Citizen Radio

Citizen Radio has changed its logo from, “Thinking Critically Even When It’s Your Guy In The White House,” to “DIY Radio Broadcasting From The People’s Republic Of The Internet”.  Jamie and Allison explain why they made the change.

The burden of the Employer-Employee relationship increasingly falls exclusively on the Employee. Fortune 500 companies like Wal-Mart have now hired a company, Talx, to rob employees of their unemployment benefits. (

Next, Jamie explains his theory that America’s system of credit and debt has created political apathy.

Citizen Radio discusses “The New Jim Crow,” a wonderful book by author, and future Citizen Radio guest, Michelle Alexander. The War On Drugs has created a permanent, disenfranchised class of young (mostly black) men.

Former Chief Speechwriter and Deputy Policy Director for Rudy Giuliani’s 2008 Presidential Campaign John Avlon compared the attempted citizen’s arrest of Karl Rove by Code Pink to the Hutaree militia planning to attack and kill law enforcement officers and their families. (

Jamie compares the FBI’s handling of the Hutaree militia to the FBI killing of a Detroit Imam (


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