Review: Mr. Dream live at Coco 66 in Brooklyn, New York on May 7, 2010

May 21, 2010

Before Sleigh Bells played to the sold out crowd at Brooklyn’s Coco 66, and before M.I.A. materialized onstage to sing with them, unassuming three-piece Mr. Dream made a pretty decent case for why they are one of the better bands currently playing in Brooklyn.

Taking the stage, the band  launched into the much blogged about “Knuckle Sandwich” off their No Girls Allowed 7-inch, and followed it up with the stellar “Knick Knack,” a bouncy, power-pop number reminiscent of The Clean’s “Beatnik” infused with crunchy guitar accents a la  Jay Reatard.  To my ear, Nirvana serves as the band’s most prevalent influence, especially in Adam Moerder’s guitar work and Nick Sylvester’s drums (see “Downer” off Bleach and “Tourettes” from In Utero), but any fan of bands from Fugazi to Weezer will certainly find something to like.

Mr. Dream, who formed in 2008 and presumably took their name from the character who replaced Mike Tyson in the classic Nintendo game Punch Out, have played minimally throughout Brooklyn this year, but you never would have guessed given the brief, but energizing performance at a packed Coco 66. Despite the one naysayer who the band later called out as their “first enemy” on Twitter, the crowd responded with decisive head nods — bopping and dancing along, a resounding sign of approval for a New York crowd.

Hopefully, the fact that two of the band’s members can list Pitchfork Media on their writing resumes means that these guys know they’re onto something pretty good, and we can expect a full length in the near future. If that’s the case, look forward adding Mr. Dream to the small list of critic-fronted bands worth listening to. Lester Bangs and the Delinquents are getting lonely.

Tour Dates:

May 27 – Bruar Falls – Brooklyn, NY

Link to this article:

– Thomas Seely


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