Ms Drama Major Playaz


Flo AkA Florina Kaja as known from the reality series BAD GIRLS CLUB season 4

Flo was born in Staten Island, NY September, 1 1982
She comes from a Muslim family who originated from Albania (Diber)
Here father was a young hustler who died in tragedy when Flo was 8 years of age,
Her mother a successful entrepreneur today, was left alone with 4 kids to take care of when her father passed.

Flo is most definitely a new face to the entertainment business, she is Muslim yet Bisexual (which is not so usual in the muslim tradition), she is free spirited and strong, the Super Woman of her generation! Talk about a girl who could hold her own, she bring a lot more than reality to the table.

Flo is talented, blessed with the gift of singing, she brings a softness to everyone considering her “domineering roll” on the reality show “BAD GIRLS CLUB” season 4 with the highest rating on oxygen we realize Going with the Flo is not so complicated! There is a side to FLO we have yet to see.

00:00 Intro
01:55 Dont Be Shy – Flo
04:23 Never See my Pain – Flo
07:04 Major Playaz Radio with Flo
19:46 My Time – Flo
23:07 Flashy – Flo
26:50 Major Playaz Radio with Flo
39:40 Why Is Life This Way? – Flo
43:09 Major Playaz Radio with Flo

Link to this show:


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