Of The Earth” by Elephantom, and modern punk-pop “If Late” by Atlantic Meets Pacific. “I hardly have any themes, but sometimes I’ll find three great bands from Texas or three new female artists,” explains Boon. “I try to vary the music and promote each band/musician equally.” The variety of the Friday afternoon program keeps you guessing and listening, you will run less risk of falling victim to losing the musical sound to camouflaged noise.

The first thing to keep in mind about All Access is that it is a show designed to “feature today’s youngest artists.” Playlists almost entirely made up of “college and high school students, and occasionally some middle school talent.” The second thing to keep in mind is just how much DJ Boon cares about, and enjoys, the music he features. “Above all, I take pride in maybe giving these ‘kids’ a chance. In the hopes that someone ‘big time’ is listening, I think to myself that maybe they’ll get a record deal out of it. In short, they could score a goal and I would get the assist. That’s really awesome.”

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– Kory French


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  1. Hey all! If you like what you hear on BreakThru, come on over to and stream Elephantom’s entire debut album for free!

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