Setlist: Party Hour

Chromeo can often be heard on PARTY HOUR

Saturday nights on BreakThru Radio are anything but down time. If you are one of those individuals who enjoys decompressing on a Saturday evening after a long week at work with a good book or a long movie, DJ J Dayz’s Party Hour is not for you. However, for those of you who like to get your night started at the stroke of midnight, then check out DJ J Dayz and The Party Hour (which airs at 10pm) for some of the world’s most fresh and upcoming electronic beats.

Featuring “a great playlist of independent music” from around the world, DJ J Dayz likes the focus of his show to be about mixing up all the genres that add to a great party atmosphere. “The show has everything from dub step tracks featuring Rusko to electro dance by Deadmau5, to the latest releases from Chromeo and La Roux. Plus a mix of independent hits brought to you by Kid Sister, N.E.R.D. and Chali 2na,” J Dayz writes about his most recent program that airs this coming Saturday night. And of course, not to be forgotten, “also in the mix tonight is one of my personal favorite hip-hop tracks of this year, “Monster” featuring some of the hottest MC’s in the game.”

Give credit to DJ J Dayz; the music is far ranging. The title may lead the listener to believe s/he is in for a solid hour of techno, but this isn’t the case. J Dayz covers all his tracks of the great party mixer dropping funk, Euro-disco, drum and bass, and some hip-pop. Regardless of what style it is, it all has one thing in common; it is made for a Saturday night party. Even listening to the show myself right now, I find it hard to not want to go out and hit a club or bar and start my weekend off a little early.

There is more to just hearing the beats. DJ J Dayz walks his listener through the tracks he plays, which is refreshing in a genre that usually overlooks such analysis. After playing a new track of the recently released Chromeo sophomore album Business Casual. “Now some of you may be wondering what to expect from this new album,” J Dayz announces. “Well, of course you know Chromeo holds down a really cool vibe of kind of like eighties retro-electric funk, a nice fusion of sound, kind of has a nice old new-wave sound to it.” It isn’t often house DJ’s give album reviews between tracks, all the more reason to check out BTR’s Party Hour.

This is music that DJ J Dayz calls “crack for your ears … That addictive music.” It’s a great window into the indie scene of techno and hip-hop, and you could get addicted. Kanye West, La Roux, Zombie Disco Squad—there is really no placing one label to it. Perhaps this is why BTR decided on the somewhat generic Party Hour. There is no limiting party music, if it’s good and gets you moving on a Saturday Night or Sunday Morning, it could make its way onto DJ J Dayz’s program.

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– Kory French


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