AOTW: Tallest Trees

Tallest Trees is a quirky two-man band born out of Nashville, Tennessee. Characterized by experimental, psychedelic-pop and dreamy, self-reflective lyrics, Tallest Trees have been quietly bubbling beneath the surface preceding the release of their debut album, The Ostrich or the Lark. The album is out on August 17th through the label Other Electricities. The lead single “Alouette” is as lighthearted and upbeat as the French Canadian children’s song it loosely references. The track is laced with reverb drenched electronic loops, bright instruments, and non-traditional percussion. Following in the same vein, “Learn” is a playful arrangement with dance worthy rhythms, and soft vocals. Both songs are easy listening for indie-pop consumption.

The band has seen considerable growth over the years, evolving from a one man, low-fi operation, to an eight-person group, to the current two-man team consisting of Thomas “Trees” Samuel and Dabney “Voice” Morris. The two indie rockers express their existential angst through a joint blog, hosted on their website. Every so often, they post entries of parables and short essays on the demise of art and the more wicked elements of the human condition. The same dark introspection surfaces in their songwriting; on “Learn” Voice sings:

“I’ve seen the one, the only mother, ancient mother in my dreams

She sings to me of a darkness blowing on the breeze”

Tallest Trees recorded most of the album in the dining room of an East Nashville log cabin. Their contemporary, do-it-yourself approach to recording music is particularly obvious in the song “Skinny Little Wrist”, a joyful pop-inspired number with layers of instrumentation, a pronounced handclap, and a variety of synthesized sounds and offbeat loops, products of an unbridled production process.

On August 20th, the band will play songs from the new album at the 5-spot in Nashville.

Listen to BreakThru Radio for new music from Tallest Trees in heavy rotation throughout the site!

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– Ugonna Igweatu


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