Golden Triangle: The View from Against a Pillar at Monster Island Basement – Brooklyn, New York on March 6th, 2010

The moment I realized that Golden Triangle were a fantastic live band happened when a man in a prom dress with giant balloons for breasts crowd-surfed into my head. For most of the night I observed as he rose and fell over a sea of hands, kicking his legs like a Rockette, while trying desperately to hold onto his wig with a free hand. I kept my eye on him as the powerhouse Brooklyn six-piece, Golden Triangle charged through a set of songs from their new album Double Jointer.

Each time GT finished a song, the greasy, big-breasted surfer would end up on the floor only to pop up again with a psychotic smile that looked like it might rip his face in half. I was excited about the prime spot I had staked out in the center of the room, right next to a white pillar and below the smoke machine and the projector that flung technicolor triangles across the stage. I hoped this would provide some sort of safety, but flying bodies were the forecast for the night: moshing with a chance of surfers.

I’m usually not such a square when it comes to these kinds of things. However, this night, my two companions had abandoned me (one somehow managed to fall asleep against the aforementioned pillar, and the other—a severe claustrophobic— fled the basement amidst a desperate rant about fire exits and, “Doesn’t anybody remember Great White?!” etc…) so I couldn’t muster the energy to thrash around up close to the stage. I definitely was not bored though. GT had possessed this weirdo surfer, and it was just too fun not to lean back and watch.

The band played on. The projector continued it’s machine gun blasts of light, and a bearded man, crouched behind the stage, blew more muggy blasts of smoke out of a purple machine.  As the room filled with fog, Golden Triangle launched into their single “Neon Noose” and a strange thing began to happen: Everyone, or what seemed like nearly everyone, decided it was their turn to surf.  Using any available shoulder for leverage, sweaty people all around me tried to join the surfer above the crowd. Once a few people got up, the rest just piled on.  The crowd was trying to climb on top of itself. This continued through the anthemic “Jinx” and into bouncy punk-country jam “Death to Fame.” It was somewhere near the final chorus of “I Want to Know”— as I found myself totally thrilled and mesmerized by the spectacle — that the surfer, his ample chest and the heel of his neon stiletto, came crashing down upon my face. I helped him up and he looked at me through that smile of his and said, “Fantastic! Put me back up!” So I did. It was awesome.

Before this show, I had never heard Golden Triangle’s music or read about their live show. So, when I got home I listened to Double Jointer. While it’s got way more energy and swagger than the Vivian Girls or any of Brooklyn’s other girl group/garage-psych hybrids, it fails to capture the hypnotic, freak-out energy of their live show. For it is impossible to put to tape the captivating, sexualized cool of vocalists Vashti Windish and Carly Rabalais. No reel-to-reel can record the effect of grinding reverbed-out guitars enveloping your ears through a cloud of fog. And there is no setting in Pro-Tools to reproduce the bizarre joy of having a hairy man in a dress and heels fall from the sky onto your face.

Catch Golden Triangle LIVE!!!

March 13- Festival Normal – Monterrey, Mexico
March 15 – Mango – Houston, TX
March 16 – Scoot Inn (Panache pre-party) midnight – Austin, TX
March 17 – End of an Ear in-store 3pm – Austin, TX –
March 18 – Spider House (BrooklynVegan/AnSo party) 3pm – Austin, TX
March 18 – Galaxy Room (Hardly Art / Sub Pop showcase)  – Austin, TX
March 19 – Okay Mountain (KVRX party) 4pm – Austin, TX
March 20 – Beauty Bar (Panache Showcase) midnight – Austin, TX
March 20 – Lustre Pearl (Filter/Dickies party) 3pm – Austin, TX
March 20 – Spider House (NY Night Train party) 7:30pm – Austin, TX
March 20 – Long Branch Inn (Impose Magazine party) 10pm – Austin, TX
March 21- Beerland (Panache Hangover party) 6pm – Austin, TX
March 22 – The Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK
March 23- Replay – Lawrence, KS
March 24 – Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL
March 25 – Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
March 26 – The Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
April 1 – Knitting Factory – New York, NY
April 4 – Monster Island – New York, NY

– Thomas Seely


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