AOTW: Jaill

Vincent Kircher, Austin Dutmer, Andrew Harris and Ryan Adams constitute Jaill, a psych-pop band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A group who has been “at it” for years, these guys just recently began to break into territory beyond their hometown. Signing with alternative music industry icons Sub-Pop helped somewhat. The record label is responsible for turning out their (very) recently released 2nd album That’s How We Burn. This juncture is a new that the band was very pleased with, “…when Sub-pop started showing interest, we got really excited cuz it felt like a perfect fit for us.  So far it has been real fun.(sic)  The folks at Sub- pop became overnight friends of ours,” said Kircher. “Our experience with the record industry has been very enjoyable, bonding over lots of bowls of grass and records but maybe that’s a Seattle thing.”

Jaill began loosely back in 2002 when longtime friends and fellow musicians Kircher and Dutmer joined forces. The two spent many years messing around, smoking weed and recording tons of material that would never see the light of day. However, in the midst of all this a winning sound was being cultivated, one that was simultaneously gritty and up-beat. After a slew of would-be members the band was finally rounded out with bassist Harris and guitarist Adams. Jaill was now complete

Jaill’s first record There’s No Sky (Oh My My) was a 12-song LP recorded in a funeral home basement. The album which was originally released in early 2009 by Burger Records was re-issued this past April on vinyl. The bands’ first recording was just over 30 minutes in total but within that short time it pulled off some catchy home-grown tunes such as “Always Wrong”. The track has a melody that pulls the listener in from the start, displaying sinewy, undulating guitar riffs over subtly persistent drumming. This and a few other notable tracks such as “Beggar Sincere” were enough to grab the attention of Sub-Pop, and within a year the fledgling band’s second album was released.

Jaill cites influences ranging from the Beach Boys to Jeff Lynne to the Cars. In 2009 they played the infamous Rathskellar one of Boston’s premier live music venues where they were able to perform on the same stage that the Cars had graced so many years before.

Jaill’s new album stays true to the sound and vibe one gets from listening to their first, which says a lot about the band’s modus operandi. They’ve spent enough time realizing their sound, now they are out to share it with the world. The songs contain no pretense and no uncertainty. Tracks like “That’s How We Burn” come at you with an uncompromising and confident sound. A belief in the allure of straight-forward poppy garage-rock. The album’s best song is probably “The Stroller”, a high-energy number with a self-contained vibe personified by twangy guitars and sustained by a little reverb.

The story of Jaill is somewhat of an over-night success story. If the night was proceeded by seven years of laborious unrequited love. The band seems to be a beacon of hope for many struggling bands across the nation with their ragged ways and the kind of fortitude that only comes from a true love of making music.

Singer Vincent muses, “Here’s an inspirational story, Jaill had been kicking it for 7 years, just sort of losing steam, but then Jaill smoked a fat bowl, slammed a couple red bulls, ate a handful of raw jalapenos and now Jaill could probably go 6 or 7 rounds with Mike Tyson…just saying.” Proof that having fun and doing it “All for the music man” can also sometimes coincidentally lead to success.

Jaill is currently touring the Mid-West and West Coast. Get out to a show and catch them live!

Jaill LIVE!!!
August 14- Turner Hall Ballroom- Milwaukee, WI
August 18- Showbox @the Market- Seattle, WA
August 19- Vogue Theater- Vancouver, BC
August 20- Crystal Ballroom- Portland, OR

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– Amanda Decker


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