Anatomy of a Blogger: Days Are Numbers

This week we featured the blog Days Are Numbers. They have created an incredible mix that I will be presenting in it’s entirety. Aneet, the woman responsible for the mix, has a very unique mixing style that blurs the edges of the compositions. It is quite thrilling trying to pick out where things begin and end. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

00:00 Greetings
00:31 Aneet talks about Days Are Numbers
05:36 Our Bells – Four Tet
07:27 Seancing Song – Broadcast & The Focus Group
09:36 Pish! Pshaw! – The Free Pop Electronic Concept
12:26 Shitkicker – Malachai
15:43 All The King’s Men (Banjo or Freak Out Remix) – Wild Beasts
19:33 Microtrinics NO.6 – Broadcast
20:40 Choci Loni – Young Marble Giants
22:47 Silent Command – Cabaret Voltaire
27:05 Livin’ In The 50’s – The Android Sisters
30:46 Dance to the Music – Junior Byron
38:56 Forwardness – To Rococo Rot
41:45 Join The Future
46:07 Treehouse/Schoolbell – Arthur Russell
53:04 ­Interview with Aneet
59:30 Goodbye

Mar 12 2010      Carpi Teatro Comunale     Carpi, Italy
Mar 13 2010      Sala Espace Musica     Torino, Italy

Four Tet
Mar 13 2010     Bongo Club      Edinburgh, Scotland
Mar 17 2010     Concorde 2      Brighton, England
May 18 2010     Plug            Sheffield, England

Wild Beasts
Mar 12 2010     Uni Queen’s Hall        Leicester, England
Mar 15 2010     Waterfront              Norwich, England
Mar 16 2010     Phoenix                 Exeter, England

Link to this show:


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