BTR Artist of the Week: Flying Lotus

I bought Toronto bred Crystal Castles self titled album when it first came out two years ago this “May Two-Four” weekend. I was not immediately impressed, nor was I immediately turned off.  The album grew on me incredibly and has come to earn regular rotation in my iPod, reserved for those moments when I am in an Atari mood.

I think the same thing can be said about this week’s artist of the week Flying Lotus. Leaving no suspense about the electronic space sounds to be found layered in the tracks of his May 4th release, “Fly Lo” titled his album Cosmogramma. The album is receiving strong reviews on both iTunes (four and a half stars) and music fans alike.

If you are completely unfamiliar with the Winnetka, California DJ/Musician/Sound Scientist, and you happen to love Radiohead, then you should tune into BTR’s programming this week and give Cosmogramma some serious ear time. The Radiohead influence is not surreptitious either–Thom Yorke appears as a guest on the album, something that Flying Lotus was thrilled to be able to pull off (specifically, the co-written Yorke track is “… And the World Laughs With You”).

The great-nephew of Alice and John Coltrane, Fly Lo refers to himself as a “lap top musician” infusing everything from, yes, saxophone to ultra 21st Century Dr. Who effects. At points during the album, it is as if we are listening to hip hop beats being played underwater, a drone-y slowed beat and baseline under toning keyboard and synthesizer melodies. As strange as it all sounds, the technique works, and Flying Lotus makes for some great 2010 music.

For fans of a new music sound, like experimental synth, laptop, and hip hop then listen check out our Artist of the Week, Flying Lotus. The band will be spinning all week here on BTR. You won’t be disappointed. Also, be sure to catch Flying Lotus live!

Tour Date:
Jun 18  –  Sonar *Mary Anne Hobbs Stage –  Barcelona, Spain

Link to this article:

– Kory French

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