Artist of the Week: Evelyn Evelyn

Our featured artist this week is Evelyn Evelyn, a singing/songwriting duo of conjoined twins from the Midwest, who share both a liver and a name. The twins play ukulele, piano, guitar, and accordion—though they have only two arms between the two of them, their coordination is impeccable.

There is a heavy aura of mystery surrounding the twins’ upbringing and private life. Hailing from a small town on the Kansas-Colorado border, Evelyn and Evelyn Neville allegedly started their musical career as youngsters touring with the bizarre and obscure Dillard and Fullerton Traveling Show.

After putting out a six-track EP in 2007 (titled Elephant Elephant), the duo quickly gained a loyal fan-base. Though they are currently on world tour, the twins will not allow themselves to be filmed, photographed, or interviewed. (After initially agreeing to an email interview, the band’s manager never responded to follow-up emails from BreakThru Radio.)

At least this is what the fictional duo’s creators, Jason Webley and Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls), would have you believe. In truth, the conjoined-twin-folk-cabaret-duo is entirely fabricated. Webley and Palmer have written a fictional bio of the twins, and further developed their invented identities through MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. In the case of this group, artist and theatre are inextricably entwined.

The creative duo is gaining steam this year with the release of a full-length album, titled Evelyn Evelyn. Combining lyrical storytelling with cabaret and folk, the album is unlike anything I have ever heard. It is funny, creepy, and lewd at once (a track near the end sports the sardonic title, “You Only Want Me ‘Cuz You Want My Sister.”) It is a noir-ish fairy-tale that encourages you to surrender yourself to a fantasy world. By combining theater, literature, cabaret, and folk, Evelyn Evelyn is one of the more imaginative artists of 2010, a must-listen for skeptics and believers alike.

Listen to BreakThru Radio all week for tracks from Evelyn Evelyn’s new album!

See Evelyn Evelyn live:

May 22 – 23: Great American Music Hall – San Francisco
May 25 – 27: Largo at the Coronet – Los Angeles
June 8 – 13: Lucille Lortel Theater – New York City

Link to this article:

– Hunter Stuart


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