Green Bus Tour: Hitting the road to inspire a culture of conscious living

A huge bright green school bus is brambling across our American highways. It might even be stopping in your town or somewhere nearby. It is filled with an eclectic bunch of young individuals that have set out on a quest to disperse the seeds of “green living”.

If you are one of those many people that have always thought about going green but never knew just how to go about it then this old converted school bus may help you learn how to embody the cause. Out to inspire and connect with their fellow primates these entrepreneurial young spirits are not just preaching the ways of eco-conscious living but are in fact living out its movements. A refreshing if not somewhat idealistic endeavor.

Touted as a demonstration house for green living, this mobile workshop center known as the Green Bus Tour attends live events across the country where they offer people hands-on advice regarding nearly all aspects of green living from energy conservation to green jobs to yoga and meditation. An all inclusive group to be sure the members of this collective harbor a wide range of skills from vegan cooking to engineering processes. Yes, this collaborative seems to be as much about encouraging a way of life as it is about tackling particular environment versus man issues. Reminiscent of the 1960s hippy vibe the group aboard the big green bus seem intent on achieving the lofty goal of fostering a harmonious existence for all planet Earth dwellers.

The Green Bust Tour has a particular flair for showcasing green-minded bands, who in turn help to entertain at Green Bus Tour demonstrations. Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory will soon play host to a show entitled Unitribe Nightlife: Sowing the Seeds of Change where co-founder Jenny Electrik will be performing with her band Dynasty Electric.

Of course the bus runs on a combination vegetable oil from restaurants and solar power, so no carbon skid-marks will be left in the wake of its travels. With a D-I-Y attitude that is inspirational to be certain, this group seeks to create a culture of creative collaboration or as founder Charlie Gonzalez puts it,“We are setting out to create an experience, finding new ways to work together to meet our current challenges, which are really just opportunities.” However, with many Americans still hard-pressed to abandon their SUV’s and “go-go” lifestyles lets hope he is as patient as he is optimistic.

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– Amanda Decker


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