BTR Monthly Update With June’s New-In-Rotation Tunes

Every month we fill you in on some of the best new albums spinning on BreakThru Radio. Summertime finds us with some great new titles! With new music from Jeremy Jay, Casiokids and Ty Segall, there is a whole lot to be excited about here at BTR!

Jeremy Jay

The first song on an album can set the mood for the entire piece. The opening track on Jeremy Jay’s latest release, Splash, entitled “As You Look Over the City”, is a bit reminiscent of Pavement. The opening track on Jay’s third full-length album also conjures up a feeling of early 90’s lo-fi, indie and garage rock. This mixture of sounds starts out strong during the first track and continues throughout the album. Other standout tracks include, “Just Dial My Number”, “It Happened Before Our Time” and “Why is This Feeling So Strong”. These three songs all bring about an energetic, danceable, 60’s pop feel. It seems as though Jay channels Lou Reed’s vocal styling’s to engage the listener in his creepy, yet beautifully constructed pop songs.

Although there are references to several different types of music, Jay has his own unique touch. He has the ability to keep the music powerful by using poppy melodies, uplifting chords and happy piano and synth sounds. When he sings there is and a sense of sincerity in his shaky, child-like, half sung – half spoken vocals

Splash was recorded in London during the summer of 2009. Recently Jay moved to London and the record is a reflection of this time in his life. Look out for his fourth full length out later this year.

Jun 16  –  Casbah  –  San Diego, CA
Jul   03  –  Local 506  –  Chapel Hill, NC

Topp Stemning Pa Lokal Bar

I love not being able to understand lyrics. I know it may sound awful, but it gives me, the listener, the ability to fantasize while listening to the instrumentals. This is the case with the Casiokids. I really dig when they sing, and it is unfortunate that I do not understand what they are singing about in their native Norwegian tongue. After several listens to the album, I did a bit of research (it didn’t take very long) and I found the translations on their website.

Casiokids are great producers and their tracks are actually beautifully done without even having vocals. For instance, their second song, “Fot I Hose”, is a very danceable track with an extremely memorable bass line. The album moves flawlessly from tune to tune, almost as if it was one large conceptual masterpiece. The percussive subtleties, catchy bass and synth lines give the tracks their character. The tracks ebb and flow but they maintain their hip shaking vibe. Normally, I am unable to swallow electro pop, but these Norwegians make it pleasurable to do so.


Jun 17  –  02BAC Academy-Glasgow, Scotland
Jun 24  –  Co pop Festival-Cologne, Germany
Jun 25  –  Be2gether Festival  –  Norviliškės, Lithuania

Ty Segall

In a hipster- indie- rock type of world, where lo-fi and garage rock bands are a dime a dozen, Ty Segall is the king. On his third album, Melted, released on Goner records earlier this month, Segall adds some blues, piano, and flute. This is all topped off with more reverb than ever. Melted was recorded with Mike Donovan of Sic Alps, Eric Bauer of Crack W.AR., and John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees. Along with help from some others.

“Finger” has to be one of my favorite tracks on the album. It starts out with Segall singing the lyrics, “Finger on it”, in a melancholy, stoned sort of way. The song then takes a turn for the better, it gets angry. The title track, “Melted” reminds me a lot of the Meat Puppets. The guitars are hard and the feedback is plentiful, but the pace is slow and the dialogue is direct. The track literally is a dose of face melting rock.

Melted is a solid work with eleven tracks that are even more rock and roll then the music on his last effort, Lemons. The album proves that Segall grows as he continues to write, contributing tracks to his fuzzed out repertoire. This album is best listened to loud!


Jun 24  –  Bar Pink Elephant – San Diego, CA
Jun 25  –  Spaceland  –  Los Angeles, CA
Jun 26  –  Howie and Sons  –  Visalia, CA

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– Lottie Leymarie

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