BTR Monthly Adds Update

There are some stellar new tunes in spinning here at BreakThru Radio. Tons of music crosses our paths but these albums made the cut and are enjoying some heavy rotation on BTR.

Grey Oceans

When I first opened the new Cocorosie album, it looked like some poorly made album by a crappy band. The font they use on their new album is terrible and if it would have been any other group I would have pitched the CD right away. Alas, I knew the work would be full of gems, so I kept it and listened right away. CocoRosie is a duo that consists of sisters Bianca “Coco” and Sierra “Rosie” Casady. The two had an abnormal upbringing, moving around the US with their mother, neither of them completed school. In 2003,  they began work on their first album in Sierra’s apartment in Paris and released their debut La Maison de mon reve on Touch and Go Records.

The duo just released their fourth studio album, Grey Oceans. They spent most of 2009 writing and recording in Paris, New York, Berlin, Melbourne and Buenos Aires. The result is an haunting eleven song album full of beautiful but creepy tracks with sonic nuances that only the most sophisticated musicians could create. CocoRosie are true artists, creating a piece of work that is really like nothing else. Their vocals are unique, part operatic and part childlike. They use their voices as instruments they lightly float over their instrumental landscapes. Their music may take some getting used to, as it is not easily digestible and first. A dose of illegal drugs and an open mind will change that. I recommend three tracks, “Hopscotch”, “Grey Oceans” and “Lemonade”.


May 11 –  The Button Factory  –  Dublin, Ireland
May 12 –  Classic Grand  –  Glasgow, Scotland

Murder By Death
Good Morning, Magpie

When you listen to Murder By Death, you would think that the band consisted of a bunch of seasoned musicians in their 60’s. The singer, Adam Turia, sings as if he has had two lives worth of stories and experiences to talk about. T

he group has been around since 2000 when they formed in Bloomington, Indiana. Their fifth album, Good Morning, Magpie, fuses many different musical elements, including rock, country and cabaret. The album was created and inspired by Turia’s retreat to the mountains in Tennessee with just a fishing pole, tent and notebook. The eleven songs were written in seclusion, but only one track “You Don’t Miss Twice” is a reflection of Turia’s time in the woods.

After Turia returned, the band rehearsed and recorded the album over a six week period in their hometown. I am a huge fan of the opening track, penned by the group’s cellist and piano player, Sarah Balliet. I also enjoyed their second track, “As Long As There Is Whiskey In The World”. The entire album is great, and oddly enough, you’ll never feel alone in the woods when listening.


May 11  –  The High Noon Saloon  –  Madison,WI
May 12  –  Triple Rock  –  Minneapolis,MN

– Lottie Leymarie


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