SXSW Day 2, Cedar St.

Currently at the Filter Party at the Cedar Street Courtyard. What a pain in the butt so far. The deal was you had to RSVP. Did not guarantee access but you get your name on the list. Ok, so I did that. On top of that, badges were supposed to have priority. Awesome, right? Wrong!

I get here relatively early and the line is pretty much down the street. I see a sign that says that badges get priority and to form a line. I look for said line and it is nowhere to be found. I then find someone that tells me they just have the one line. I finally get to the door and see person after person rejected ahead of me. I’m finally next to get in. I have my ID, PRESS badge, email confirmation, etc. ready to go. “Umm… you’re not on the list.” WHAT?!?!?! I was so angry. The girl rejected me but I stood my ground and somehow got in.

Thus far, it’s been worth it. Minus the Bear just played. They put on a damn good set, which included some songs off of their soon to be released album OMNI. The album comes out on May 4th and based on their performance I will totally be picking it up.

Above, is my current view. Side stage through a doorway. it was the quickest and easiest way to get close to the action in the elongated courtyard which is PACKED!

Uffie is now on stage. She’s sorta reminding me of that KE$HA girl that’s big right now. She’s a little hip/hop popstar. Super cute blonde with black sequined leotard style booty shorts, a white top, leather jacket and tights. Very energetic but the crowd doesn’t seem to be receiving her very well.

She’s sandwiched between two artists that a lot of people came out to see  (Minus the Bear and Miike Snow) and  perhaps this is not her crowd. It’s the type of show that should involve jumping up and down, dancing, and rocking out. However, it seems that despite her coaxing, the bulk of the crowd is just blankly staring forward. Perhaps they haven’t had enough drinks.

I feel bad because the girl truly is talented and interesting to boot. Wikipedia bills her as “n American-born, Hong Kong- raised, Paris- based rapper, vocalist, entertainer and songwriter.” If that isn’t interesting, I don’t know what is. Her new album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans is set for release in May an appropriately titled name for the former Parisian fashion major.

Uffie’s set just wrapped up and Miike Snow is on deck. Should be a kick-ass show. I’m very much looking forward to this one. Then tonight at Cedar Street is the Merge Records showcase! She and him, Wye Oak, Lour Barlow, and others are performing.

As long as the internet holds strong, I’ll keep you updated as the day goes on. Also, check my tweets (

-Emily Smith

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