When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth: Album Review of “Peaced 12” “

To figure out if you might like the new  Peaced 12” from  Austin-based five-piece When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth,  you need only read the following statement from the band that is posted on their label’s website:

This album was recorded in our practice space in the month of April 2010.  We were very drunk, and very stoned. We’ve recorded quite a bit of stuff before, but this recording actually captures realistically what we do and how we do it. Cheap, loud, and drunk.

Well said. Peaced is abrasive, confrontational, and often, obnoxious — everything a good drunk should be. Through five songs and just over 25 minutes, the songs lurch around, guitars stomping down blasts of decaying noise and a distant vocalist barking incoherent nonsense through delay pedals and distorted overdubs. Peaced throws tantrums of feedback for no apparent reason. And at times, it simply melts down, emitting bursts of noise for the sake of itself.

So, if you’re averse to nearly indecipherable racket, or you don’t find the band’s above statement admirable, endearing or at least funny, I can’t imagine you having any interest in this record. You probably wouldn’t enjoy the crude and clever stupidity of great song titles like “You’ve Got Male” or “Cum Lake.” You might not relish the fact that two of the band’s four guitar players (yes they have four guitar players) tune all their strings to the same note, E, allowing them to, I presume, play with maximum ferocity without the distraction of traditional chords. And you definitely would not listen long enough to hear, under the suffocating crunch and squall of guitars, echos of Flipper, Nirvana, Butthole Surfers and Steve Albini.

Ultimately, Peaced is both about, and a product of, excess: excess guitars, excess volume and excess booze.  Like it or not, this remains one of the most tried and true formulas in rock music, and on these five songs When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth have got it down: cheap, loud and drunk.

RIYL: Drunkdriver, Pygmy Shrews, Mayyors

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– Thomas Seely


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