Hello, My Name Is…

Love and Logic a Brooklyn based band featuring lead singer/guitarist Paul Canetti, bassist Dan Haller, cellist Annie Kim, and drummer Derron Walker. The story of the band’s name, referencing the balance and meshing between creativity and reason; passion and sensibility, as told by band founder Paul Canetti:

“So I am driving to a solo gig in the fall of 2008 in Boston, MA. I had decided a month or so prior that I wanted to make the transition from solo artist to band, with my longtime bassist, Dan Haller.

At some point, I thought of the ultimate band name–‘LOVE!!!’  But then on second thought, it seemed too soft (duh), like we were a hippie band or something. So then I started thinking about something to pair it with, and thought of ‘Love and Reason’, but it wasn’t quite right. Then it hit me: ‘Love and Logic!!’

It was right as I was arriving at the venue, and I rushed in, set up, played the show, mingled after, and then when I found a moment, I called Dan who was back in New York and told him the name. He was really into it. When I got back home, I started messing with a logo, seeing how it looked written. But I knew that was the name.  So simple but means so much.

Then when Annie and Derron came on board, each expressed that they really were attracted to the name, and I knew I had found the right partners.

‘Love and Logic;’ the two sides of our brain–working together toward forward-thinking, diverse, music.”

“Love and Logic” combine elements of indie rock, pop, and classical music to create a truly unique and versatile sound.

Link to this article: http://www.breakthruradio.com/index.php?b=article.php?id=1334

– Kory French


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