Wednesday Night at Flaco’s Cuban Bakery: Featuring Devon Stuart, Michael Claytor And His Friends, The Rocketboys and the Adult Boys Thunderband

Every Wednesday night, the mandatory music-based destination in downtown Gainesville, Florida is Flaco’s Cuban Bakery.


The food is authentically excellent, for starters. And the geographical location of Flaco’s is perfect, sitting smack-dab in the center of town. But the damn-near magnetic draw also has a lot to do with sound waves, and those uniting notes are the work of Devon Stuart (of The Takers), the power trio known as Michael Claytor And His Friends, and the entity created when both come together as a quartet; the Adult Boys Thunderband.

This symbiotic cast of characters has congregated at Flaco’s for over 102 Wednesday nights (and counting). They always play for free, they always play certain cover songs, and they always have friends stopping by to either raise a fist in community, or join in on stage for a song.

Looking around the back room at Flaco’s on such a night, one is guaranteed to see players from other local bands. Representatives from Morningbell, Brewster Baker, Umoja Orchestra and The Takers, they’re always there, and usually singing along.

Things were no different this past Wednesday night at Flaco’s, unless you count the  unexpected addition of the Austin, Texas-based band The Rocketboys, who busted out a rare acoustic set for the occasion. Two videos of that set lie below, as well as a bevy of others from some of Gainesville’s Finest.

Take a gander.

After that, go behind the scenes and listen to interviews I did with just about everyone you see/hear below, In The Den. After listening, I think you’ll know why these Wednesday nights at Flaco’s are so special…

“When I Leave This World” – Devon Stuart & Michael Claytor

“Whiskey, Wine & Beer,” by Devon Stuart

“Solidarity Forever,” by Michael Claytor And His Friends

“Real Triumphs Of Love and Fortune,” by The Rocketboys

“Take It From Me,” by The Rocketboys

Harmony, and then “Honeydew,” from the Adult Boys Thunderband

Finale for the Adult Boys Thunderband!

– Matt Lehtola


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