Agnostic Front Reawakens

Legendary hard-core band Agnostic Front has been revisiting their roots in celebration of their 25 year anniversary. The band is currently touring to promote the re-releases of their two most infamous albums; Victim in Pain and United Blood.

The group recently played NYC with their original line-up from 1984 featuring Roger Miret, Vinny Stigma, Rob Kabula, and Dave Jones and one thing was for sure, there hasn’t been a show like this in a while.

Hardcore, metal, and punk fans from NYC, New Jersey, and Long Island convened for a raucous night of loud- ass music played as hard and heartfelt as it comes. In the once unlikeliest of performance places, the newly coined “Gowanus” (huh?, say the locals), Brooklyn hosted a sold out (aww, sorry latecomers) show for the cities forgotten foot soldiers of the home-grown concert pit.

Agnostic Front has been around for a while and have maintained a tightly-knit, loyal fan base that has withstood the test of time. Their onstage presence speaks for itself and the crowds exuberance expressed in circular formation reminds the old-timers why they got into these boisterous, lovable freaks to begin with.

These heavy hitters came hard and fast on the NYC music scene in the early eighties giving voice to the shared daily frustrations of many urban youths. Songs about family, friends, work, and socio-political issues were issued forth in loud strident battle-cries and the hungry crowds responded with equally impressive displays of vigor.

Agnostic Front shows are scenes for ‘call and response’ between the band and the audience, matching inch for inch in their desire for a venue to vent. Awww, the good old days, back when NYC live music shows were still apologetically messy, in an endearing way. Preceded by a 40oz of some generic label beer in the alley behind a small club. Ridiculously loud, hot, sweaty, intimate affairs that were likely to brand you with a nasty little bruise or two.

Agnostic Front heralded in a movement that sought aggressively passionate catharsis through penetratingly acute lyrics and rambunctious instrumentation. Even if hard-core is not your “thing” the experience of the raw energy present at an Agnostic Front show is enough to warrant attendance.

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– Amanda Decker


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