In The Den

Episode 76 In The Den is all about celebrating the coming of new BTR Live Studio compilation, Volume 3, which DJ Maia McDonald and the BTR Staff are compiling right now!

00:00 Delta Juliet Latola

09:00 Bead (BTR Live Studio) – Dinowalrus
16:15 Fistful Of Swoon (BTR Live Studio) – Vandaveer
20:34 Lonnie Was (BTR Live Studio) – Peasant
23:27 And The Hazy Sea (BTR Live Studio) – Cymbals Eat Guitars
30:26 Delta Juliet Latola
31:16 Patent Pending (BTR Live Studio) – The Extraordinaires
35:14 New Number (BTR Live Studio) – Choir Of Young Believers
40:01 Heart Trompets (BTR Live Studio) – Brasstronaut
47:14 Delta Juliet Latola
47:39 Lake Eerie (BTR Live Studio) – Boca Chica
51:33 Castoff (BTR Live Studio) – Family Of The Year
55:39 Delta Juliet Latola
58:09 Bright Circumstance (BTR Live Studio) – Glass Ghost
62:10 Finish

Vandaveer (in the BTR Live Studio)


May 8 2010 at The Black Cat (with Meredith Bragg) in Washington, DC
May 27 2010 at La Cave aux Poetes in Roubaix, France
May 28 2010 at L’Abriblues in Bois d’Arcy, France
May 29 2010 at Maison des Arts in Créteil, France
May 31 2010 at Le Mery in Paris, France

Boca Chica
(in the BTR Live Studio)


Apr 23 2010 at The Gallery Crawl in Pittsburgh, PA
May 8 2010 at Howlers in Bloomfield, PA
May 9 2010 at Belvederes in Lawrenceville, PA

(in the BTR Live Studio)


Apr 27 2010 at Hemlock Tavern w/ Tempo no Tempo in San Francisco, CA
Apr 28 2010 at BIKO Garage w/ Tempo no Tempo in Santa Barbara, CA
Apr 29 2010 at The Smell w/ Signals in Los Angeles, CA
Apr 30 2010 at Che Cafe w/Tempo no Tempo in San Diego, CA
May 1 2010 at FMLY Space w/Tempo no Tempo in Los Angeles, CA
May 2 2010 at Crepe Place w/ Tempo no Tempo in Santa Cruz, CA
May 3 2010 at 21 Grand w/Tempo no Tempo in Oakland, CA
May 15 2010 at Party Expo w/ TBA in Brooklyn, NY

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