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Downtown And Brooklyn

00:00 Mic Break
01:30 Neon Noose – Golden Triangle
04:45 Electric Car, Gas Guitar – Dinowalrus
09:40 Despicable Dogs – Small Black
13:30 Acid King of Hell – Grooms
16:25 Nowheres Nigh – Parts and Labor
20:50 Before the Hours – Blank Dogs
24:01 Time – Beach Fossils
26:24 Mic Break
27:34 Number Ten Girl – The Black Hollies
32:15 Here to Fall – Yo La Tengo
37:53 Snow Days – Real Estate
42:10 Just Didn’t Need to Know – The Shivers
46:39 When the Ground Walks Away – East River Pipe
48:51 Let’s Go – The Feelies
51:25 Mic Break
53:27 Winona – Pink Reason

Golden Triangle

May 4 2010 – Monster Island – Brooklyn, NY
Jun 30 2010 – Sled Island Festival – Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Apr 1 2010 – Great Scott – Boston, MA
Apr 2 2010 – The 201 – Providence, RI
Apr 3 2010 – Sarah Lawrence College – Bronxville, NY
Apr 13 2010 – Maxwells – Hoboken, NJ
Apr 16 2010 – Death By Audio – Brooklyn, NY

Pink Reason

Apr 9 2010 – Death By Audio – Brooklyn, NY

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Drink Up Buttercup at BTR’s SXSW Party

00:00 DJ Latola Intro
01:22 Gods And Gents – Drink Up Buttercup
05:36 Mr. Pie Eyes – Drink Up Buttercup
09:16 Even Think – Drink Up Buttercup
12:17 Young Ladies – Drink Up Buttercup
15:52 Doggy Head – Drink Up Buttercup
18:38 Sosey And Dosey – Drink Up Buttercup
23:16 Seasickness Pills – Drink Up Buttercup

Drink Up Buttercup LIVE
Mar 26 2010     Nightcat     Easton, MD
Mar 27 2010     DC9     Washington, DC
Apr 9 2010     McArdle Theatre, Keweenawesome Fest      Houghton, MI
Apr 10 2010     Reggies Rock Club     Chicago, IL
Apr 11 2010     The Basement w/ Maps and Atlases     Columbus, OH
Apr 15 2010     Maxwell’s w/ Maps & Atlases     Hoboken, NJ
Apr 17 2010     Eyeclopes Studio w/ Maps & Atlases     Fredricksburg, VA
Apr 18 2010     Clementine Café w/ Maps & Atlases     Harrisonburg, VA
Apr 19 2010     Musica w/ Maps & Atlases     Akron, OH
May 5 2010     Brooklyn Bowl     Brooklyn, NY
May 6 2010     Sheldon Hall Ballroom     Oswego, NY

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Canada’s Free Speech Hypocrisy

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Canadians are whipped up into a frenzy over this Ann Coulter lady, who I hear sometimes says controversial stuff. Ann was supposed to speak at the University of Ottawa, but the event has been cancelled over “public safety” fears.

The “public safety” concerns probably had something to do with the several hundred people who showed up to protest, and performed a little Microcosm US Political Theater:

“No more racists on our campus,’’ shouted the anti-Coulter crowd.

“No more commies on our campus,” shouted the pro-Coulter group.

And there you have it.

I have no idea if Ann is a racist. I know she says some ugly, racist things, but that could be because she’s a businesswoman who knows she sells more books after saying negative things about liberals, or black people.

Regardless, Ann was allowed access to Canada and the University of Ottawa in the spirit of free speech. However, Canada hasn’t always been this generous with other speakers.

For example, the anti-war British MP George Galloway was banned from Canada on national security grounds. It seems Galloway was saying negative things about the Afghanistan war, including the participation of Canadian troops, while donating supplies to Gaza and money to Hamas, all of which really cheesed off the Canadian government.

Galloway insists he is not a supporter of the democratically elected Hamas government, but rather, a “supporter of democracy.”

Alykhan Velshi, a spokesman for Canada’s immigration minister, said

We’re going to uphold the law, not give special treatment to this infandous street-corner Cromwell who actually brags about giving ‘financial support’ to Hamas, a terrorist organisation banned in Canada,” he said. “I’m sure Galloway has a large Rolodex of friends in regimes elsewhere in the world willing to roll out the red carpet for him. Canada, however, won’t be one of them.

Snap! Canada does NOT support terrorism. Got that, Galloway? Take your donations to a democratically elected government, and keep walking, mister.

Maple Syrup country has slightly higher standards for visitors, m’kay?

Meanwhile, the Canadian government welcomed — with open arms — this guywho oversaw the invasion of countries that never threatened his homeland, torture, wiretapping, and the general undermining of the US Constitution. But apparently visiting war criminals don’t pose a national security threat.

Also, as long as state-supported terrorism is wrapped in an American flag, it’s all gravy. Or maple syrup. Whatever.

Then there was the harassment of Democracy Now correspondent Amy Goodman at Canada’s border.

U.S. journalist Amy Goodman said she was stopped at a Canadian border crossing south of Vancouver on Wednesday and questioned for 90 minutes by authorities concerned she was coming to Canada to speak against the Olympics.

Goodman says Canadian Border Services Agency officials ultimately allowed her to enter Canada but returned her passport with a document demanding she leave the country within 48 hours.

Just in case you’re planning a trip to Canada (and you’re keeping score,) this means you’ll be allowed to enter the territory of our friendly neighbors to the north if you:

* Invade autonomous countries

* Wiretap the citizenry’s phones

* Let poor black people drown

* Torture people

Blame slaves for their enslavement

But you will not be allowed into Canada if you criticize

* Illegal wars, or

* the Olympics

Those are some messed up priorities, Canada.

I do think Ann should be allowed to speak, just as the student protesters should be allowed to counter her hate speech. If the campus decides to shut down the event due to safety concerns, that’s their call.

What doesn’t make sense, and what isn’t intellectually consistent, is the double standard of free spech. Ann can’t be allowed to speak, while Galloway and Goodman are banned and/or harassed. Either all speech is welcome, or not, but Canada can’t claim to protect “free speech” with such two-tier standards in place.

Side-note: These standards apply to every country masquerading as a “free and open” society. Ditto everything stated above for the US, but Canada is in the news this week, so I’m picking on them.

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– Allison Kilkenny

Live Studio: Hannah Fairchild

Paper Kingdoms released on March 31 @ Bar 4 – Brooklyn, NY

00:00 Hannah Fairchild
00:48 Poor Leander
02:57 Interview
07:05 Slow Burn
11:23 Story behind “Nicolette”
12:07 Nicolett
16:05 Story behind “Fox’s Wedding”
17:23 Fox’s Wedding
21:32 Muse
24:36 Before The Cold Air Hits Us
27:16 Interview
31:04 All Eyes Are On Me
34:17 Interview
34:58 Jordan Baker

Link to this show:

SXSW Day 2 – Sched Tomfoolery

My second day at SXSW 2010 begin bloated full of promise. Cackling madly on caffeine,  my thoughts were all “Oh the content I will gather, like a mighty push broom will I cut a path!”

Alack, it was my weakest haul yet. I suffered a vicious defeat from the usually trustworthy Sched* Unofficial SXSW website, which led me to three wrong shows:

1. Donnis, scheduled to start 6:20 PM at Light Bar, actually played at 3:20ish. This one really irks, because I could have seen The xx at the French Legation League with Phil. But everyone is already writing about The xx , you know? Few folk are talking about Donnis, whose debut album 10.Deep Presents: Diary Of An ATL Brave is an instant house party classic. I wanted that interview, bad, but the Sched* killed it.

2. Warpaint was scheduled to play The Parish at 1 AM (according to the ol’ Sched*), but It turned out to be Andy Clockwise. I told the door fellow about it, and he didn’t believe it until I showed him the mistake on the Sched* website. So, another hour of planning and walking wasted.

3. Surfer Blood was scheduled to play Lustre Pearl ’round midnight, but it turned out to be Dr. Dog, which was awesome, but I just saw them last weekend at the Harvest of Hope (and interviewed them there as well). It turned out Surfer Blood were actually scheduled for 12:15 the next night. Sigh.

However, not everything was in the negatory on Thursday.

I caught an acoustic set from Drink Up Buttercup at The Hideout, and it was the first time I ever heard “Pink Sunshine” live. It happened when frontman James Harvey (guitar, lead vocals) and multi-instrumentalist Ben Mazochetti (keys, bass, maracas, melodica, vocals) asked me what song they should play next. I was shocked, flabbergasted and blown away by this sudden honor, and panicking, I suggested “Pink Sunshine.”

As good as it was, however, it wasn’t complete. Multi-instrumentalist Farzad Houshiarnejad (who splits keys, melodica, maraca, vocal and bass duties with Ben) was crashed out on one of the movie theatre-like seats at The Hideout, stricken with Strep Throat. He could barely talk, and seeing Drink Up perform as a 3 piece (without Farzad’s soaring harmonies) was beyond strange (like seeing Crosby and Stills minus Nash).

Drummer Mike Cammarata was weirded out by the lack of Farzad as well, and he added that (while we walked down 4th Street en route to the Convention Center) it was the first time Drink Up had played without him. Still, the band did the best they could, and, let’s be honest, 75% of Drink Up Buttercup is a billion times better than most full bands.

Liars were live as always, but they suffered a time-burning bass amp issue that knocked, as frontman Angus Andrew cracked, “about five songs from the set.” Still, the new material from Sisterworld was incredibly exciting, especially with “Scissor'” and all those sonic shifts from muse to bruise. Elder track “Clear Island” crackled with craze. That song just fucking explodes, violently choking cochleas with decibels, like “yeah?! Yeah?!??! Your ears will ring for DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYS.”

They finished things with “A Visit From Drum,” off of Drum’s Not Dead (oh cherished album) and then it was time for me to make a bad decision. Phil (DJ Wynn) was going to see The XX at the French Legation League, and I was totally down for it. But then I saw Donnis was playing at Light Bar at 6:20 PM, over on Congress. His debut full-length, 10.Deep Presents: Donnis – Diary Of An ATL Brave, is solid gold house party music; instant gratification to my ears since hearing it last year, so, yeah, I started slapping Chucks to red dust. “This is going to make for an awesome interview, I can ask him about the line ‘I’m the shit fertilizing in that greener grass,'” but we all know what happened. Sched* was wrong, and the worst part was, there was no lineup posted anywhere at Light Bar. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out if Donnis was playing upstairs or downstairs. Nobody knew anything.

Finally I spoke to a woman packing a clipbaord with the information. The lineup said “Donnis – 3:20 PM.”

He had come and “Gone.”

-Matt Latola

Seanchai and The Unity Squad: A Modern Day Irish- American Band Throws Off the Shackles of Tradition

For many, Irish music brings to mind traditional old country folk circumscribed by flute and bagpipes. Something boxed off and far removed from modern day trends. But for the Irish-American band Seanchai and The Unity Squad nothing could be further from the truth. Headed by frontman Chris Byrne this unique musical outfit embodies several different musical stylings while calling upon their Irish roots.

When Byrne’s began Seanchai he did so with a direct purpose of not getting bogged down in the staunch traditions of Irish music. Though he is educated and informed of his heritage from the Emerald Isle he places importance on creating music that tells of the modern day experiences of Irish- Americans. A former member of the NYPD and a current professor of Criminal Justice at St. John’s University this multi-talented man is no stranger to the social abrasiveness that is New York City.  Many of Seanchai’s songs speak to this.

Marrying elements of funk, punk, hip-hop, reggae, and of course Celtic rock Seanchai synthesizes world cultures. The effect of which is a unique, interesting and frolicking sound that travels across the globe and back through feisty and spontaneous melodies. Songs like “Rebel Hip-Hop” that showcase rapping backdropped by the Irish flute perfectly exemplify Seanchai’s incomparable sound. With instruments including bass, guitar, whistle, uillean pipes (a variation on the bagpipe) and bohdran (traditional Irish drum) there is no lack of variety here.

Seanchai and The Unity Squad have succeeded in giving voice to the felt accumulation of the Irish-American experience. All the historical conscience that comes into play for many immigrants and first-generation Irish as they attempt to maneuver within the complex melting pot that is America, and particularly New York City. When one listens to Seanchai you feel that a new mosaic tradition is coming into play.

Link to this Article:

– Amanda Decker

Battlehooch @ BTR SXSW Party 2010

Live @ The BreakThru Radio SXSW Party 2010
Palm Door, Austin TX
Recorded March 17, 2010

00:00 DJ Wynn Intro
00:31 Human Ram – Battlehooch
02:13 Classic Clowns & Lords – Battlehooch
06:47 Only Baby Sharks – Battlehooch
10:19 Somersaults – Battlehooch
14:07 Special Place – Battlehooch
18:22 Caliphate – Battlehooch
21:56 Take The L Train – Battlehooch
25:19 Joke – Battlehooch

Battlehooch LIVE
Mar 25 2010     McWorld w/ Tobacco     Los Angeles, CA
Mar 26 2010     Jose’s Lounge Underground    Monterey, CA
Mar 27 2010     Crepe Place     Santa Cruz, CA
Mar 28 2010     Vulcan Lofts     Oakland, CA
Apr 17 2010     Bottom Of The Hill     San Francisco, CA