Anatomy of a Blogger

00:00 DJ Thompson presents The Anatomy Of A Blogger
00:10 Mac talks about Squeegie
00:13 United Groove (MJ Cole Remix) – L-Vis 1990
04:02 Mac talks about Squeegie
05:15 Sing – Four Tet
09:10 Mac talks about Squeegie
09:44 I Have a Vision (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix) – Roy Davis Jr.
12:49 Mac talks about Squeegie
15:10 Keep it Goin’ Louder (Savage Skulls Remix) – Major Lazer
20:16 Mac talks about Squeegie
21:10 You (Fool’s Gold) – Kingdom
22:02 Mac talks about Squeegie
23:07 Drum Babylon – Mux Mool
25:17 Mac talks about Squeegie
27:00 Drum Babylon – Mux Mool
31:12 Right Place – Sbtrkt
38:24 What Would I Want Sky? –  Animal Collective
43:00 Thompson Out

Major Lazer
Mar 27 2010     Ultra Music Festival-Bayfront Park     Miami, FL
Mar 28 2010     Masquerade (Heaven Stage)     Atlanta, GA
Mar 29 2010     Valarium     Knoxville, TN
Mar 30 2010     Cats Cradle     Carrboro, NC

Animal Collective
Mar 4 2010     The Guggenheim Museum     New York, NY

Mux Mool
Feb 20 2010     Loft at Public Assembly    Brooklyn, NY
Mar 5 2010     The Crown Room      Portland, OR
Mar 9 2010     Wonderbar     Boston, MA

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2 responses to “Anatomy of a Blogger

  1. Great stuff, thanks for another informative read, I enjoy returning to your blog via twitter to read your updates.

  2. It’s nice to learn personal stories with increased details, when i experienced changes and ‘symptoms’ but We’ve little idea if they’re in connection with cervical cancer or not- .. like I have low back pain, pelvic pain, some slight changes in bleeding and pain during intercourse and much more frequent urination though the descriptions of symptoms are so general it really can make it hard to not worry or over reply to every little pain. (I’m creating a colposcopy next month)

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