Setlist – Worldwide Hour: An eclectic mix that airs here on BreakThru Radio

“Every now and then, I’ll get into a mood. I’ll get into a Bossa Nova mood, I’ll get into a Western African mood, ya know? But for the most part on my show, I like to spread it out and show the listener what’s going on everywhere,” says Worldwide Hour host DJ Wynn.

He is probably the best man for the weekly hosting job of the Worldwide Hour here at BreakThru Radio. With a peerless knowledge of music ranging from the Norwegian Casiokids (who sing in Bokmàl, the native tongue to Norway) to the Malian-influenced, Mississippi-bred band Toubab Krewe, DJ Wynn is tapped into more music cultures than most people are bands.

Casiokids – Norway

The Worldwide Hour on BreakThru Radio that airs Wednesday afternoons is one of the station’s best shows and without contest its most diverse and unique. DJ Wynn has a very daunting task laid out before him each week: program sixty minutes of music from all corners of the globe that appeals to listeners of all generations and shades of skin. How does one even go about gathering and preparing for such a task?

“All my stuff is kind of just a rag-tag bunch of what I’ve collected over the years. I started the Worldwide Show five years ago, when I was still in college, and at that point I was just starting to get into, mainly, Afrobeat and Brazilian music. A large collection of my music started from a Brazilian couple I had met at an organizational event called The Rhythm Foundation and we traded music with each other; like, ten gigs of music. Another really good resource is Putumayo. They’re really good at focusing in on a region and giving you a really diverse range of X.”

The most interesting part to the Worldwide Hour is how diverse the style of music is, but at the same time, how everything played shares the one common thread of belonging to a time and a place. “Surely, once you delve deeper into the cultures you’ll get a greater appreciation for it,” DJ Wynn remarks on the obvious. “But I like it because it sounds good,” completing his train of thought with a manifesting smile. It doesn’t matter what style, what generation, or what culture rhythm has to come from, as long as it moves you and places you where you want your mind to be set, it works. From Iceland to Ghana—if it’s good, it’s going to be played.

Nearing the end of the interview, I asked DJ Wynn a question on how the sounds from other cultures resonate with an American audience in his opinion. He looks me deadpan in the eye. “We both work in radio; we know how ‘Top 40’ works,” he replies. “People don’t listen to radio anymore and when they do listen to radio, it is for one of two reasons. One (reason) is while they are driving in the car and just want to tune out and two is while they are doing some kind of manual labor, so it’s just in the background and they can set it up and forget about it. If you want music like that, then certainly just listen to ‘Top 40.’”

Something tells me the people who do want music like that aren’t BTR listeners anyhow, so it is unfortunate that DJ Wynn’s advice and incomparable Worldwide Hour will never reach them.

Be sure to catch new editions of the Worldwide Hour, every Wednesday here on BTR!

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– Kory French

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