These New Puritans

From Thames Estuary, UK we get this week’s feature artist of the week: These New Puritans. Think Pink Floyd meets twenty-first century. From everything like the eerie opening sound of the first track on their latest album Hidden, to the use of a children’s choir in “Attack Music,” I couldn’t help but think of Floyd’s A Saucerful of Secrets and The Wall respectively.

Hidden is the follow-up album to Beat Pyramid by These New Puritans, who are represented by The Domino Recording Co. (who also represent Bonny Prince Billy, Arctic Monkey, Franz Ferdinand, and Sons and Daughters, to name only a few). While the songs on Beat Pyramid have been referred to by Pitchfork as “chunks of raw riffage and misbehaving machinery sewn together, [whose] sleek edges [fit] perfectly,” I felt Hidden is trying to do a bit too much with the same methods and approach. (As a trivial side note, Pitchfork also compares them to Joy Division, and while I admit I thought the same thing, the comparison was drawn more from watching some of their live performances on MySpace than hearing it in their music).

There is a strong element of a hip-hop stlye in the lyrics sung by lead Jack Barnett. This verbal style is consistent with the songs on their first album Beat Pyramid and what is slowly becoming to be recognized as the unique TNP sound. Sighting Wu Tang Clan, and specifically RZA, as a major musical influence to the band, it is obvious that Hidden remains consistent with what their fans expect to hear from them while at the same time finds musical ways to tread in newly discovered water. Like most artists we feature on BreakThru Radio (in fact, like most emerging artists from all over the world in general), These New Puritans are as eclectic as they are contemporary. Live performances feature everything from a full brass section to an electronic synth drum-kit played by Barnett’s twin brother George.

If you are unfamiliar with These New Puritans and consider yourself a junky for stretching music boundaries when it comes to categorical collaboration, then make sure to check these guys out.

Listen up to BTR all week long for new music from These New Puritans! And, if you get a chance be sure to catch them on tour!


Apr 07  –  Tunnel Club  –  Milan, Italy
Apr 08  –  Traffic  –  Rome, Italy
Apr 09   –  Locomotiv  –  Bologna, Italy
Apr 10  –  Spazio 211  –  Turin, Italy
Apr 14  –  Thekla   –  Bristol, England
Apr 16  –   Cabaret Voltaire  –  Edinburgh, Scotland
Apr 17  –  Leadmill  –   Sheffield, England

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– Kory French


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